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She is currently writing about her grandmother, Suzanne Schwartz, sister of the Russian writer, Samuil Marshak. His works have received grants and awards in Hungary and abroad and been translated into many languages. He will read selections from his poetry and his novels The Autobiographies of an Angel and Mordechai's book.

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Photo Studio Bakos. Ses romans abordent l'enfance, l'exil et l'histoire. Jakob Ziguras is a poet, philosopher and translator. The Sepia Carousel is forthcoming in Anne von Canal worked as an editor and translator before she became a writer herself. Her first novel Der Grund was translated into French and Estonian. She is currently writing her second book, an exploration of friendship, ice and the structure of memory. Katica Garoska Acevska. Il en lira un extrait avec plaisir.

La littérature française contemporaine devant l'opinion américaine

Anni Sumari is a Finnish poet, author and translator. She has published 14 books so far, mostly poetry, and translated works by celebrated authors, e. Sumari's poems have been translated into 24 languages. Sa langue maternelle est le francique. Toute son oeuvre parle du corps. She holds degrees from Harvard and Oxford, where she was a Rhodes scholar. She is the co-editor of the first magazine of Chinese contemporary literature in Italian, Caratteri, Letteratura cinese contemporanea.

Silvia is associate professor in Chinese language and literature at the University of Milan-Bicocca. His next novel will be published by La Table Ronde in January His poetry has won many awards.

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She is co-editor of the anthology Querida, a collection of literary portrayals of "the mistress. Photo Bonnie Perkinson. She teaches creative writing at Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand and has worked as an editor and writers' festival organiser. Photo Robert Cross. A few of his stories received awards and were translated into many different Indian languages.

His novel Aakhar Chaurasi based on the genocide of Indian Sikhs in was chosen one of the five best debut novels of Photo Linda Kallerus. L'inondation est son premier roman. Eva Tind Being born in Korea and brought up in Denmark, my work reflects on the concept of cultural identity, through verse, prose, documentary material and pictures in the intricate interplay between the personal and the universal.

My books often highlight how the world can seem very different depending on who is looking at it and from where. Stuart Dischell is the author of four full-length collections of poems, most recently Backwards Days. Pat Boran is an Irish poet, writer and broadcaster whose writing is often inspired by and connected to place. Tulsi Badrinath is a writer and dancer from India. Zdenka Becker is a recipient of numerous awards and writing fellowships. She writes with her Slavic sensibility in a western language, German. Jason Donald was born in Scotland but grew up in South Africa. His second novel is about an asylum seeker in the UK.

Neva Micheva is a literary translator and journalist. She is working on the first translation into Bulgarian of Primo Levi's Il sistema periodico. Novelist J. Anca Cristofovici is a trilingual European writer currently based in France where she is professor of American literature and art.

She has published prose, poetry, and essays in English and Romanian, non-fiction in French, and her poetry translations have appeared in anthologies in the UK and USA. Her novel Stela is forthcoming from Ninebark Press, March Mario Kaiser is a writer of narrative non-fiction. Taking on issues of social transformation and human rights, his stories are based on long-term immersion in environments that are difficult to access.

He lives in New York City.

Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures

Armenuhi Sisyan is the author of four books. Her short stories and poems have been translated into English, Russian, French, and other languages, and published in literary magazines and anthologies. In she received a grant from the Kulturkontakt Austria program and stayed in Vienna for two months. She is an assistant professor at Yerevan State Medical University. His books are published in different countries, including France, Germany, Italy and Brazil.

Grace Wells is an award-winning poet and children's writer. Originally from London, England, she lives in Tipperary, Ireland. Luis S. Nikita Kuznetsov is a translator of Polish literature into Russian. Nikita is also an editor of the Novaya Polsha magazine. Sarah Butler explores the relationship between writing and place through prose, poetry. She is currently working on her second novel, Before the Fire. She specializes in reportages, interviews, and literary critiques. His unpublished works include rants, manifestos and notes hurriedly scrawled on the backs of envelopes.

Cennamo, Laurent, Switzerland. Community-based sport education program: Examining positive youth development in adolescent elite student-athletes. A multidisciplinary approach to developing and evaluating a mobile technology-supported, culturally responsive vocabulary intervention for Aboriginal students. The responsiveness of Canadian elected representatives to their constituents: a field experiment.

Collaborative governance and dispute resolution in the mining sector in the great lakes region of Africa. Impact of parents' math attitudes and homework helping on children's success in mathematics. Unsealing their fate: An examination of the Canadian government's fur industry defense program.

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Home Base: A comprehensive macroeconomic perspective of living arrangements of young adults around the world. How do boards dismiss CEOs? The informational role of financial markets and financial innovation. Working beyond the gender binary: Designing quantitative research strategies that reflect gender identities and expressions for workplace data.

Dwelling in Possibility: Tiny Houses as conduits for material, social, and ethical transformation. Exploring the transnationalism-integration nexus: a study among Nigerian and Eritrean immigrants in Toronto. What is human sleep? A global, comparative investigation of sleep in traditional societies.

Combining social psychology and engineering interventions to reduce automobile idling. Online communication as a platform for deliberative dialogue: The importance of social presence, anonymity, and the imagined audience. The development of social causal reasoning in infancy: Using others' emotions to direct behaviour. The role of social capital in navigating the social welfare system among income poor households in the Philippines. Urban damage and civilian life loss in RAF bomber command area attachs on German cities Increasing our knowledge of social and motor skills in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to help better understand participation in social activities.

School and family engagement in the positive education of newcomer students: An innovative project-focused sociogram approach to explore the wellbeing goals and aspirations of students, parents and school staff. Language experience and linguistic skills among multilingual learners in higher education. Foreign Direct Investment FDI and the transition to adulthood: education, work, marriage, and fertility. Crowdsourcing and entrepreneurial opportunities: Towards a framework for opportunity recognition and development.

The landscape of practice placements for students with disabilities: A participatory-design approach. Crisis responses, policing and police encounters with psychiatrically "at-risk" children and youth. Simulated person methodology as an experiential education approach: a study of student experiences and impact on professional development.

Permanently Temporary? Comparing the politics of urban development in two suburban cities: Institutional difference and the myth of suburban ennui. Weaving Indigenous food knowledges and perspectives for food Security and community resilience: Case Studies from Manitoba. The Gender Project: Using drag performance to explore gender identity with transgender youth. Who Owns Quinoa? Are mothers opting-out? Exploring underemployment among mothers with preschool children.

Developing collaborative research to identify the impacts of Helicobacter pylori genomics research on northern Canadian Indigenous communities. Sound Performers Canada: Impact of a blended learning course for occupational resilience in post-secondary music students. Understanding parent and teacher cognitions related to parent-teacher collaboration. Regional fisheries management organizations under climate variability: the case of spatially connected fisheries.

Understanding parenting: Examining interactions between children's genes and temperament and their parent's temperament in predicting parenting behaviours. Food sovereignty and neo-extractivism: limits and possibilities, convergences and contradictions. Who benefits from government disability financial support? Contested border crossings: Assessing the impacts of Canadian refugee deterrence policies and practices.

School leadership preparation: Developing programs that ameliorate cognitive dissonance and build cross-cultural understanding with newcomer families.