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  • 'Le Trou': The Escape Film Under the Microscope.

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In this classic escape film, Jacques Becker demonstrates that true freedom resides in endeavor.

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Le Trou (Jacques Becker, France/Italy, ) – Cinema Reborn

Joseph T Madawela: this very informative and ejoyable. The last scene is of the four cons being stripped to their underwear before going into solitary confinement, and of Gaspard, walking to his cell down the hall, clothed in his escapee street clothes, where he will await discharge. During production, Becker hired three of the attempted escapees as technical consultants. One of the consultants, Roland Barbat using the stage name Jean Keraudy , appears in the film as the character Roland Darbant, who plans the escape tunnel and improvises all the tools they use.

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Barbat became a mechanic after prison. He states directly to the camera that we are about to see his true story.

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  7. The scene where three different characters take turns breaking through the concrete floor of their cell is filmed in a single, nearly four minute long, shot. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Le Trou + Q&A

    This article is about the film. For other uses, see The Hole. Theatrical poster, Leroy left and Keraudy.

    Retrieved The Criterion Collection,