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Beethovens Eroica The First Great Romantic Symphony

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Artist Photo Books: The LUMAS Photo Books

Show related SlideShares at end. The flip book can be either a tribute to a sportsman or the celebration of an event commemoration or memorabilia. At the end of 19 th century, flip books were mainly illustrated by drawings, and then came the photographs. American people are very fond of the gifts they call Premiums, gifts offered with purchases, more particularly foodstuffs.

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They ordered original pictures for a flip book about baseball, but never published it. Sometimes brands such as Coke or sponsors realize flip books. Sport training also uses the flip book. The movements' break down speaks indeed for itself. Relatively easy to make, it can be either a gift or a promotion tool for a brand, or even give the opportunity to show a product in action or the way to use it.

Showing its product is also a way to sell it.


Some brands used sportive achievements to promote their products. Since then, many kinds of brands are making commercial flip books.

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Car manufacturers are surely the most active; a car in motion is perfect for a demonstration. Inside, they presented the American flag with a few pages about its history. The cartoon is more favourable for the use of flip books because it is possible to isolate entire scenes, as we saw for the cinema. Flip books' publishers always used the Max Fleisher's cartoons. Walt Disney published some since the beginning of his career; he sometimes gave his authorization to use his characters for commercials, but also as by-products sold in his theme parks and to promote his films.

Still today, the Walt Disney Company publishes flip books showing extracts of their latest movies. It is a large booklet holding five flip books in juxtaposition printed on both sides, -it means pictures-. Premiums of that kind are generally small, printed in huge number and rather brief. The oldest that we found shows an extract of a movie with Charlie Chaplin. We found different sizes and more particularly head-to-tail for some series. From very refined drawings to sophisticated researches, illustrators find in flip books an art form allowing them to express their creativity.

After rather coarse flip books at the end of 19 th century, they became closer to what we see today in the first part of the 20 th century. Regularly, artists exercise. They find publishers, even sometimes avant-garde publishers, or publish themselves, but they all tell their own stories. It is the first known artist's flip book. It is often mentioned as a perfect example. You simply flip through to see the cocks rushing to each other.

It then realized a flip book with his drawings; Blue Monday published copies and offered them at the end of the year. The visual deficient writer could only see colours thanks to the pain special nailed shoes caused him. There are only 35 copies.

In the 90's, more and more artists used the flip book to express themselves. They often realized them alone. Lee D. He already exhibited them, mainly in Berlin. These are pictures of d' Elliott Erwitt showing Italian people.

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It can be drawings or photographs in the margin of the pages. There are sometimes many in the same book. Some books, rarer, even present the illustrations as actual flip books bound in the book. He illustrates how a woman should exercise to train her body. Sports' books are ideal to demonstrations. There are also some books designed to explain to children how to make optical toys, among them flip books. Children cut the pictures and put them together.


The cut out stamps make a short flip book. Flip Book. It depicted the implosion of the Seattle Kingdome on 26 th March