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We decided to create a modern version of the Tiban by adapting it to european standards and industrial process while keeping a strong history behind the object.

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  • Rhétorique texte/image, minimalisme et jeux de perspective : l’héritage de Cham.

En assumant toutes les composantes. This scene became a ritual for young girls on every Saturday. The Man Yaya is considered as one of the most beautiful images you can find in old postcard, illustrating traditional creole scenes in Guadeloupe. In reality this image contains also a political message: acceptation of who you are and in this case the frizzy black hair considered by black girls as a default during a part of the History. Which give him a singular identity. Combining these two forms of know how, create a new shared story about handcraft and especially when we speak about french culture a complex history which have to exist with his history of immigration but also history of slavery.

The original decor of Nevers earthenware are substituted by Caribbean life scenes to show the possibility to share a common History. By combining different crafts we want to give a new rise to traditions that seems to fade away in our society.

Volume 52 Numéro 2

This typical of the Spanish country land is a water container in porous ceramic that can cool down water or wine with a natural process even while we were working on the sunny field. But weakened during the road, it was cracked at the spout With Hugo, a glass worker than I met in Meisenthal, we decided to design a new piece to overcome for this accident. Despite a real industrial boom in Catalonia and on the Atlantic coast Asturias, Basque Country , Spain in remained a predominantly a agricultural country.

The Spanish immigration at first is mainly agricultural and located mostly in the south of France.


This agricultural history will bring with her an object that hold a particular place in the Spanish countryside culture. Among the Spanish containers, the gargoulette real name el bojito perpetuated his presence on French soil. This earthenware jug has a filling neck and a pouring spout, that allowed farmers to have a fresh water in hot weather. The porous earthenware jug absorbed "hot molecules", while the air flow allowed to regulate freshness in contact with water. By crossing the history of French manufacture glass Meisenthal, this iconic Spanish object is inscribed in one of the great French know how.

He demonstrates an unexpected encounter, but that history may well have known, due to the Spanish immigrants working in glass industry in The intelligence of the earthenware to the bottom of the jug , coupled to the practicality of the glass for the upper part of the jug give rise to a vernacular object but eminently contemporary. Deux histoires et deux cultures que presque tout opposeraient, et qui finissent par cohabiter et concevoir du beau. Here, before welcoming tourists and locals at my fish shop booth, I was too welcomed by others. I left Kabylie with heavy heart.

But the departure was necessary. My husband worked long in the tiles industry of Marseille, celebrated for its interlocking tiles. This pendant that you may recognize is porous clay. Every morning, I tabled few drops of essential oil, which during the day diffuse a subtle odor, between the oceanic air of Marseille and spices of my homeland.

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On both side of it I can find symbolic parts from Marseille and Kabylie which give this jewel a delicate balance. The first wave of immigration of concerns mostly Kabyle labor who works especially in refineries and oil factories of Marseille, as dockers and on ships.

A story about their double identity due to their dual history: foreign immigrants and then after regional immigrants. Between earth home and starting land. Designing jewels to talk about the encounter between Algeria and Marseille, is first of all about a complex of a story that makes singular richness.

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  6. Two stories and two cultures that almost all opposed, and ended up coexisting and celebrating beautifulness. From either side back and front , symbolic elements of Marseille and Kabylie adorn the necklace. The part that binds together the mains parts is both a technical piece and aesthetic detail. Religious and protector symbol in the Kabyle jewelry, it is paradoxically the element that link and ensures the durability of the jewelry, as nowadays, it is the same that often opposes.

    Héritage, quand les familles se déchirent (partie 1)

    This traditional games from north of the Tagus was a game of dice that is played with a spinning top-dice and a gain beans, corn, candy, etc. Antonio had decided to initiate his new French friends who was used to play cards game. The Portuguese became the largest foreign community in , and will actively participate in the reconstruction of Paris.


    And because the work is a fundamental value in building their identity, far from any need to impose their culture of origin. The "bataille rapa" brings this immigration within a bigger story which is the french history. It is the encounter between two popular games: the Rapa traditional game of Northern Tagus and the french card game la figure de Paris , among other democratized by card industries in the southern region.

    The Rapa spinning top four sides symbolically illustrates the possibility of changing the course of the game and therefore of history by giving his opponent one to three cards from his stack. It is a story that takes place, of course, underground, but will contribute to the economic wealth of France. The history of Polish immigration is closely linked the history of mining in the North.

    In the interwar period, mass immigration of farm worker and miners made Poles the second foreign nationality in France after the Italians.