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Is the newly synthesized DNA strand identical to, complementary to, or unrelated to the template? Each newly synthesized strand is complementary to the old template strand.

Describe the DNA molecules after replication in terms of the strands that make them up. Use the terms "old strand" when you refer to the original strands and "new strand" when you refer to the newly synthesized strands. Replication results in one double-stranded molecule becoming two double-stranded molecules.

Each of the daughter molecules contains one old strand and one new strand. Click Reset and then click on the A button in the Component Panel to remove A from the replication process. Play and Step through the process again, watching the animation closely.

SPSPSPSP T G A T A C T A PSPSPSPS Original DNA molecule Original Strand 2

Follow the same procedure for T, G and C. Answer the following questions based on your observations. What happens when the replication process reaches a point where the missing nucleotide needs to be added to the growing strand?

It stops. Are the nucleotides that are present added to the growing strands as normal? Yes Can replication substitute a nucleotide for the missing nucleotide? Can replication skip a base? Explain your answer.

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Synthesis stops when It reaches the first position where the missing nucleotide would normally be added. Part II: The Replication Machinery In Part II, you will investigate the roles each of the replication proteins plays in DNA replication, from separation of the two strands of the original DNA molecule, through the actual replication process to the final "tying up of the loose ends. Refer to the Component Panel on the left of the window to identify each of the structures or components of DNA replication by symbol. Label each component as numbered in Figure 1 in the correct space below.

Click Play to begin the animation. Observe the animation and answer the following questions.

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Is each of the components used during DNA replication? This is also present in chromosomal mutations with the same concept applied. Hope this helps :. Related questions Why are somatic mutations irrelevant in evolution?

Support for the immortal strand hypothesis

How do mutations affect the traits of an animal? How are mutations important to evolution? What are germ cell mutations? What is a mutation?

What are some examples of loss of function mutations? How do point mutations affect the synthesis of proteins?

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What are missense mutations? What are some examples of deletion mutations? Question See all questions in Mutations.