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How often in life do we hurt someone unintentionally and then selfishly put the blame on the other person for getting hurt? Too often. Bottom line is that if it matters to the other person, it should matter to us. My realization that night was that if I ever stop caring about what matters to patients, I should step away from medicine, no matter how big or small the concern may be.

For Augsburg PA, the year of was characterized by significant growth! We grew in all areas, whether it was as a department, incoming cohort or physical space. In this end of year review, we break down all the happenings. Last May, we welcomed 33 first year students to campus. This increase in admitted students prompted a remodel throughout February and March.

With the remodel, classrooms were enlarged, new technology installed and added flexible seating arrangements to promote active learning. Renovations wrapped in early April so that the cohort enjoyed the space as well! The cohort of kicked off the first day of fall semester with a group volunteering event at Feed My Starving Children. Faculty, staff and students packed a total of 15, meals within 2 hours. A few weeks later, students attended the White Coat Ceremony where they celebrated moving on to the next chapter of their PA education.

After the ceremony, students mingled with staff, faculty, family and friends. In November, the program celebrated the twenty-second graduation class.

Amy has been a preceptor with our program for over 5 years and continues to support PA education. During his speech, Rick reflected that when he first started out, he was often told he should find a back up plan. Over the past 28 months we stuck together through the good days and the bad, to get here. We lifted each other up when we were down, lent a hand when school or life got hard.

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We not only gained a lot of medical knowledge, we gained each other as friends and future colleagues. Yet again our department faculty and staff grew in size. Throughout the course of the year we added three faculty positions and two staff members. Mandy Perkins, PharmD transitioned from part time faculty to being here all the time! Perkins teaches the pharmacotherapy courses throughout the academic year and assists with the clinical phase.

His career spans experiences in both large, level one, emergency departments as well as small, rural community-based emergency departments. Kristen transitioned from General Surgery at HealthPartners to be a full time faculty. She is excited to train future PAs to function at their highest level and to promote the excellence of Augsburg PA students. This spring we welcomed Tim Capelle as our new Program Manager. He has over 15 years of higher education administration experience and admissions management capacity.

Stacey Hegrenes brings her administrative talent to the program and also her superb knitting skills. You did it! After a long, competitive application cycle you were admitted into a PA program. If you are attending a program that requires you to relocate, you likely have a long to-do list. Read on to hear what current students considered before making the move. I wanted to find a place close enough to campus so that I could avoid the major busy roads. Once he found apartments that fit his criteria, he scheduled showings and made a weekend trip to see them.

Nathan was excited about the general experience of living somewhere new and all that it had to offer including new restaurants, parks, entertainment and meeting new people. He encourages incoming students to look into health insurance options ahead of time.

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  8. All admitted students are required to have health insurance while in the program. Although Michael is a Minnesotan, he and his family were living in Texas during the application process. Some of the major decisions included: finding a realtor for their home in Texas as well as one in Minnesota; the timing of when to start looking for a home; figuring out their budget; and being pre-approved for a loan before we moved. We were able to take full advantage of the Austin area and do the things we wanted to do before we moved.

    Prioritizing study time can also be a challenge when you are a parent. Even during the clinical phase of a program, you will still need to study between your shifts to prepare for end of rotation exams. Even though you may be moving for school, it is important to take into account the things you enjoy. Maybe being within walking distance to coffee shops or restaurants is an important factor. Or perhaps you are hoping to save on expenses by living with a roommate. Isaac Pierre decided to first sublet a furnished apartment for the summer semester so that it would be an easier transition.

    Subletting also allowed me to visit apartments, gather furnishings, and get a sense for what neighborhood I wanted to live in before committing to a year-long lease. Isaac hails from the land of the Green Bay Packers.

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    When he relocated to Seattle for work, he missed his family that reside in Wisconsin. He looked forward to being closer to them and engage with the community. Another asset of relocating to Minnesota is all the outside recreational activities. As a native Californian, Victoria fielded numerous questions about if she was aware how cold Minnesota can be. Although the cold weather was a concern of hers, Victoria was excited to move as she had never lived anywhere but California.

    Victoria opted to live with a fellow classmate who had a car. They decided to look into how far of a drive it was to campus as well as checking with their PA Buddies about what neighborhoods were the safest and closest to campus. Although Victoria initially did not have a car, she decided to buy one as she frequently had to use uber. The Augsburg PA faculty recently welcomed Amanda Perkins onboard as she switches over to a full-time role within the program.

    With her change over to full time, Amanda will split her time between the academic and clinical phases of the program. Amanda Perkins first joined the Augsburg PA while filling in during a sabbatical. Paul Wabasha Clinic. Over the past year, Dr. Perkins has taught the pharmacotherapy course to first year students. When she is not busy in clinic or teaching, Dr. Perkins enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with family and friends. Recently, she welcomed a new addition to her family — a bernedoodle puppy named Lucy.

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    You never know where an opportunity will present itself or who you will meet that may be your next employer. Also, stay flexible. Listen to your heart. Take their advice to heart as they all have been in your shoes. His three tips to follow are:. She advises prospective students to remember the following:.

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    Quella urges students to be yourself! In doing this, be sure you do not copy our mission statement; instead think of how you align with our mission and how you demonstrate it. He completed his physician assistant training at Trevecca University and University of Nebraska, Omaha. You can select more than one. Other comments or requests. Featured Courses Advanced Pharmacology. Clinical Medicine I. Gross Anatomy. See More Courses. Events 27 Jul. Physician Assistant Commencement. Learn More. Women's Inspirational Summer Experience.

    See More Events. News Marietta College to host open house highlighting graduate programs. April 5, Academic Affairs. December 19, Academic Affairs. November 19, Academic Affairs. See More News.

    Physician Assistant Bachelor of science/master of science (BS/MS) degree

    All Rights Reserved. Credit type. Enduring Quality Academy Enduring Materials. Available until July 31, Committed to transportation safety through education and certification, Mayo Clinic offers online training for health care professionals who perform physical examinations for interstate Commercial Motor Vehicle CMV drivers. Available until July 20, Videos, lectures, cases, and a variety of interactive activities allow participants to apply learning to actual cases. Interpretation of Chest Radiographs for the Nonradiologist - Online. Available until November 30, This course is an online, interactive audiovisual experience offering views of chest radiographs intended to teach the nonradiologist to interpret chest radiographs.

    Available until July 31, Managing diabetes or hyperglycemia in the hospital setting can be challenging. Internal Medicine Essentials. Available until August 9, Clinic Internal Medicine Essentials course is a high-yield program designed to assist with physicians seeking to stay current in Internal Medicine and are typically two or more years away from their initial certification exam or recertification.

    DVD-September 1, - August 31, This multidisciplinary content is designed to teach the technique of radio-guided breast surgery utilizing an I radioactive seed in place of a localization wire for the surgical management of breast disease Available until March 27, This course is designed to enhance the skills of medical providers who treat patients with mild traumatic brain injury mTBI and post concussive symptoms. Mitochondrial Medicine Regional Symposium - Online. Available through July 2, This course will provide physicians and other clinicians practicing in the field of mitochondrial medicine an overview of primary and secondary mitochondrial disorders, discuss tools in providing appropriate diagnosis, and explore dysautonomia in the context of mitochondrial disease.

    Internal Medicine Online Board Review.