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I guess that depends on what you think happened to people who died before Jesus's time. But it makes one wonder about the fairness of the system, if a man who's only crime is to have been born at the wrong time is tortured for eternity. This "guess" would be With whom are you, therefore, in resonance? Your "guess" has been - just for the moment - a tremendously valuable inspiration.

Last edited by lwowl; at AM.. Reason: considering established "powers". But you've got to believe that it was a Fact we could not observe, i. Ya, ya: the Hospital did. That was recorded by the deparatment of Health. Now was that a correct fact? Factual corrections?

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Records of the past can be obtained from the media, painstakingly collected. Records of future events may be given to mediums present and impeccable.

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Integrity is what accounts for being "born again". Originally Posted by kdbrich. As most people attending churches today and they'll tell you that the way to heaven is to be a good person--not faith in Christ alone.

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So apparently it's not quite working out so they're running to Christ in faith. The demons and Satan believe in God. But they're not going to heaven.

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Something more is needed--faith. As for believing in things with no evidence?

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  8. We all believe in things we can't see. You may base your's on what science has told you, but hasn't proven. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick.

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    Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Gimme a break!! Follow City-Data. No matter how close they are as friends, a lustful, romantic relationship between Lola and Milo would simply feel wrong, Night School co-founder Sean Krankel told Engadget.

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    They're more like brother and sister. They're just really good friends.

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    Now, you can flirt with Satan if you want, you can flirt with other people. But we don't want to mix them up. Afterparty is due to hit Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch and the Epic Games Store this year and it's the second full title from Night School, the independent California team behind the award-winning game Oxenfree. Though it featured a cast of teenagers and supernatural overtones, Oxenfree was lauded for its emotion-soaked story and ability to deftly handle heavy themes.

    Part of its success stemmed from the dialogue system, which ditched cutscenes in favor of an approach that didn't interrupt gameplay, with possible responses and questions appearing in bubbles above the main character's head as she interacted with the environment. Afterparty builds on this dialogue system, using the same 2.

    And these protagonists are older than the teenagers of Oxenfree ; they're Before Milo and Lola died, they were preparing to leave college behind and enter the professional world. Afterparty is filled with youthful bravado, optimism and sarcasm, just like Oxenfree , but the jokes are a little more mature, coming a mile a minute in the GDC demo.

    The ups and downs of that, and managing what it is like to be in a long-term relationship with somebody, and how maybe you backstab them and stuff. Krankel teased this underlying narrative a handful of times, hinting at a tension that grows between Milo and Lola as they relive moments of their friendship and learn things that were perhaps best left unknown. By giving players control of both characters, Afterparty is able to build up Milo and Lola's friendship and then delicately tear it down as they traverse the bars of Nowhere, the most remote island of hell.

    For example, he continued, Milo and Lola are provided a demon, Sister Mary Wormhorn, to help them navigate the city, and she's able to show them elements of their past. And things that, you know, what do friends do that they think is in the best interest for another friend, but in some ways they lied to them in the past? A lot of that we kind of tease on. There are two parallel narratives in Afterparty : one where Milo and Lola are focused on drinking their way back to life, and another where they're dealing with betrayal, lifelong lies and a fracturing friendship.

    Basically, it's hell. Night School has proven its prowess in heart-wrenching game design. After the success of Oxenfree in , doors opened for the studio. Publishers reached out about future projects and Krankel, studio co-founder Adam Hines and the rest of the team started dreaming big. It's not like we're anti-publisher, it's just more like we know that Oxenfree wouldn't have thrived in an environment where our small group wasn't making every decision, from the story all the way through how we market it and stuff.

    And so for Afterparty, we tried to be really careful in our risks.

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