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Our free digital library contains fiction, non-fiction, scientific literature, also all kinds of publications and so on. Useful search by category will help you not to get lost in great variety of e-books. You can download books for free in any suitable format: it can be fb2, pdf, lit, epub. But the resemblance stopped there, on the title page the edition is shown to be from a company in Santo Domingo. Although they didn't know who actually published the book, they filed a counterfeit claim against "X" in All copies had been sold to collectors by then but an investigator was able to buy them all back.

Bonnel was never found out.

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According to Dutel, this work was probably published by Jean Fort based on the typographie and vignette which matches some of Fort's other publications [i. Briffaut also published this work in [See Dutel: ]. Limited edition of copies on Van Gelder. Numerous ornate bands in red and monogrammes signed L.


According to Dutel this edition was probably published by Jean Fort. He states the typographie and vignette matches some of Fort's other publications [i. Limited edition of 51 copies of which 1 is on Japon and 50 are on Hollande. According to Dutel this particular variant was probably published by Jean Fort sometime between The author has been falsely attributed to Hugues Rebell [Georges Grassal].

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  • It has been suggested that the author is Hector France [Mendes: A]. Dolly Morton appears to have been first published in English by Charles Carrington in A French adaptation was also published by Carrington in as "En Virginie". See also a edition published by Carrington with engravings by G.

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    This work actually appreared in c. Issued again in c. Of an unknown number of copies, 30 are on Holland Van Gelder.