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Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings

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Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings – Dream Sequence

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Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings Trailer

A classical cellist herself, Tulk fashions Tomas as a cellist, creating a character whose musical aspirations are thwarted by the coming of war to his native country. Drafted into the German army, he serves the Nazi cause, and the guilt stays with him for the rest of his life.

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Secrecy reigns, as well, and it is his secrets that Lara is tasked to discover. Virtually everything she mentions has deeper meaning. After the war, in a devastated Germany, Tomas looks out over his destroyed homeland and decides to leave for Australia. In his new country, he is a gardener, known for creating abundance and beauty. Shadows and Wings haunts in its intensity.


Tulk captures the family dynamic convincingly and poignantly and displays a clear talent for dissecting the multiple layers of human interaction.