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Jerusalem thus means foundation of peace or city of peace. This clause says he has increased his flock his converts to Christianity. Peace Through Christ. George Herbert states the main theme plainly but symbolically: Only Christ, symbolized by the bread of the Eucharist, brings peace. The speaker of the poem is on a quest.

He is seeking peace. Quest themes occur frequently in literature.

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For example, in Homer's Odyssey , Odysseus is on a quest for knowledge. End Rhyme. The The end rhyme in each stanza follows this pattern: abacbc. Internal Rhyme. The poem also contains internal rhyme, as in the following lines. The feet are iambic. The meter includes dimeter, trimeter, tetrameter, and pentameter. Following are examples. Line 10 contains an incomplete foot catalexis.

See Notes , above. Figures of Speech. Following are examples of figures of speech in the poem. For definitions of figures of speech, see Literary Terms. There sprang twelve stalks of wheat line 28 Implied comparison of the Twelve Apostles to wheat. A hollow wind did seem to answer line 5 Comparison of wind to a person.

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Author's Biography. And now for an interesting plot twist. A charwoman a woman who cleans houses who once saw Lily with Lawrence Selden drops by to see her with a series of love letters she stole from Selden's garbage. She thinks the letters belong to Lily. Looking them over, Lily realizes they were written from Bertha Dorset to Selden. She now has proof of the alleged affair. Lily purchases the letters and puts them away for safe-keeping.

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One night, Lily gets an invitation to visit Judy Trenor at her home. She goes, only to find that Gus Trenor is there by himself and has now compromised Lily by getting her alone with him in the late hours of the night. Trenor explains that he's been straight-up giving Lily all the money she thought she had earned on the stock market, and now she owes him meaning, he wants her to sleep with him.

Horrified and ashamed at her position, Lily flees the house. Meanwhile, Lawrence Selden has decided he's in love with Lily and wants to marry her. While he's working on the wording for his proposal, he sees Lily run out of Gus Trenor's house in the late hours of the night. He's super angry and high-tails it for Europe. The next day, Simon Rosedale proposes to Lily, and she turns him down.

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  • Soon after, Lily receives an invitation from Bertha Dorset to join her and her husband George on a cruise in the Mediterranean. So, Lily heads for Europe.

    The House of Mirth

    It's clear to everyone that Bertha invited her along to keep her husband, George, distracted while she carries on an affair with a young man named Ned Silverton. Lily is caught in the crossfire when scandal arises; Bertha is out all night with Ned, alone. In order to deflect the attention from herself, Bertha accuses Lily of having an affair with George and publicly disgraces her.

    Selden, who shows up in the Mediterranean just in time, tries to help Lily, but to no avail. Lily heads back to America when her Aunt Julia the rich aunt she used to live with dies. Unfortunately, Aunt Julia heard about the scandal in Europe and essentially wrote Lily out of the will she only left Lily ten thousand dollars, and it will take a year for her to see any of that money. Both women try to help her through the difficulties. Fisher sets Lily up as a social networker, first for a woman just below the elite on the social ladder, and then for someone lower down when that doesn't work out thanks to Bertha Dorset's sabotage.


    In the meantime, Lily has been trying to win back the affections of Simon Rosedale. Rosedale admits that he is in love with Lily, but he wants a wife who will root him firmly among society's elite, and Lily is no longer in a position to do so. He says that if she reconciles with Bertha Dorset, he will marry her. He suggests that she uses those blackmail letters she bought from the charwoman… Lily doesn't want to break up the Dorset marriage, despite several pleas from George Dorset to help him do so.

    Instead, she sinks further and further into poverty, finally taking a job as a milliner hat maker but getting fired for being incompetent. She starts taking a prescription drug called chloral to help her sleep at night. She waits desperately for her ten thousand dollar inheritance, but she knows that she wants to pay Gus Trenor back for the "speculation" he did for her, so that she can get out of his debt. She owes him about nine thousand dollars.