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Adail Angel Gonzalez

Combining the best of two worlds, Angel Gonzalez has first-hand experience with drug addiction, alcoholism, as well as sufficient academic and clinical training to have earned the position of Client Relations Coordinator at Sobermans Estate. He now enjoys 19 years clean and sober from any mind-altering substance as of April 23, Since getting sober, he has engaged in all aspects of recovery, continuing to attend and embrace various 12 step programs where he has sponsored hundreds of men.

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He has returned to school to attain certifications in medical assisting, phlebotomy and has been employed as a Patient Care Educator for a homeopathic cancer treatment clinic in the Scottsdale area. He worked for Terros Health Behavioral Health Organization where he cared for various populations suffering from drug abuse, alcoholism, and co-occurring behavioral health issues.

He is well versed in motivational interviewing, is certified as a peer support tech, and educator regarding drug addiction, alcoholism, and accompanying infectious diseases. Angel is a volunteer with the Arizona Angels Initiative Program which is a governors program to address opioid addiction thru the Scottsdale Police Dept.

These are step fellowships that support friends and family members of alcoholics and addicts. You may think it is uncomfortable to walk into a room full of strangers and share the innermost thoughts. You can just listen and hear other people share their experience about enabling. They will offer you strength and hope and give you the tools you need to refocus the attention on the own recovery. These programs can help. You will learn coping skills and strategies that will help you establish boundaries.

Consider Staging an Intervention.

Marchman Act Treatment | Joe Considine, P.A.

You are probably not the only person who is fed up with the behavior of the person in question. This is one of the most effective tools in getting someone the help they need for a problem with substance abuse. It also gives you and other family members or friends the opportunity to present a unified front. Together, you can set some healthy boundaries and stop enabling.

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When at all possible, helping someone get into recovery should be a team effort. During an intervention, you can tell the person you care about that you will do everything in the power to help them get sober. But, explain that you are no longer going to help them continue in their self-destructive cycle. These may seem like extreme measures, but they are totally appropriate. Stop loaning them money. Stop buying them things they should be able to afford on their own.

If they are living with you, demand that they start paying rent.

Even if it is only a couple of hundred dollars a month….. It is not the responsibility to clean up the financial messes of someone who has a substance abuse problem. Stop making it easy for them.

Inside the Mind of an Addict/Alcoholic - Drug/Alcohol Treatment.

Make them face their own consequences. Stop Tolerating Abusive Behavior. People who are under the influence of drugs are often verbally, emotionally, or physically abusive. Stop tolerating this kind of treatment. You deserve to be treated with respect. If you are not getting it, change the dynamic of the relationship. This, of course, might require some drastic moves on the part.

The Court orders the addict/alcoholic to go to treatment.

You may have to ask a spouse to move out until they are willing to get help. You might need to end a romantic relationship or friendship. You may even need to stop talking to someone altogether for a while. Do what you need to do to preserve the own physical safety, emotional health, and spiritual well-being. This is an important step in establishing healthy boundaries and taking care of yourself. You have probably been putting up with some kind of abuse from the addicted person in the life — in one form or another. If nothing else, they have been abusing the kindness. Put an end to it. Sometimes one of the greatest gifts you can give someone — especially a person who is addicted — is to tell them no.

Think about it this way…. It would require almost no thought to come up with the answer. And, it would almost guarantee that the car would be wrecked and undrivable.