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So now all of the pictures should be named according to each question, and each part of the question, and all stored in one folder.

The Ultimate Doctor Who Fan Quiz! Part 1: Modern Who

All of this will help make displaying the correct pictures during the quiz much easier when it comes to compiling the code. So with the pictures all done, and the questions and possible answers all ready to go, let's get on with the main body of the quiz by starting to putting it all together. On some Windows 8 computers, using third party voices do not always work straight away due to how Microsoft set up their SAPI text to speech program.

There is a fix for this I will explain in step 3, otherwise you can jump straight to step Another thing to note is about using speech synthesis within the EZ-Builder software. The code example given above In case you're not aware, to get good results from speech recognition using the Windows Speech Recognition program, some initial training needs to be done so that your computer can recognize your voice.

For those who are unsure of how to do this, go to step 4 where I will guide you through the process. If you know how to do this, or your computer is already trained, you can jump straight to step 5. Say "" uses the computers sound card so everything using this code can be heard through the computers speakers. Another similar command is SayWait "" and is what will be used in this Instructable.

In some of the scripts you will see in a later step, you will see spelling mistakes and over use of punctuation mainly commas , for some of the computers responses. This was done intentionally due to the way some words are pronounced by speech synthesis. Day leks, and Cybermen sound like Cyber nm. When entering the scripts in to the speech recognition control, it's good practice to save your work after a few entries just in case you get the dreaded Windows "Program not responding and has to close" message.

In the speech recognition control, "Phrase" is what you will say to your computer. When using a microphone or headset for speech recognition, insure that the microphone is set up correctly by right clicking in the speaker icon on your computers system tray, and selecting "Recording devices". If you haven't done so already, install a copy of EZ-Builder for Windows software on to your computer. Follow the steps above and add the " Speech Synthesis Setting " component. With this control, select the computer voice you wish to use, and set the other speech setting to your liking.

Before you go any further, save your quiz project by clicking on " File " then " Save " on the file section of the ribbon menu.

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To test if the voice synthesizer sounds okay, you can run a very simple test. Click on the little gear icon on the script control window which takes you to a configuration screen. Write in the following code You have now just written your first peace of code, or script as I will call it from now on.

Pretty painless wasn't it and if you copied and pasted it, then that's cheating, so no jelly babies for you I'm joking of course. Insure your computer volume is turned up, then click on "Run" to hear your computer speak. If you're not happy with the voice and you need to make changes to it, do this in the "Speech synthesis Settings" control and run the test again.

Once you are happy with the way the voice sounds, you can delete the test script control window. So now, If your speech synthesis voice is working correctly, your computers " Windows Speech Recognition " system is trained, and the speech recognition and speech synthesis controls in the EZ-Builder software are now set up, jump straight to step 5 where we start writing some code. This is a tutorial to help those of you having issues with speech synthesis working within EZ-Builder on a Windows 8. Hopefully this will help you if your a seasoned EZ-Builder user, or if your just starting out.

This issue doesn't effect every Windows 8. In this case the en-US directory for the Microsoft David voice needs to be deleted which is the same process explained below. This tutorial is focused to solve the problem of "MS Hazel" being the only voice heard when using EZ-Builder's speech synthesis, no matter what voice is selected or settings that are changed.

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So before we begin please take note of the following Although the following information are not Registry changes, you will effectively be deleting system files, so you may want to back them up to a separate drive which is explained, just in case. I take no responsibility if things go pear shaped, and you do this at your own risk. From your Charm bar or Windows Start, go to " Search" and type in the following This will now show the four files for Microsoft Hazel.

Right click on each file and delete these files one by one. These files will now go to your " Recycle Bin ". It's up to you if you empty the bin or keep the files there for a while, it won't make any difference either way to get your voices working.

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If you want you can make a copy of these files and save them to an external drive such as a thumb drive or memory card. Now exit the system files and go back to your " Home screen " or "Desktop". Time to test if the changes have worked. Open EZ-Builder and do the following Click on "Speech Synthesis Settings" and select the voice you want to use from the drop down menu. Open the EZ-Script configuration menu click on the little gear icon , rename the script control to "Voice Test" this is optional , and enter the following script Now when you click "Start" on the script control, you should hear the script being read with the voice you have chosen.

If you hear nothing, insure the computer volume is turned up and not muted. So now your third party text to speech voice should be working as it should, let's carry on with building the quiz. So in order to get the most out of talking to your computer, and to have a great experience play your quiz game, you can use the " Speech Recognition Voice Training wizard " to train your computer to better recognize your voice. There is also some further custom training you can do, which helps your computer understand words or phrases which it may have difficulty understanding.

You might think, looking at the title of this step, that there's going to be a long winded explanation with lots of confusing code, but hopefully that won't be the case. I will write some code examples for you which you can copy and paste to try yourselves, but some small changes will need to be made to have it work on your own computers, and that's mainly to do with the pictures, but all will be explained.

All of the following will be using the "Speech Recognition" control which will hold all of the quiz code and is what's used to play the quiz when it's finished. There are two main parts to the configuration menu of this control, "Phrase" is what you say to the computer, and "Action" which is where you write the code. On the speech recognition control, click on the small gear icon to open up the configuration menu. You will see that there are already some preset phrases such as "Robot move Forwards" and "Robot Stop".

If you don't have a robot, you won't need these so that can be deleted. Click on the " Phrase " input field where it says "Robot move forwards" and it will highlight blue, and now you can delete this using your keyboard. Now click on the " Command " input field to the right of the deleted phrase field, then you will see a smaller window with a little pencil icon to the far right inside of the " Command " input field. Click on this and it will open up the script editor. This is where the question and answer scripts will go. Delete what is currently in there, click save and do the same for the rest of the speech recognition phrases and scripts.

Now you should have an empty speech recognition configuration menu. In the top left of the config menu, you will see an input field called " Enable Phrase ". This is a useful option to use as you can pause the speech recognition control so your computer cannot hear you, and using the " Enable Phrase " option using a word of phrase of your choice will un-pause the control so the robot or computer can hear you.

It also stops background noise or the computer hearing itself and giving false positive results. So, in the " Enable Phrase" phrase field, write in something like Now we will start creating the main body of the game with an introduction. Click on first the "Phrase" input field line and write Notice that there is no punctuation or upper case letters used in the phrases you will speak. They can be used but it's not necessary here, but will be need in the computers responses.

In the script input field to the right of this phrase, we will write our first full script. Click on the " Command " input field until you see a pencil icon.

Interactive Doctor Who Computer Quiz.

I will take the opportunity here to break down the above script and explain what each element does. The rest of the scripts will have a similar structure, so hopefully you will find this information useful. This is a command short cut that pauses the speech recognition control while the computer speaks. This is the computers response. Between Between Between The heart A tooth The earlobe. Pelvis Clavicle Hyoid. Honeybees Earthworms Ticks. Atherosclerosis Anaphylaxis Conjunctivitis. Juvenile diabetes Type 2 diabetes Senior's diabetes.

Knee cap Collarbone Ankle. Patella Salmonella Glabella. Increase in mental acuity Slurred speech Hunger. To wake up tired muscles To increase your heart rate and blood pressure To increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. Calculating Result Which four letter word beginning with Q is one of five children born at the same time from the same pregnancy?

In the human body, which bone connects the humerus with the calvicle?

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Oil of Cloves is traditionally used to treat the pain in which part of the human body? Dermatology is the study of which part of the human body? In anatomy, otic relates to which part of the human body? Which district in London is famous for its Royal Hospital for old soldiers?

In humans, the disease rickets is caused by the lack of which vitamin?

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Osteology is the study of which part of the human body? In which part of the human body is the aortic valve? Anglophobia is the fear of which country and its people? In the human body, the aorta carries blood from which organ? In the human body, Skeletal, Smooth and Cardiac are all types of what? What are the name of the veins on each side of the neck which drain blood from the head and neck to larger veins passing to the heart?

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What disease was Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, said to have died of in ? Mal de mer is the French term for which ailment in humans? In the human body, Stress, Greenstick and Compound are all types of what? X Ray. The skin.