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It's hard to explain, especially because I had so little time in between my first and second season. He credits Sierra with giving him the push to come back into the game once again—and she also shared some useful tips about surviving in Fiji.

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It's cold and rainy, but it's not as bad as Cambodia. There's only so much you can prepare for in the game. You drive me crazy, you get under my skin, you are my best friend, a warm embrace my only flame twin. Look her in the eyes. Thank her for challenging you and for always being honest and true.

Sierra Joe 9

Hold her close and pull her in tight. Tell her that no matter what we will always get through any dark stormy and cold miserable night. Forgive her always and be be the first to say sorry.

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No fear no worries my darling i promise to love you always. There are not enough words feelings or lines to say, truly, how much i love you.

Joe moved to Utah in 2018 to live with Sierra.

As People reports, the couple attended Joe's sister's wedding in Arizona, and on the way back to Utah they stopped to camp for the night. We found the perfect swinging chair facing the mountains and the most beautiful sunset," Sierra told People. It finally hit me what he was doing.

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I started crying, and he started crying! We were both crying. Forever and ever, amen. Yes forever.

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Was Hopper Problematic in 'Stranger Things 3'? Tom Hanks Is a Trendsetter Now. They even popped a bottle of rose and were cheering in their plastic cups. Meanwhile, Joe started declaring his love to her but she had no idea about all those surprises.

Survivor Alum Joe Anglim and Sierra Dawn Engaged!

I love you too! I started crying, and he started crying!

We were both crying. The year-old star Joe presented her a teardrop-shaped diamond ring to Thomas.

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He slid it on her finger and kissed her hand. Top headlines :. Published Wed Apr 10 By Sarah. View this post on Instagram.