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Drink the smoothies and juices immediately they are ready. Some nutrients will be destroyed when exposed to light and air. It is therefore important that you consume them straight away to benefits from the nutrients.

Smoothie & Juice Recipes

At least take your smoothies and juices 15 minutes after preparation Do not combine fruits with vegetables. For instance carrots, broccoli and beetroots are highly rich in starch thus do not mix well with fruits. How to ensure you get the most benefit from your smoothies and juices. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard.

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Which is healthier: Smoothies versus Juices

Date of visit: March Thank JonasM Reviewed January 2, Pretty satisfied. She turned up the music and we sat in the busy LA traffic for the remainder of the trip to Venice. When I exited, I wished her good luck on her venture. Juice is the liquid extracted from fruit and vegetables that contains all the good plant stuff like nutrients and enzymes. Dietary fiber, when consumed, aids in digestion by passing through the body relatively intact. In some produce, however, a third or more of the fiber is in the juice itself—in the form of soluble fiber.

Ingredients with high soluble fiber content include kale, apple, spinach, pineapple, and carrots—which are all very common juicing ingredients. Whether or not a person needs the dietary fiber contained in the plants depends on how much fiber said person is getting as part of their regular diet, and if they need the extra fiber to help with digestion. The fact that the dietary fiber is removed is also an advantage—and perhaps the single most important aspect of juicing.

Normally the body has to work very hard to extract nutrients out of plants, but in the case of juicing, that process has already been started by extracting the liquid from the fibrous plant cells. This allows nutrients to enter the bloodstream in the fastest way possible, and with the least amount of energy used by the body.

A smoothie is a beverage made from the process of blending fruit, vegetable, and liquid needed in order to blend properly into a puree. Sometimes seeds, cores, and skin are removed prior to blending. A smoothie is basically a salad that you can eat through a straw. A person drinking a smoothie is getting all the same great nutrients that one would get from eating fruit and vegetables.

Difference Between a Juice and Smoothie

Both soluble and dietary fiber are present in a smoothie, as well as all the nutrients and enzymes. As mentioned above, the body does need to work a little harder extracting nutrients from dietary fiber than it does from extracting nutrients from juice. Smoothies can contain fruit that is difficult or impossible to juice, like mango and banana. For this reason, smoothies are often more of a meal replacement than a beverage.

You might be surprised. Consuming raw plants is the closest you can get to getting energy directly from the sun. Personally I love having a mostly fruit and some greens smoothie for breakfast, and green juice throughout the day. Join the discussion and let our thousands of readers know your opinion on the subject by commenting below. Any comments? That is a different debate. A smoothie and a juice made from the same ingredients have the same amount of sugar. The idea that consuming raw juice can be compared to cola seems silly to me.

I meet a lot of people that juice regularly, and I can tell you for sure that they are not suffering from the health problems that people are that drink a lot of soda. As far as the life span of juice, I can tell you with certainty that there are more people drinking natural juice now than ever before, and that will continue to increase as people become more conscious of their health.

And again, will these smoothies also be called cold pressed smoothies b Is there a way to skip the use of filter press bags of X1 to obtain a pulpier juice. Pooja, a press makes juice, a blender makes smoothies. So there is in fact no such thing as a cold-pressed smoothie. If you are looking for juice with lots of pulp in it, then you should probably just use a blender to make smoothies. Some companies may refer to smoothies as cold-pressed even though that is technically not correct. This will then have all kinds of adverse effects, among which are more insulin production, being more prone to overweight and so on and so on.

The second thing to take into consideration when juicing is that you are more likely to get too much of certain nutrients because juice is much more concentrated.

Make healthy, fresh smoothies and juice at home using these easy DIY recipes.

Now, on the other hand, a smoothie with all its fiber will make sure that all sugar contents will be digested over a longer period of time, causing you to feel satisfied for a longer period of time and also minimizing the adverse effects of sugar. Smoothies also will give you more volume because of the pulp and extra fiber , which makes it harder to get too much of certain nutrients. To conclude, juicing is not all bad. Though, if consumed too much, can have serious harmful effects on your health. If juicing is part of your daily diet, try swapping it for a smoothie every other day. Whether natural fruit sugar is really bad for you is debatable, and also varies a lot depending on the fruit.

For example, an orange has many different types of sugar in it. Most people get plenty of fiber in their diets. I dont understand how that would even be in the same category or sentence. I just started my juicing biz. Mind blowing. I think its very important to do your research when you find or hear about these comparisons esp from large organization.. Its absurd when I hear people compare Coca Cola to drinking freshly squeezed orange juice. People are not getting sick and fat from drinking freshly squeezed or cold pressed juices.

I drink both but cold pressed juice more.. Cant wait till you make an even smaller more affordable home press. There are to diffrent sugars one Sucrose which is processed cane sugar and the other is fructose they are not the same and react diffrently in the body. I have most always blended, and I have a blender but not a juicer.