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In , Fazaeli resigned after a successful tenure.


Since then, Fazaeli has been a well-connected pundit. Mehdi Fazaeli Photo Source.

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Bijan Moghadam Photo Source. Moghadamfar was a former member of the now-defunct Islamic Republic Party. Moghadamfar led Fars News at a critical point.

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For example, Fars along with the IRIB pushed the false narrative that Neda Agha Soltan, a young Iranian women shot and killed by security forces during the protests, was murdered by foreign intelligence services in a complex operation. Mousavi was a veteran of the principlist media echo chamber. Mousavi expanded Fars operation at the local level.

Under Mousavi, Fars played a significant role in selectively exposing cases of corruption. Javanfekr, a member of the upper crust of the hardline journalists, had years of personal relation with Ali Khamenei.

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Four hours in, I surrendered to the realization that my interest in its archeological core was overwhelmed by irritation. I'm putting it back on Audible's shelf. By: Cheryl Simani. Narrated by: Colin Fluxman. Length: 13 hrs and 1 min. Publisher's Summary Scandal and Intrigue among Victorian Archaeologists The Cornerstone of Deception , author Cheryl Simani's historical mystery novel, weaves an absorbing portrait of status and scandal in the Victorian period.

What members say. No Reviews are Available. If this is the case, then why is she getting so much support? Clinton uses multiple of persuasive tools including the fundamental attribution error , comparison and contrast, distraction and her own expert authority as the candidate with the most political and foreign policy experience.

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As she attributes many less-than-flattering traits of Donald Trump to his overall ability to lead the country, she is distracting the public from her own scandals and deceit. She compares herself, presented as an expert authority, to Donald Trump, who has no experience in foreign policy or politics. Just as we discussed in the beginning, this is because they are both attempting to control the truth, the middle ground and the lie through various tactics.

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Have more to add? Please leave a comment below. Share this post with your friends, too. It is always wise to watch see and listen candidates carefully. They are great training aids for improving your own communication skills. The Psychology of Persuasion The theory of the psychology of persuasion largely employs what is known as truth bias.

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Who stands to lose from the message being put out? What will the effects of this message be on the general population? OR What are the effects of this message already? Who is the target audience?