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And Menolly is a vampire princess BUtterfield 8. The bestselling novel that became an Oscar-winning film starring Elizabeth Taylor about New York's speakeasy Captain's Fury Codex Alera Series 4. Then all kinds of weird things begin happening to him with scenes transitioning from one to the next with no reason behind them.

One minute, he is in the woods. Suddenly, he falls in a hole and lands on the beach.

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Finally when the end finally comes, we get a little treat It doesn't matter what it is or if it makes sense. I can do that. View all 6 comments. Aug 10, E. For what this was and I don't really know what it was it was good. Fantasy or Sci-Fi, not really. Horror, kinda but nope.

Humor, yeah but no. Adventure, definitely. Every single chapter was a surprise, a twist, craziness. Like if David Wong wrote Pilgrim's Progress It's a mash-up, but wholly unique.

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Like a low "whoa View 1 comment. May 30, Michael Britt rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Not even my worst enemy. I don't even know where to begin. This was one of the most pointless books I've read. I hate being mean in book reviews, but oh well. You know how when a toddler tells you a story and it turns out to be a bunch of random nonsensical events?

It's just a jumble of what the child thinks sounds cool at the time. That is literally this book. If it wasn't so short, I probably would've just not finished it. But it was still about pages longer than it should've been. The ending was pretty easy to gu I don't even know where to begin. The ending was pretty easy to guess at, too. All-in-all, if you have another book to read, any other book, read that one Shelves: audiobooks. The Hike is one of those books for which I had high expectations, but ended up falling short. Since I didn't despise the book, I'm going to keep it relatively brief.

If you want the headline review: it wasn't for me, but for you, it just might be the cat's meow. Ben, our lead, goes out for a hike and ends up on this surreal fantastical journey. I'd been expecting a cohesive tale with a tidy ending, but the book is much more random than that. At times, I found myself wondering if Magary wasn't ju The Hike is one of those books for which I had high expectations, but ended up falling short. At times, I found myself wondering if Magary wasn't just letting his mind randomly associate to plot the book.

At first it's a murder, but then the giant appears on the stage, and by the time the pseudo-vampire arrives I was bowled over by how silly the whole thing becomes. At first, I wondered if Ben might have been assimilated into some AI who was playing him like a video game seriously, it's an odd book. The answer at the novel's end, for me, was a big let down that added to my frustration with the disjointed storyline. Of course, Ben mirrors the audience in many scenes, expressing his incredulity of the proceedings. With that said, my buddy who recommended the book had a lot of great things to say about this read.

He also advised me against the audiobook, though I had already discharged my audible credit towards its purchase. The narrator is okay, but not my favourite. He does the various characters' voices well, but I didn't care for his moment to moment narration. Crab is, as any talking crab should be, terrifically crusty. Look, if the premise of a dude tripping on some life-altering trip through a mad world sounds like your kettle of fish, I'd say give The Hike a shake. It comes with the warning that it is all a bit of silliness with a veneer of seriousness. Thanks to Jaden Daley for the rec!

Sep 29, Ron rated it really liked it Shelves: magical-realism , humor , action , fantasy. Some books come along and unexpectedly push the happy button. Maybe it was the fun, the weirdness, the absolute difference and unpredictability within its pages. Most likely, it was all of that combined. The thing with a book like this, all fun could be monotonous. Being fully truthful, there was a moment, still early in, that I thought this hike was simply becoming a left step followed by the right, but then the crab came along. A brilliant move on the part of the author.

But I got my reasons. I know I never did anything good for you, Ben. But just remember that everything bad can be made good if you know how to use it. I expected an analogy. I did not get one, not exactly anyway. Yeah well, expecting is like assuming, and we all know that little saying about the word assume.

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Enough said. Stay on the Path. View all 8 comments. Feb 03, Liz rated it really liked it. This book is exactly what I needed to read this week and I found it very difficult to put down. Boy am I glad I listened to him. Ben is an extraordinary character and I loved worrying about him and rooting for him throughout all his nightmarish adventures. View all 16 comments. Jan 05, Danger rated it really liked it. Picked this up on a whim as I was walking out of the library. Never heard of the book, or the author, but the cover was cool and the synopsis sounded interesting.

And, it turns out, it WAS interesting. A man on a hike wanders down a path and finds himself in a land of Carrollesque absurdities. He must then go on an epically weird journey to get back home to his family. At points, the central metaphor seems to get muddied by the random and bizarre things that keep happening, but the novel constantl Picked this up on a whim as I was walking out of the library. At points, the central metaphor seems to get muddied by the random and bizarre things that keep happening, but the novel constantly course corrects, and fluid and playful prose, along with the short chapters, keep the story rolling along.

A lot to be learned about our pasts and futures. By the time you reach the end, the payoff is there. The metaphor holds. This was awesomely weird and I loved it completely. I even had a wacky quote about about demons and dustbusters but I accidentally deleted it off my phone Ben goes out of town for a work related trip and when he arrives he decides to go for a hike. A whole series of weird events happen along the way, from blue crabs to magical beans, not to mention gigantic crickets with homicidal intentions.

Okay, it's occasionally gross, but always in that gag-laughing way. I was quite helpless with inappro This was awesomely weird and I loved it completely.

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I was quite helpless with inappropriate laughter several times. Jun 12, Paul rated it it was amazing. What a fun, wacky, and surprisingly moving book. I listened to the audio while walking my dog so not a Rottweiler in the woods for extra hot sauce reading karma. Early you'll think it's going one way, which would've been fine, but then it goes another better way.

And with a crab. More crab please. Oh, and here's a book that cleverly riffs on what playing a quest video game without beating you over the head with see-how-clever-i-am references to video games. Not naming names. Anyway, read it. Ad What a fun, wacky, and surprisingly moving book. Adventure and comedy and darkness and metaphor, and just plain fun too.

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I said that already but it is fun. Some of my friends have loved this so I'm going to drop this one in the 'not for me' pile and move on. I will say that the audio narration was really good. I had a fairly minor complaint about one of the character's voice but overall the narration is what kept this from being a DNF, well and that it was short Sep 15, Suzanne rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites. An oddball and crazy adventure, one man's fall down the rabbit hole of the 21st century, The Hike is unlike anything else. It's somewhat challenging to describe this book because of just how trippy it is.

Ben is a normal suburban family man on a business trip to Pennsylvania, but things don't stay normal for very long. He checks into his hotel, and looking to kill some time before his meeting, ventures out on a path to take a hike, after being advised by the hotel clerk that there is no hiking pa An oddball and crazy adventure, one man's fall down the rabbit hole of the 21st century, The Hike is unlike anything else.

He checks into his hotel, and looking to kill some time before his meeting, ventures out on a path to take a hike, after being advised by the hotel clerk that there is no hiking path. This doesn't strike him as strange: like most any 21st century man, he assumes that he knows best, takes his phone for guidance oh, the woes of placing so much trust in technology , and heads out to explore.

Before he knows what hit him, his phone is refusing to work properly, and he's being chased by homicidal men in Rottweiler masks. The Rottweiler men are just the first of many inexplicable things that Ben encounters. He runs into an old flame he hasn't seen in years, and this encounter will haunt him for some time to come. She provides him with cryptic advice before disappearing into thin air, gone when he wakes up in the morning. Before long, he befriends a crabby crab - a literal crab that can talk and poke fun at him, a sort of perverted and hilarious take on Sebastian from Disney's The Little Mermaid.

The talking crab and Ben become allies out of necessity, but there's more to it than that. Magary manages to make this cleverer and cleverer as the pages fly by, tying the twists and turns of The Path back to events in Ben's past, making the reader guess if this is all transpiring in Ben's head, or something he's impossibly experiencing, one way or another. There are nightmarish flying villains that can kill with a single glance, magic beans that will only help at the right moment, cannibalistic giants, hotels that seem worthy of a Stephen King classic, witches, evil clouds and spider zombies, visions of the end of the world, a 15th century Spanish explorer - the weirdness keeps on coming full speed, but it never seems like too much.

It's the best kind of all you can eat buffet weird. An amazing ride. I'd love to read a companion piece or sequel. Jun 26, Evelina AvalinahsBooks rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-of , favorites , owned-ebooks-read , fiction , society , sort-of-bizarro , human-relationships , damn-weird. Two things. First, The Hike is high as all hell on something.

Second, its absolutely bloody brilliant. The Hike isn't a book for everyone. There will be a lot of people who will finish it with a "wtf did I just read" , or DNF it for the same reason. But at the same time, it's got so much potential for 5 stars from a lot of you. Basically, I feel like you'll either love it or hate it. I wasn't sure about it myself for at least half of the book, but then it started going steadily up and up. H Wow. Sep 12, Book Riot Community added it. Ben is a middle class businessman on his way to a meeting in rural Pennsylvania when he decides to take a hike in the woods behind his hotel.

Jul 01, Kristy rated it really liked it. Oh my fucking god. Edit: looking over this, I'm kinda super spoilery in this review so honestly, don't read the spoiler tags. Go into this without knowing. Resist the urge. It will be so much better that way. I think I spent five minutes cackling at the ending because omfg.


Was so not expecting that. I've been describing it as if someone put the Odyssey or insert Bildungsroman of your choice here and a B-movie gorefest into a blender to see what would happen. There were times I had to take a break because I felt a little queasy from Ben's experiences on the path which is kind of impressive because I think I have a pretty high tolerance for violent imagery in books and then there were the times I started lapsing back into English major mode trying to figure out if there was an underlying metaphor at work here view spoiler [ I'm not convinced there is one, beyond how the workings of the path is explained by the Executive Producer at the end hide spoiler ].

But about midway through, I got more interested and the ending? Oh, the ending. Oh, you made it all worthwhile. I've been reading a bunch of new things and this is the first book in a while that made me want to flail at people in the hopes that they would go read it. Basic premise? Never go hiking in the Poconos ever. Magary's writing is quick, accessible and just descriptive enough and the little bursts of humor help balance out the awful experiences Ben faces on the path.

I don't think I would classify this book as horror, although there are parts that are horrific and there are elements of horror in some of the characters.

THE HIKE - behind the scenes of the horror movie described as the most contoversial film of the year

The Hike is more of a modern quest than a creepy story. Ben himself was kind of annoying in the beginning, but over time I really began to root for him. And I was worried that Fermona's mountain would be very dull and repetitous having done it once before, but Magary again gave just enough information without falling into repetitiveness. Applying this metaphorically, it really resonated with me as an example of this one aspect of what it means to be human, that individual lives are subjective and personal and sometimes we experience things that we cannot, cannot find the words to describe because to do so is so painful or impossible that we feel as if we'd rather die.

And the impact of that, to go on living with that, without ever sharing those experiences is given to the reader not once but twice - with Younger Ben, about to embark on this new journey in his life, home again but knowing he can never tell anyone under penalty of death about his journey down the path, and with Theresa, who has been living with this secret for years without anyone knowing. And that just has been blowing my mind, that we can recognize damage in each other but still never being able to find the words to express that recognition because even speaking of mutual or similar life-altering experiences can be impossible.

Buuuuuuuut I also want to disregard all of the waffling of the previous paragraph as unnecessary speculation, and enjoy this messed up story for what it is on paper - a bloody, dark fantasy with this great ending and a twist that made me cackle for so long. I'm still kind of giddy about it and it's been a couple of hourse since I finished the book.

Mar 10, Deniz rated it liked it. This is quite interesting, because basically I like a lot about this book, but I didn't particularly enjoy reading it Which is kinda left me wondering, how does one rate a book. Let's face it, we all do it mostly subjective, though I like to think that I am quite objective, I can be honest and admit, in the end it's all about how much I really enjoyed reading a book. And here is the crux when it comes to my rating of the Hike. I kinda didn't care that much for it actually. Experience a unique mix of coastal mountains, deep forests and a shimmering coastline.

During the High Coast Hike you can take part in outdoor schools and seminars. You also have the possibility to meet the people behind some of Swedens most popular outdoor companies. The High Coast Hike gathers houndreds of likeminded people. We gather and chill by the nightcamps, hang out by the campfires in FriluftsByn and celebrate our achievements at the After-Hike on Saturday night. Both hikers and media call it the most fun and beatiful hike in Scandinavia. We we just have to agree. The set-up is simple, you bring your own equipment and tent while we invite likeminded people, select the most beautiful hiking routes in the High Coast, organize transport, food, cooking fuel, maps, outdoor school, seminars and after-hike.

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