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It is very important to install the new deadbolt facing "up. This makes life easy.

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If on the off-chance it is not labeled, you can orient the deadbolt by matching the components to the picture shown above. Once oriented, insert the deadbolt into the door facing up and use the short woodscrews to firmly fasten it in place. Insert the bar protruding from the new deadbolt lock through the channel in the deadbolt itself. Position the lock mechanism such that the keyhole is vertically aligned. On the opposite side, insert the bar into the channel in the back of the turn assembly plate.

Orient the turn assembly plate such that its top side is at the top. Twist the knob on the turn assembly to expose the bolt holes. Use the included bolts to fasten the key assembly and the turn assembly firmly together. Once the new lock is firmly fastened in place, with the door still open, test it out using both the interior turn assembly and the key lock.

Once you are sure it is working, test both with the door closed. Assuming that they are both still working, you have changed the lock. Be Safe. You can also buy locksets that can be re-keyed without having to remove anything from the lock. Kwikset calls their locksets of this type "SmartKey" and I've used them on my home and on rental properties for several years without a single problem.

So long as you have a single copy of the current key you can re-key a lockset in a few seconds. Reply 3 years ago. Yes, Schlage makes these too. I"m not real fond of them because it's easy to screw up changing them. If you think about it, changing the comb on your locks isn't something you need to do very often.

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You can simply take the lock to a a hardware store or locksmith and have the lock changed to new keys for not too much money. Alternatively, you can keep a spare lock to swap out.

I really liked this step by step, it's really helpful, and the pictures are great. My husband and I recently had to change the locks to our home after I lost my keys in a grocery store. It seemed like a really complicated process, but your explanation made things a lot easier! Is there a specific brand of locks that you prefer to increase home security?

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Be cautious of doing this in your apartment or rental home. It generally frowns upon it in the lease. I am a locksmith with 35 years experience. Having the combination changed is more affordable. For example, you can have your doors unlock when a smoke or CO alarm is triggered, or have certain smart lights turn on when a door is unlocked. Depending on your home automation setup, you can even pair your lock with a video doorbell , so you can see who is at the door before you unlock it, or have an indoor security camera begin recording when a door is unlocked.

Just remember: The more features you get, the more you can typically expect to spend. Keep in mind, there are also smart locks out there that aren't necessarily door locks. They're built to be as tough as any standard lock, but use Bluetooth to unlock with the tap of a button when you're nearby. They also let you grant temporary or permanent guest access on your terms simply by using an app.

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The same goes for the Igloohome Smart Padlock. The BoxLock , meanwhile, is a Wi-Fi-enabled padlock with a built-in scanner that lets mail carriers secure your packages in a storage box where would-be thieves can't see or get to them. Voice activation. Sleek design. Cons: Pricey. Requires additional component to control lock remotely. It's a snap to install and offers all the latest technologies including voice activation, geofencing, and an IFTTT channel that allows it to trigger other devices.

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Pros: Easy to install. Comes with a door sensor and a Wi-Fi bridge. Works with Alexa, Google, and Siri voice commands. Nicely designed app. Built-in tamper alarm. Supports voice control. Requires additional device for remote control. Pros: Stylish design. Easy to install. Works with Nest Secure. Very quiet. No voice activation support.

Pros: Easy installation. Integration with third party devices. Cons: Expensive. Remote management cost extra. No voice control. Fobs and additional eKeys cost extra. Bottom Line: Kwikset's new Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock is more responsive than its predecessor, but it's also a bit more expensive and lacks some of the features you get with the latest crop of connected door locks.

Pros: Fingerprint scanner, keypad, and keyed access. Quiet operation. Pin Genie anti-theft technology. Cons: Lacks remote access. Doesn't work with other smart devices. Pros: Keyed and keyless entry. Audible tamper alarm. Easy to install and program. Need a locksmith right now? Emergency locksmith response: Common Door Lock Problems.

Wooden Doors. UPVC door with problem.

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Composite door with problem. Houses with door lock problems due to weather. Please take a moment to review our level of service. Please Rate Our Service. Yes No.