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Includes another Dead Dwarves short story by Derek J.

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Canyon: The Price of Vengeance : In 22nd century Atlanta, Maggie hunts the genetically-engineered dwarf who killed her entire gang. The Price of Vengeance is not available anywhere else. If you like reading about Noose and the other citizens of cyberpunk Atlanta, you'd better buy this book! Altogether, this ebook boasts a whopping 14 new short stories by 14 new independent authors. Dead Dwarves Don't Dance. Noose, a genetically engineered dwarf mercenary, is caught in an explosive terrorist attack on a neohuman dance club in Atlanta. Stumbling alone and injured out of the flaming carnage, he embarks on a relentless and violent pursuit of the perpetrators, determined to exact his own brand of 22nd-century vengeance.

The year is The nations of previous centuries are gone, consumed by the United Globe government.

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Citizens are confined to vast metroplexes while the rest of Earth is restored to wilderness. Neohumans are grown in vats, each type genetically engineered to serve humanity — flawless pleasers for gratification and ecstasy, hulking goons for war and violence, accidental psykers wreaking havoc, and more of any shape and size imaginable. Dead Dwarves, Dirty Deeds. Three hard-boiled short stories of crime and violence set in the technological excess of the 22nd century.

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Angel : Ross Drake is a cybernetic hit-man who stole millions from his corporation masters. Imprisoned for mass-murder, he escapes with the help of two strange men and a mysterious benefactor. Unfortunately for Drake, they don't just want a piece of the action. They want it all.

Gift Horse : Mutilated by rival convicts, Marco Vance is brought back from the brink of death. Outfitted with the latest cybernetic enhancements, he returns to the Regional Atlanta Metroplex as the conquering criminal kingpin. But, his savior demands that he deliver a message to repay his debt. A message that no one will forget.

Money Is Everything : Street gangs hunt a deposed crime boss carrying a case of cash. Pursued and friendless, he can trust no one. Except someone he can buy. Luckily, Noose the genetically engineered dwarf mercenary is always for hire. But, what is his price? Plus a free word excerpt of the full-length novel Dead Dwarves Don't Dance. Derek's Rhyming Riddles Book 1. If you like trivia, crossword puzzles, Jeopardy! Challenge your wits as you try to figure out the rhyming riddles.

Riddle 1 Colors clinging, colors falling, colors on the ground Empty branches, pumpkin patches, night is sooner found Apple cider, back to school, harvest queen gets crowned Costumes worn, treats dispensed, ghosts and ghouls unbound. Riddle 29 They make up a sentence Some know how to leap Methuselah had hundreds Rip spent many asleep. Riddle 58 Tiny little bowls Filled with many eyes Windows to the world Through them one spies. If you like Christmas, trivia, crossword puzzles, Jeopardy! Challenge your wits as you try to figure out the rhyming riddles with a holiday theme.

Riddle 1 Visiting your house with a star in my cap Boxes at my feet already in wrap Bracelets abound Tinsel all round Flip the switch to make everyone clap. Derek's Rhyming Riddles Book 3. Riddle 4 Cooped on the farm Eating with pecks Did we come first? Caught by our necks. Urgra: These enormous bear-men are powerful and furious, able to inflict terrible damage with their claws, fangs, and giant axes.

Canar: Obedient and loyal, these dog-men make up the majority of the soldiers on the alien ship. There are many breeds, from German shepherd to Labrador to Doberman.

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Grunk: A grunk is a pig-like alien, fat and lazy, more at home with baking and cooking than invading Earth. Rasha: Not as large as an urgra, the tiger-like rasha Captain Machadaro is still ferocious and lethal. Renowned as the greatest sky pirate of Zura, Machadaro plays a dangerous game battling and avoiding the US military. Mumba: Nimble and quick, the crew of the alien vessel is made up of these cat-men.

Uburu: Savakala is the vulture-like ambassador of the Zuran emperor, sent to Earth to make sure that Machadaro and his crew find the magical substance that is so valuable to the aliens. Frequently at odds with the captain, she is a powerful sorceress, wielding a staff of thunder and lightning. It starts up right where this one ends. Cover art by Igor Kieryluk. About 96, words or pages.

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Canyon graduated from the University of Washington in He's been working as a professional technical writer in the software industry since , and released his first fiction ebook in September of Derek and his wonderful wife live near Seattle with their long-haired Chihuahua. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Americana Music: Voices, Visionaries, and Pioneers of an. Nevertheless, this burgeoning trend in American popular music continues View Product. Birds of a Feather: Seasonal Change on Both.

In Birds of a Feather, an informative and beautifully illustrated book, Colin Rees and Derek Thomas portray the changing seasons in the UK and US, bringing their observations together with some startling results. With images by artists Robert Gillmor and Blood On The Moon. Mia Langdon-tomb raider and adventure-seeker-has everything she wants. No chains a. Her troubles begin when she's attacked on a dig in Peru. Soon, she's forced to use her tomb raiding talents to find the flaming arrows This book reflects on the motivations of creative practitioners who have moved out of cities This book reflects on the motivations of creative practitioners who have moved out of cities from the mids onwards to establish creative homesteads.

The book focuses on desert exile painter Agnes Martin, radical filmmaker and gardener Derek Jarman, and iconoclastic Dead Dwarves Don't Dance.