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Bilingual edition English and German.

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Odo, David. Rousmaniere, Nicole Coolidge and Mikiko Hirayama, eds.

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Kaneko Maki. Wong, Ka F. Longfellow, Charles Appleton. Yamada Kumiko, Heibonsha Sharf et al.

なでしこアクション Japanese Women for Justice and Peace

Collection Louis Kreitmann. Information Resources Development Bilingual edition Japanese and French. Nihon shashin geijutsu gakkaishi , 5— Kwon Jong Wook. Koyama Noboru. Photography in Japan, —, Tokyo: Tuttle Bennett, Terry. Bonneville, Patrick. Fraser, Karen. Polak, Christian. Journal of a Voyage.

Suchomel, Filip. Nihon shashin geijutsu gakkaishi , 39— Nakamura Hirotoshi. Schwartz, Charles. Dobson, Sebastian.


Yoake mae shirarezaru Nihon shashin kaita- kushi. Includes Luke Gartlan trans.

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Published: 10 May Size: 3. Japanese group Mayekawa, whose system reduces Japanese group Mayekawa, whose system reduces the ammonia refrigerant charge to just 25kg from an original kg, outlines its five-year global strategy and highlights best-practice installations of its NewTon technology in Japan and South-East Asia.

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NatRef Heat Pumps: A Key Piece in a Decarbonized Future 44 With special coverage of natural refrigerant heat pumps, the April-May issue of Accelerate America explains why electric heat pumps using CO 2 and other natural refrigerants are finding a growing market in North America as buildings seek alternatives to fossil fuels for space- and domestic-water heating. On the technology side, new innovations both locally and abroad are helping to overcome How to Save More Energy in a NatRef System 43 With special coverage of energy efficiency, the March issue of Accelerate America explains many low-cost or no-cost ways to save energy in industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment.

R The Future of Retail Refrigeration? Taking on Transcritical in Cold Storage 39 With special coverage of industrial refrigeration, the October issue of Accelerate America features one of the first U. The Rise of Hydrocarbons in Stores and Homes 35 With special coverage of hydrocarbon systems, the May issue of Accelerate America examines the rapid growth of propane and isobutane refrigeration in supermarkets and other outlets, and the expected use of isobutane in home fridges in the U.

Also in the May issue: the growing use of CO 2 as a refrigerant by Canadian The cover story of this edition shines a light on 15 of the organisations Also in the February issue Also in the January Also in the November-December issue: the safety This issue focuses on the first ever Accelerate Swiss multinational Also in For our cover story, we sit down with Bas Eickhout, Where to next?

Why we chose low-charge ammonia 16 With a special focus on industrial refrigeration and energy-efficiency incentives, Accelerate America tells the story of Becky and David Bornemeier, an entrepreneurial married couple in Ogden, Utah, who own and operate Western Gateway Storage -- and why they selected a first-of-its kind low-charge ammonia refrigeration system for their new Dawn of the Low-Charge Age 13 With a special focus on the industrial refrigeration, Accelerate America reports on how greater enforcement of federal safety regulations, coupled with a desire to better protect workers and products, is leading to rising adoption of industrial refrigeration systems that limit the amount of ammonia used.

Here Come Hydrocarbons! Cost details. Stay informed. Enter your email address to subscribe Accelerate. Share this publication. Recipient name err.

The Japanese Imperial Army's "Comfort Women": Political Implications and the Gender of Memory

Recipient email err. Your name err. Your email err. Your message has been successfully sent. It will be published by Punctum Books in Fall After setting up an 8x10' enlarger and printing mural size images from Trace negatives, I began to think it would make more sense to present the radiation's exposure in real scale as opposed to enlarging smaller negative films.

For these reasons I have begun this new phase of the Trace project. Exhibited as an installation piece, consuming the entirety of a large space, it will create a visually powerful message. Ryuichi Sakamoto kindly supports Trace 's production! He has been active raising awareness about environmental issues and anti-war efforts for many years.

It has been a quite inspiring and encouraging to have meetings with him and his team.

I. The Representation of the Comfort Women

Thank you again for your generous support. Without your support, this project would not be possible. I want to share an article introducing my "trace" project in Mainichi Shimbun, one of the major newspapers in Japan. The article not only covers my work, it discusses people's stories related to 3. Unfortunately there isn't a photo, and it's only in Japanese.