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Thank you for supporting authors and a diverse, creative culture by purchasing this book and complying with copyright laws. ON A CALM AUGUST evening in the beautiful gardens of Versailles, bathing in the golden dusk of a regal sun setting over the whispering trees, a girl with wide and dreamy brown eyes, chocolate brown skin, and dark hair lay in the grass, her head resting on her palm. Musical scores had slipped from her hands and were scattered around her, lying next to a gleeful, chirping bird. Dreams of grandeur and exquisite refinement filled her mind. In two days she was to begin herEuropean tour.

London, Berlin, Prague, and hopefully Milan. All these beautiful European cities would be hers for the taking. She would be accompanied by Ms. Or, as she preferred to call her teacher these days, Cordelia.

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Her dear teacher was leaving the National Academy of Arts to follow Maude on her classical tour as her manager. Matt was coming as well. A diva. In the classical world, being a diva was the ultimate distinction. Becoming an opera princess was difficult, but a diva was more than a queen—she was an empress.

She would have to succeed in every single European city she stepped in. She would go back and repair her damaged pop career. She would step back into a world that had shunned her ever since the scandal involving Thomas Bradfield.

A French Star in New York

Would the pop world allow her to come back? It had to. Her Uncle James was counting on her. Most importantly, she wished to fulfill the dream of bringing classical to pop music. Whether she failed or succeeded, the ride to the top would be an exciting one. Maude rolled over in the grass again and sighed a sigh filled with the deepest, truest contentment.

Battles would be fought, challenges would be overcome. Pancras stationone early August morning, she immediately jumped back as a black London cab whisked past her and stopped behind a long line of black taxiswaiting in front of the station. A family of four hurried to the vehicle and hurled their luggage inside the trunk. Even though Maude had grown up in a small town in northern France, she had never travelled in Europe before and the image painted in her head was far from the truth.

Or maybe she had expected horse-drawn buggies. Matt left Maude to her daydreaming. Being practical as he was, he hauled his luggage into the next cab before turning to Maude.

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Like you once were, when all you played was Beethoven. Maude sighed. She opened the door and prepared to take the front seat on the right. He gave the driver their hotel address. The vehicle began its journey, driving past a grand red building safeguarding timeless and countless knowledge within its walls. A Scotsman on his way back home, wearing a kilt and walking with arched legs. A kilt! She never had any luck with transportation. He was her pride, the apple of her eye, and the only pop singer she could tolerate.

Having spent the last few years in Manhattan had transformed this former Parisian into a real New Yorker, and Matt had adopted the city as his own. Yet being back in Europe with Maude held its charm. Go shower and hurry. Tragent pushed her student to the elevator with a strength that frankly surprised Maude. The hotel employee behind the counter raised an eyebrow and shook his head.

French tourists never learned the art of discretion. But Ms. Tragent had pushed Maude inside the elevator, pressed the button to the sixteenth floor, and waved a sharp hand to her nephew as the doors closed. Her lips moved, and when they did, it was to speak her mind.

A French Girl in New York

You tend to glide along through life, but this is reality. The last year had been rough, what with etiquette classes, fighting off extremely well organized bullies, and acquiring more and more technique. All that hard work had eventually paid off. If the result of work was a positive outcome, did that not erase the painful memories and leave only a shining aura of success? Maude possessed the ability to ignore the pain and to cherish the beauty of the things not only surrounding her but also those influencing the course of her life. The elevator doors opened. Maude waited for her teacher to step out before exiting.

Cordelia Tragent accordingly waltzed out of the elevator and led Maude to her hotel room. Instead she discovered a cozy room without gold or marble or anything of the sort, but beige carpet, a king-size bed with half a dozen pillows, and a full minibar. Matt had left. If he could benefit from the leisure of not having his aunt hovering over his shoulder, she was satisfied.

Used to the intonations of the American accent, she came to the humiliating realization that she understood the British accent as poorly as she understood Chinese.

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Her humiliation grew as she remembered that her English classes in Carvin had mostly been oriented towards English culture, not so much towards American. They entered the dark taxi. She glued her face to the window and observed the day-to-daylife of her fellow Londoners.

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For citizens of a capital, she thought they looked pretty relaxed, nothing like in Paris, where people hurried past each other. People were less stressed, and few cigarettes hung from pouty lips, unlike in Paris, where smoking was a national pastime. When they arrived at Covent Garden, Maude and Cordelia exited the taxi and made their way through the crowded streets in the direction of the Royal Opera House. It is definitely one of my favorites, and I can't wait to read the next books in this series.

It is the only series where i bought all of them. I highly recommend this book. You will love it. When you first start reading it may be a little boring but keep reading because all the juicy details are up next.

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