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Here is one from me Why did God spew out some Christians in revelation? Because they were not salty. Nebuchadnezzar he was on grass for 7 years Reply. Nicolas Ciarapica on March 5, at am. Elliott on July 28, at pm. Nice Reply. Ashley on March 5, at pm. Do you need an arc? I NOAH guy. David Correa on March 16, at pm. I get its funny, by the way do you no-ah a good bible Reply. Mikey on March 14, at pm. Cassidy on April 14, at pm. Then the prophet grew great, until it was able to bail-out the Jews!

Kim Kurt Cayuban on May 6, at pm. Mark Dever on May 7, at pm. Judges and it was so: for he rose up early on the morrow, and thrust the fleece together, and wringed the dew out of the fleece Reply. James Turner on May 10, at pm. Where is baseball in the Bible? Genesis In the Big Inning. How did Lot cause the death of his wife.

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Hehe Reply. Roy Burrus on June 25, at am. Krys on August 10, at pm. How long did Cain hate his brother? As long as he was Able! Robert Lotze on August 12, at pm. Margaret on August 13, at pm. RJ Fonte on January 14, at pm. Mikey on August 17, at pm. RJ on November 21, at am. Chris on September 2, at pm. Trezel on September 8, at pm. People believe we came from Adam and Eve. Gay people believe they came from Adam and Steve.

Caleb on September 21, at am. Why was Titus scared of Philemom? Because He bruised James. Caleb on October 15, at pm. Paul Casas on October 22, at pm. How many pairs of animals did Moses take to the ark?

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None it was Noah not Moses Reply. DavNos on November 25, at pm. Pastor Jim Marstaller on November 26, at pm. Samson, Absalom Who was the Irishman in the Bible? Jesus and Mark Psalm The shortest man in the Bible was some guy who slept on his watch. Did Moses ever make it into the Promised Land? Yes, Mount of Transfiguration Reply. Gabriel Lewis on March 15, at pm.

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The shortest man in the Bible was adam atom Reply. Pastor Jim Marstaller on November 27, at pm. Tyler on January 15, at pm. Christian on February 2, at am. Al Milliken Jr on February 13, at am. Did you know that Jesus was a Dodge man? He walked everywhere HE went. Ahahaa… good one. Where in the bible did the sun shine once and never again? Email me that answer, lol Reply. Joso on March 5, at pm. Gerard on March 17, at am. Jesus was in the first baseball game.

He preached the sermon on the mound. David Cubias on March 18, at pm.

Hillbilly voice Reply. Victor on April 6, at pm. Why Peter denied Jesus 3 times? Because Jesus heal Peters motherlaw Reply. Super Ninja on April 22, at pm. Why was Onan a lousy gardener? Because he spilled his seed. I on June 13, at pm. How do we know fertilizer is in the bible Because they always said lettuce spray let us pray Reply. Isaac on June 14, at am. Not to mention really funny!!! Jay Dwayne Carter on June 18, at am. Carrie on June 22, at pm. Mark on September 16, at pm. Was basketball ever played in the Bible? Yes, when David dribbled in his beard.

Sajan on October 19, at pm.

Jokes, Riddles and Wisdom

Healer Hope on October 20, at am. Toni on November 10, at am. I would like to be sent one bible riddle each day to my e-mail address. How can I set this up? Toni Braun Reply. Baseball comes up again when Ruth walked to the well with a pitcher. Kaylee on November 17, at am. Maria Morris on January 2, at pm.

Why do we have to be quiet in church? Because people are sleeping! Kurt on March 7, at pm. Deon on August 21, at pm.

Jokes, Riddles and Wisdom

Mo on April 20, at pm. What did they say when Jesus rose on the third day. Kelvin Hughes on May 7, at pm. Who was the only Irishman in the bible? John on July 7, at pm. Ray Curl on May 26, at pm. Barb on August 25, at am. Beth larson on September 26, at am. I think they might have a play on words.. Zach key us. Nathaniel Ferneau on October 18, at am. Heres something Beth, Zach has a key for us. Emma on December 10, at am. Very Nice Reply.

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Dave Sassman on February 3, at pm. Bob Stevens on February 16, at am. Lester on June 6, at am. Which prophet had a wonky face? Thank you for the valuable information. It is helpful for me. Elliott Evans on July 28, at pm. Thomas on September 15, at pm. Great post! Have nice day! Ron Harman on June 21, at am. I think God has a good sense of humor. He created me! Thomas on October 27, at pm. Here is one I heard and is instructive and funny but not original. Why is a life without Jesus like an unsharpened pencil? It has no point. Steve on December 7, at pm. Jennifer on December 15, at pm. Who was the shortest man in the Bible?

Ne hi miah Reply. James Freeman on February 24, at pm. Who was the first Irishman mentioned in all the Bible? Reggie Barton on February 28, at am. Twyla Fortner on March 15, at am. By webfact Started Tuesday at AM. By snoop Started Yesterday at PM. Jokes - puzzles and riddles - make my day! Search In. Recommended Posts. Posted October 6, Men: 1. Women: 1. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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