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Brigit, the daughter of the Druid Dougal the Brown. This mid-Winter feast commences as the ewes begin to lactate and is the start of the new agricultural cycle. During this time Brigid personifies a bride, virgin or maiden aspect and is the protectoress of women in childbirth.

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Gailleach, or White Lady, drank from the ancient Well of Youth at dawn. In that instant, she was transformed into her Maiden aspect, the young goddess called Brigid. Because of her Fire of Inspiration and her connection to the apple and oak trees, Brighid often is considered the patroness of the Druids. She is believed to be a great sorceress.

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The first farmer who finishes harvesting would make a corn-dolly from the grain he has harvested. He would, then, pass it on to the next farmer who finishes.

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It would keep going until the corn-dolly ends up with the last farmer. She is also known to have created the earth. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. July 03, Cambridge Dictionary. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. Rather than a budgetary cycle, ladies and gentlemen, it appears that we have a budgetary big wheel.

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Extrait de Europarl Parallel Corpus - English. And if these are included, is a chemical plant or even the big wheel in a fairground included? De Hansard archive. We have all seen them sitting high up in their seats, holding a big wheel and hitting the accelerator, confident that the bull bar will protect them from everything.

They will see that the big wheel in the soya bean business must be a great character, because he said that "the cure for high prices is higher prices". In August , feng shui masters recommended the wheel turn in the opposite direction; it now spins clockwise.

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This 19th-century Ferris wheel came out of World War II damaged but not defeated; it still spins with 15 of its 30 original carriages. Its old-time charm has led to appearances in films like The Third Man and Before Sunrise, in which the couple shares a first kiss while riding high above the city. Introducing the only entirely solar-powered Ferris wheel in the world.

The original was sold on eBay in and replaced with an identical wheel sporting the same solar-powered design and waterfront location. Nightfall brings a fantastic LED light show made possible by , energy-efficient LED lights that cover the wheel.

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  • The foot Tianjin Eye has the strange claim to fame of straddling a bridge that carries car traffic and pedestrians across the Hai River. This massive electric-powered wheel completes one rotation every 30 minutes, impervious to the traffic below.

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    After debuting in Paris for the world millennium celebrations, the wheel has traveled to England, Bangkok, Amsterdam, and Belgium. Because of its unique design, the wheel can be built in 72 hours and deconstructed in only 60 hours. As of spring , it is en route to its next location. The creation of kinetic sculptor Paul Cesewski debuted there in , with three people seated on bicycles in the center axel and pedaling to operate the wheel. As they pedal, the wheel is also propelled forward and begins to rotate. Cesewski continues to take the Star Wheel and his other creations to festivals around the world.

    A digital clock now marks the time from the center axel of this foot Ferris wheel at the Cosmo World theme park in Yokohama.