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To me, Thresholds is one of the most worthwhile organizations in Illinois because it helps people achieve lasting progress towards recovery and away from homelessness. Go to thresholds. Governor Pritzker has indicated that he intends to sign the plan into law — good news to healthcare advocates and providers throughout the state.

There will be a state administrative process that is expected to take a few months for determining what specific mental health services will receive rate increases. The proposed budget is a stark departure from the austerity and turmoil that have plagued Illinois in recent years.

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The FY20 budget, which is slated to take effect July 1, signifies a renewed commitment to strengthening the public services that are the foundation of healthy and vibrant communities across Illinois. Increased funding will be supported through a combination of new revenue sources, including the regulation of new industries and state fee adjustments. We are grateful to the members of the General Assembly for allocating additional funding to strengthen critical public investments and we thank Governor Pritzker for his vision and leadership during the budget development process.

We are excited for the opportunity that the FY20 budget presents and we look forward to continuing to work with the Pritzker Administration and the legislature to grow access to treatment and housing so that all Illinoisans can live well and thrive. We had the opportunity to work closely with our partners at the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services on this historic legislation and we are optimistic that Governor Pritzker will sign it into law marking a new chapter for the thousands of families touched by mental health challenges each year.

Research tells us that most serious mental health conditions begin to manifest by age Yet, sadly, our treatment system is not structured to respond to the realities of early onset conditions, leaving many to struggle combating their conditions for a lifetime. This bill aims to change that story and to avoid preventable tragedy. The Children and Young Adult Mental Health Crisis Act shifts the focus from crisis and late stage services to support when symptoms first begin, by:.

We owe a debt of gratitude to our fearless sponsors, Representative Sara Feigenholtz and Senator Heather Steans, who are true champions for mental health and whose steadfast leadership helped successfully steer us through the legislative process.

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We must also thank the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, Department of Human Services, and Department of Insurance for collaborating with us to position Illinois as a national leader in early mental health treatment. Finally, we are grateful to the advocates, people with lived experience, and providers around the state who worked so hard year after year to pave the way for this important piece of legislation.

When signed into law, Illinoisans will have access to preventative services and early treatment regardless of insurance type. We hope that this legislation will serve as a model for the nation so that all young people experiencing a serious mental health condition receive the comprehensive care they need to grow healthy and thrive.

Fact Sheets: Environmental Issues in Chicago's Little Village/Pilsen Neighborhoods

Since , Michael Reese has supported organizations dedicated to the health and wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable individuals in the Chicago metropolitan area. Previously, Michael Reese awarded Thresholds a Core grant to launch a call center that streamlined communication throughout the agency, among partner organizations, and with our clients.

Debby was my gentle and artistic sister. She lived a very typical life: went to school, had a good job, lived in an apartment of her own with a cat and dog , and enjoyed going out dancing on the weekends. But that all changed when she told our parents that she started hearing negative, criticizing voices in her head. In her early twenties, Debby was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia; thus, began the years of various treatments, hospitalizations, medications, and the side effects that came with it all.

Debby retreated from her past life, her family, and even herself. Finally, in her forties, mental illness had taken such a toll on her that she was unable to take proper care of herself, and she was moved into a nursing home. Debby became a client of Thresholds in , marking the beginning of her new life. She moved into her own apartment again, which made her feel safe and independent, and received comprehensive services through physical and mental health care, substance use treatment, medication management, and nutritional help.

With time, Debby was even able to go back to work with the help of Thresholds Supported Employment Program. She learned computer skills and proudly showed off certificates she earned. We felt much more like a family with her there, visiting her often and taking part in social activities with Thresholds.

We were so very proud of her progress! As much grief as I felt for her, the sight of her paintings on my wall at home brighten my day.

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I look at them and I feel hope, not just for myself but for the other Thresholds clients who are on the same recovery journey that she was. As someone with lived experience with mental health and substance use conditions, this was a milestone in my recovery. It represented a commitment and self-worth that years of depression and drug addiction had nearly taken away. My journey includes homelessness, incarceration, a revolving door of detox and mental health centers and isolation from family and friends.

I experienced a level of hopelessness and desperation that has allowed me to identify with and have empathy for even the most challenging of situations that our clients may share. More importantly, my surrender and subsequent recovery have allowed me to provide hope to individuals that may feel frustrated or lost in their own circumstances. Five years ago, I had reached an emotional low point, and was admitted to a detox center.

When that big metal door slammed behind me, I felt like something that had been chasing me for twenty years was shut outside. Throughout my treatment, I developed the support system and tools that would help me rebuild my life. When I was ready to take the next step in my recovery, Thresholds was there. Skip to main content Press Enter. History of the nd Airlift Wing Published May 16, Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards Wing Commanders Aircraft Assigned — — — — — — — — — Lt.

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