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Paul is in the exact opposite direction of New York City and his entire personal and professional world. The white whale is mysterious, to be sought after, but also to be killed. Peggy at first refuses to take the bizarre, crass painting with her, citing concerns over men not taking her seriously. AJ Marechal is a writer and entertainment journalist based in Los Angeles.

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At Variety, AJ covered all aspects of the televisio We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more. Entertainment Like Follow. A scene from Episode 12 of "Mad Men. The musical choices made by Matthew Weiner and company have always been the unsung heroes of the series. No song that appears on the show is an accident; the lyrics match perfectly with the message of each episode, often hammering home facts or feelings left unsaid by the characters.

Here are 10 of our favorite musical moments on Mad Men so far. Be sure to stay tuned for our review of the season 5 premiere tonight. Stay tuned. Three women would be great. Maybe a Coke.

Betty Boop The Old Man Of The Mountain 1933 HD BANNED CARTOON EXPLICIT

Coke has bubbles. Am I smiling? I feel like I may be smiling. I wish I could ask someone if I was smiling.

Mad Men of the Mountains

If I had been smiling. I need to change. To be better. I hate myself. I need to learn to be a better person. Megan spoke French. Megan was annoying.

"Mad Men's" great influence: A show's secrets, hidden in plain sight

God, she was annoying. Everything about her was annoying, even when she spoke French, which is rare, as French is so melodic. Why did I give her a million dollars? Breathe, Don.

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And the hour of our death is uncertain. So what is the most important thing?

Here Comes the Lost Horizon

I do that a lot. Too much? Maybe I could live here.

“Mad Men” Cartoon Countdown: The Final Episode

In California. What would I do all day?

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I miss advertising. I hate advertising. Advertising is a lie. Yoga is different from yogurt.

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