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But the rigor of scholarship, the amazing thoroughness, and the unparalleled clarity which Wayne Grudem is justly famous for! He is the former president of the Evangelical Theological Society, a cofounder and past president of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, and has published 19 books.

Many scholars champion the model of a Christian liberal arts education, including retired Wheaton College professor Leland Ryken. His scholarship and commitment to integrating faith with learning in the classroom have influenced thousands of students who have sat under his winsome teaching. Published in honor of Ryken, this compilation explores the background of a Christian liberal arts education, its theological basis, habits and virtues, differing approaches, and ultimate aims. Comprehensive in scope, this substantial volume will be a helpful guide to anyone involved in higher education, as well as to students, pastors, and leaders looking for resources on the importance of faith in learning.

Previously he served as senior minister at the historic Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia and is the author of more than 30 books. Part 3: Habits and Virtues 8. How to Read a Book Alan Jacobs Writing for Life Sharon Coolidge Chase Educating for Intellectual Character Jay Wood Part 2: Theological Convictions 4. Faithful Christian Learning Jeffrey P. Greenman 6. Part 1: Terminology and Background 1. Davis 2. Logic A God-Centered Approach to the Foundation of Western Thought In his latest book, Vern Poythress undertakes a radical recasting of the study of logic and critiques the commonly used Aristotelian approach.

With over 30 years of writing and teaching experience, Poythress successfully presents a revolutionary work on the study of logic from a Christian worldview. This comprehensive resource successfully leads readers through the fundamentals of logic all the way to advanced study of technical proofs, and will be useful in college and graduate-level classrooms.

The Importance of Logic 2. Formal Logic Part 2: God in Logic 3. Logic Revealing God 4. Logic as Personal 5. Logic within Language 6. Suppressing the Truth 7. Logic and the Trinity 8. The Absoluteness of God 9. Logic and Necessity Transcendence and Immanence Reflections on the Mediation of Human Knowledge of Logic Fallacies and God. He is the author of numerous books on biblical interpretation, language, and science. Part 3: The Problem of Classification Analogy Unity and Diversity Stability of Meaning Form and Meaning Context for Meaning Persons and Logic Logic and Religious Antithesis Theistic Proofs.

This festschrift is being published in honor of John Walford, a distinguished professor at Wheaton College, and makes a critical contribution to the field of art history. A reader covering everything from sixth-century icons to contemporary art, this compilation investigates art history from a Christian perspective. This festschrift is a fitting tribute to a man whose life has touched so many and in such profound ways. He is cofounder of the Association of Scholars of Christianity in the History of Art as well as an associate professor and chair of the department of art history at Nyack College.

Dockery Advocating for vigorous Christian thinking and a commitment to the integration of faith and scholarship, these reader-friendly guidebooks equip Christian students to apply their faith and intellect in various academic fields. With illustrations, reflection questions, and lists of resources for further study, these books are particularly designed for students at both secular and Christian schools as well as those associated with college and university campuses.

Editor and contributor David S. Dockery, president of Union University, and the other contributors to the series are offering volumes on each of the major disciplines. Introduces an approach to the Christian tradition that goes beyond historical overview by helping readers engage with contemporary challenges to their faith in various academic fields. Looks at the liberal arts through a gospel-oriented lens, laying out a vision that carefully prepares students to pursue their calling with grace and excellence. No doubt the series meets a significant need, not only for students but also for ministers and academics who are charged with the responsibility of helping us all think and live faithfully as followers of Christ.

In light of our deeply flawed world, every generation needs a fresh retelling—in literature, theology, the arts, philosophy, or public policy—of the central truths of all human and natural experience, as revealed by the one true and living God through his Son and as authoritatively and indispensably taught in Holy Scripture. A seasoned professor invites students into the great conversation of literature through the centuries and shows how the study of poetry draws us closer to God and his work in the world.

Purposed to help students engage contemporary challenges within the study of philosophy, professor and philosopher David Naugle offers an understanding of the basic issues, thinkers, and sub-disciplines therein. Award-winning professor Hunter Baker has written this guide to the essential issues inherent in politics to help students find a solid footing in understanding basic political thought. Feinberg Addresses the major areas of evangelical theology with a special emphasis on current issues in each area. While other series may be more like a history of doctrine, this series purposes to incorporate insights from Scripture, historical theology, philosophy, etc.

This series rests on the very best of scholarship while at the same time being understandable to the beginner in theology as it explains how doctrine applies practically to everyday living. Whereas many books on the church tend to be either excessively academic or merely pragmatic, Allison presents a rich approach to ecclesiology consisting of sustained doctrinal reflection interwoven with wise, practical application.

Exploring everything from the relationship of the church and Israel to the nature of the sacraments, this comprehensive resource will be an invaluable aid for years to come. Series Editors: Christopher W. Morgan and Robert A. Peterson This series assembles teams of scholars to explore key theological themes and apply them to contemporary concerns. Each volume approaches a topic from the vantage points of the Old and New Testaments, and historical, systematic, and practical theology.

The books draw upon a variety of contributors to craft a unified and accessible message, and they aim to help pastors, church leaders, and laypersons alike. The kingdom of God is a very large biblical category indeed. Accordingly, a comprehensive understanding of the kingdom would illuminate many aspects of theology.

One of the most important books on the kingdom since G. Ladd, this volume offers a robust theology and is corroborated by the very series in which it stands. Fourth in the noted Theology in Community series, The Kingdom of God establishes the significance of the kingdom across the Old and New Testaments, in eschatological literature, in church history, and in culture today. Each major unit of the classic is summarized and interpreted; discussion questions follow, making it equally adaptable to personal reading and group use.

Authored by an English literature scholar with over 40 years of experience teaching the material, these guides situate each work in its cultural context, incorporate published criticism, include brief bibliographies for further study, and successfully evaluate the classic text from a Christian worldview through analytic commentary.

Series Editors: Stephen J. Nichols and Justin Taylor There is wisdom in the past twenty centuries of the church, wisdom for living the Christian life. This series provides accessible introductions to the great teachers on the Christian life so that readers may gain wisdom from the past for life in the present.

Exploring the views of Francis Schaeffer on the Christian life, Edgar helps readers strive after the same kind of marriage of thought and life, of orthodoxy and love. This book explores the nature of fellowship, the costliness of grace, and the necessity of obedience. The Psalter Reclaimed Praying and Praising with the Psalms Most frequently referenced as a source of comfort in times of crisis, the book of Psalms is often misread or misunderstood.

Drawing on his extensive experience in studying and teaching the Psalter, Old Testament scholar Gordon Wenham has crafted a guide for engaging this surprisingly complex portion of Scripture with solid interpretive methods. What Are We doing Singing the Psalms? He has also authored a number of critically acclaimed Bible commentaries and books. Piper relies heavily on the Synoptics, passages in Romans, 1 Thessalonians, 1 Peter, and noncanonical evidence to build his case. A work of erudition and insight, this dissertation does not have the popular flavor of most of his books, instead offering a well-reasoned argument about the nature of enemy love.

Inerrancy and the Gospels A God-Centered Approach to the Challenges of Harmonization As a multi-disciplinary New Testament scholar, professor Vern Sheridan Poythress contributes a worthy case for inerrancy in the gospels and demonstrates key principles for harmonization. All those who affirm the authority and inerrancy of Scripture will find in this volume great encouragement and insight as Poythress has provided an arresting case to stem the tide of skepticism. Difficulties in the Gospels 2.

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Initial Principles for Harmonization 4. History, Theology, and Artistry 5. The Historical Claims of the Gospels 6. The Authority of the Gospels 7. A Mental-Picture Theory 8. Truth in a Biblical Worldview 9. Truthfulness versus Artificial Precision Confidence and Doubt Seeking God Limitations in Human Knowledge Intellectual Suffering Positive Purposes for Difficulties. This is a study well worth reading and considering regardless of whether one accepts the self-authenticating model or not.

He is the author of numerous books on aspects of biblical interpretation and science. Part 4: Special Issues in Harmonization The Synoptic Problem Cleansing the Temple The Rejection of Jesus at Nazareth. Contributions, from authors such as C. To aid in putting Bible passages in context, it also includes timelines of the Old and New Testaments. Part 2: Background to the New Testament 6. The Time between the Testaments J. Julius Scott Jr. Part 3: New Testament 9. Schreiner Reading the Gospels and Acts Darrell Bock Reading the Epistles Thomas R.

Reading Revelation Dennis Johnson. Part 1: Old Testament 1. The Theology of the Old Testament C. John Collins 2. Introduction to the Pentateuch Gordon Wenham 3. Introduction to the Historical Books David Howard 4. Introduction to the Prophetic Books Paul House. Chapters on the world of the patriarchs, the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, the biblical world in the time of Christ, and other topics provide at-aglance information for anyone studying historical context and geographical settings.

An index of place-names on maps is included as well. Overall, students will find this to be an affordable reference tool to help in understanding the Bible. He is a Bible reference editor and the developer of Bible Mapper Software. Before Abraham 2. The World of the Patriachs 3. The United Monarchy 5. The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah 6. Captivity and Return 7. Between the Testaments 8. The Biblical World in the Time of Christ. On each spread, one page displays the Nestle-Aland Greek text, 28th edition, while the adjacent page contains the corresponding ESV text.

Simply formatted and easy to use, The Greek-English New Testament will be an invaluable resource for anyone studying and working from the New Testament in its original language. Each verse in the Greek text appears above the same verse in the ESV translation. A twolevel, interactive Table of Contents and improved navigation make it easy to move between passages.

Available on all major e-book platforms. With more than , references representing every verse in the ESV Bible, this makes an ideal reference tool for quickly locating particular passages or for conducting in-depth word studies.

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He is a noted Greek scholar and author of the best-selling textbook Basics of Biblical Greek, as well as several other resources on the biblical languages. Series Editor: R. With pastor R. Kent Hughes as the series editor, these volumes feature an experienced pastor or teacher who models expository preaching and practical application. This series is noted for its steadfast commitment to biblical authority, clear exposition of Scripture, and readability, making it widely accessible for both new and seasoned pastors, as well as men and women hungering to read the Bible in a fresh way.

This volume makes the message of Deuteronomy accessible and applicable to Christians today, showing that obedience is a response of love to God who first loved us. Individuals and groups who want to study the Bible from a christological perspective will love this series from seasoned Bible teacher Nancy Guthrie. Nancy Guthrie does an amazing job of helping us to fit the pieces of the biblical puzzle together, with Christ at the center.

The disciples walking to Emmaus after the resurrection discovered this as Christ himself walked along with them and explained how the Old Testament pointed to the Savior. I recommend this entire series to you. This week Bible study shows how to see the person and work of Jesus in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. She connects the gospel dots from the Old Testament to the New, showing us the shadow and then the reality of Jesus Christ, who was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. More than once I saw Jesus in a new and remarkably beautiful way.

This study has grown my love for our Savior. Soon to follow the first two releases are the remaining eight books in the series: expositional preaching, biblical theology, the gospel, conversion, evangelism, discipleship and growth, church leadership, and sound doctrine.

Provides an accessible framework for understanding church discipline, offering nine case studies and several practical considerations for leading a church through disciplinary situations with grace and truth. I know of none that is as exegetically accurate, practically relevant, and filled with real-life case studies of how churches should deal with a wide variety of common situations.

This series explores the biblical foundations of key aspects of the church, helping Christians to live out those realities as members of a local body. Conveniently packaged and accessibly written, the format of this series is guided, inductive discussion of Scripture passages and is ideal for use in Sunday school, church-wide studies, individual or small group contexts.

Sproul These are the published collections of R. Each book provides an accessible introduction and overview of a biblical book. Matthew This expositional commentary on the Gospel of Matthew compliments the rest of the St. Sproul gave messages on Matthew over the course of three years, and this volume is the edited collection of that memorable series. Here is a substantial and accessible commentary on the first book of the New Testament canon, one that will serve the church well and will find use in small group settings, sermon preparation, or in personal Bible study.

Despite the array of books written in defense of this foundational Christian doctrine, very few have engaged the resurrection from a scientific perspective. Filling that void, Thomas Miller, an experienced and well-respected surgeon, challenges the notion that modern medicine has disproved the possibility of the resurrection.

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Miller assesses the reliability of the documents, evaluates the credibility of the witnesses, and identifies the consequences following the event, concluding with a powerful reflection on the significance of the empty tomb for today. Through careful investigation of the evidence, he demonstrates that a compelling case can be made for the reality of the resurrection.

He has written over scientific papers and edited four textbooks. Can the New Testament and especially the Gospels be Trusted? Did Christ Really Die by Crucifixion? Are Witnesses Enough? Was a Bodily Resurrection Really Necessary?

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What Is the Meaning of a Resurrection? Are miraculous gifts for today? What happens to those who commit suicide? Such difficult questions always intrigue us, often confuse us, and sometimes disturb us. Drawing on 38 years of ministry experience, scholar-pastor Sam Storms answers 25 challenging questions Christians are often too afraid to ask, addressing tough topics ranging from the eternal destiny of infants to the permissibility of divorce and remarriage.

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The robust, thoughtful answers provided in this book offer perplexed Christians an alternative to relying on simplistic explanations, and help discouraged readers persevere in their search for truth and clarity with regard to all such thorny issues. Is the Bible Inerrant? What Is Open Theism? Could Jesus Have Sinned? What Is Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? What Can We Know about Angels? What Can We Know about Satan? What Can We Know about Demons? Can a Christian Be Demonized? Can Christians Lose Their Salvation? Will There Be Sex in Heaven?

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The overflow for us is fresh insight and strong feeling. I thank God for Sam Storms. My life is sweeter because of the seasoning he brings. After teaching theology at Wheaton College, he established Enjoying God Ministries to provide biblical and theological resources to the body of Christ.

He is the author of several books, including Chosen for Life. Throughout history, people have wondered about the afterlife. However, few responses to the question at hand directly reference the scriptural case for heaven and hell. What Happens After I Die? Exploring the wonders of heaven while taking an honest look at the realities of hell, Rogers provides a clear and accessible summary of all things related to the afterlife. It is thus useful to have available a helpful book on the topic.

Michael Rogers addresses the issue head-on with theological care and pastoral concern. This is a thoughtful and sensitive exploration of questions surrounding the afterlife and will repay the time spent reading it. Highly recommended. The Land of Deep Shade 2. Because He Lives. Part 2: The Destiny of Unbelief 5. Connect with Linda and Jen at hopeoutloud. PAUL J. In his role, Batura is responsible for media and public relations, internal communications and community relations to the ministry's Colorado Springs neighbors. Batura is a runner having completed 73 marathons.

He and wife, Julie, have been married for 14 years and have three sons whom they had the privilege of adopting: Riley 10 , Will 5 and Alex 3. He was an ordained Baptist minister who also pastored four independent churches. Ray and his wife, Lucy, were married for just over 50 years and had three children. World Relief is also the founder and convener of The Justice Conference. Stephan's pursuit of justice led him to transition from a successful career in the Fortune sector to Africa where he directed relief and development programs for nearly a decade before returning to the United States to lead World Relief's global operations.

He is a poet, an author, an ordained minister and a strategist. He considers his African friends his most important teachers, and his wife, Belinda, his most important mentor. Her writing has been published in both the secular and religious markets in a wide variety of genres including poetry, short stories, feature articles, and interviews. In the editorial field, Shelly has also served as managing editor of specialty Bibles for Zondervan and was a contributing feature writer for the Stewardship Bible Crossway Books.

They have two adult children who reside in Iowa and Washington State. Previously he was assistant director of advertising and promotion for Moody's Correspondence School. Since September of , he has been the senior pastor at Parkside Church in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. He and his wife, Susan, have three grown children. Beitzel and his wife, Carol, reside in Gurnee, Illinois, and have three grown children. At age 11, he experienced first-hand a life-threatening 20 days at sea and a test of his dependence on God—the story told in his book In Peril on the Sea.

Steve is currently an executive vice-president of the Willow Creek Association. Valerie travels widely as a conference speaker, making frequent guest appearances on radio and television. Valerie is the author of seven books, and co-author with her husband of three books: Made to be Loved and Faith-Shaped Kids , and Real Survivors. Steve and Valerie live in Wheaton, Illinois; they have two grown sons. University College, Dublin is the owner of Whitestone Communications, a literary development agency.

He previously served as executive editor at Moody Press now Moody Publishers , director of religious publishing at Doubleday, and publisher at Bridge Publishing. He currently lives in West Chicago with his wife, Margaret, and their four children. For five years, his biography of William Wilberforce has been taught as part of a course on leadership and character formation at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

For six years, he was the lead script and historical consultant for the critically acclaimed film, Amazing Grace. Kevin resides in a seaside village in Maine with his wife, Kelly, and their seven-year-old son, Sam. They are active in Challenge Ministries, a non-profit organization which they began in They continue to speak in churches, helping others to understand Mormonism and how to best witness to those involved in this religion.

Together, they authored How to Witness to a Mormon. She has experience in banking, retail, and education, and currently devotes much of her time to homeschooling her two youngest sons. Her passions and hobbies include spending time in the Bible, piano, reading, gardening, and knitting. She and her husband, Chuck, have been married since and have four sons and four grandchildren.

He has traveled throughout the world teaching biblical financial principles to the affluent, middle class, poor, and ultra poor. These films are now in thirty languages with the potential to reach two billion oral and visual learners. Chuck and his wife, Ann, have been married since and have four sons and four grandchildren. Benware has continued to be involved in several local churches, often holding pastoral or staff positions. Benware lives with his wife, Anne, in Litchfield Park, Arizona. They have four children and six grandchildren.

After serving two churches in the Chicago area, Kurt served as a Senior Pastor in a church in southeastern Michigan for a decade. He is currently the senior pastor of Orchard Hill Church, a large non-denominational church outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He and his wife Faith live with their four sons in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. AMY E. A specialist in American Government, her research interests include religion and politics and Congress. She and her husband, Wheaton theology professor Dan Treier, live in Wheaton with their daughter Anna.

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Wendy, her husband Monty, and their two children live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Prior to his role with the Ron Blue Institute Michael practiced for ten years as an attorney focusing on business and securities law, real estate acquisition, development and leasing, and estate planning. Michael earned his law degree from Baylor University, where he graduated summa cum laude and served as the Managing Executive Editor of the Baylor Law Review.

He has a B. RON BLUE is a successful entrepreneur in the financial services industry and an admired leader and speaker on the topic of Biblical financial management. Ron is the author of twelve books on personal finance from a Biblical perspective, including the best-seller, Master Your Money , and his most recent book, Wealth to Last , co-authored with Larry Burkett.

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BLUM D. Ed and his wife Ann live in Prescott, AZ and are the parents of five adult children. He was married to Linda Ann Boice, who continues to teach at the high school they co-founded. He received Christ at age 16 after a near-drowning incident at a summer youth conference. Beginning his missionary career in China, he and his wife Evelyn, were forced to evacuate when the Communists took over, and three years later began serving in Japan for five years.

The remainder of his 24 years in Asia was spent in Hong Kong where he planted and directed 10 chapels and schools with 10, students. Unexpectedly, God changed his direction and sent him to Honolulu for a most effective ministry as pastor of Kapahulu Bible Church. Following retirement in Florida, he began an active writing career and the publishing of a very popular series of 6 books based on his experiences in China for children entitled Jack and Jenny Mystery Series. He continues a very active ministry of writing and speaking that includes a monthly e-letter called China Clippings.

In addition he serves on the Church Board and is an Elder in the church. He studied deeply in the Scriptures and was greatly inspired by the writings of John Wesley. At the age of 24, he felt called to be a preacher and became a Methodist Pastor around the time of the American Civil War. At the age of 58, and for the next nineteen years until he went home to be with the Lord at age 77 , he began to write books. It is said that he prayed daily, from 4 A. The Executive Order can be read here. She Started IT is a free event to encourage 6thth grade girls to explore and be inspired by the field of technology, giving them the opportunity to hear from, interact with and be encouraged by female founders and professionals in Buffalo, NY.

Saturday, April 13 p. Wear your favorite cardigan and bring a gently used sweater to donate to a neighbor in need. Colvin Cleaners is generously cleaning the sweaters and donating them to St. Wilson, Jr. Regular parking rates apply. Programming includes,. Click here for a complete list of events. Hop on over for a fun-filled morning of Easter excitement at the Buffalo Zoo! This new family-friendly event features a Zoo-wide Easter egg hunt including a special area for the littlest guests , a meet-and-greet with the Easter bunny, complimentary carousel rides weather permitting and so much more!

Bring your own basket or reusable bag to gather your eggs and redeem for springtime treats and prizes. This event is designed for children ages 12 and under.