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As a team I felt that it was seen as a bit of a turning point for us where we will now move forward positively and without looking over our shoulder at the closure and the incidents of Most certainly. The amazing roster of acts heading to Forms in coupled with the ethos of the party should ensure that it become as prestigious as our other brands and stake its own place at the table in London.

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Home Latest News Menu. Why did you decide to start the new event series Forms?

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What new qualities are you aiming to bring to fabric with Forms? What informs the booking policy for Forms? Will the club interior be adapted in any way to suit the concept for Forms? Claptone, Monki and Latmun all play Forms this season. News Marijuana legalization linked to decline in teen use, study finds An issue of access or has it lost its appeal?

  • Sean & Haylee call Dom to run him past some of their show ideas.
  • The Edge | WEDG-FM.
  • La montaña del rey (Spanish Edition).

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Copy link. Marijuana legalization linked to decline in teen use, study finds.

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Wed 07 10 However, that is beginning to change, thanks to a new series of programming called Purple Room After Dark. The series features local and visiting acts in shows that start at 11 p. He also handles the Palm Springs Comic-Con and various other local events. Tony contacted me and basically wanted to have a meeting. We sat down, and I gave them a proposal, and we are launching our first shows at the end of February.

Organic Junk Fude is a band that was around in the early s and sort of had a cult following.

The Edge (radio station)

They were this punk band that were kind of like GWAR, and also did hip-hop. It was a really strange stage show—and I was actually in the band for a bit. They were gone for a few years.

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  • Ellen Foster.
  • Music on the Edge: Transient Canvas | Department of Music | University of Pittsburgh.
  • living in fear!

Solomon Georgio was just on Conan, and he did a lot of awesome comedy writing. The band Roses is scheduled to appear on Saturday, March It features members of the late, lamented group Abe Vigoda.

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They also part of the scene that plays at The Smell in L. Purple Room After Dark takes place at 11 p. Palm Canyon Drive, in Palm Springs. Admission to most shows is free.