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We all love him but im just stating my opinion. And on Tumblr you can find yes ! I have read them all the way until then my computer froze. But check it out anyway! You might have better luck! Soooooooo true!!! Zayn is not 17 he is 19….

The Full, Up and Down and Upward Spiral of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's Relationship

Harry is 18….. Niall is 18…. Liam is 18….. He has 8 tattoos and none of them are like skulls and bad things. Their nice. I cant wait for !!!!!!! I already bought my tickets should get them anyday now : love you guys. My favorite is, Harry…. No Niall, wait Zayn…. Hold up, Louis…. Um no, Liam……. I want 2 go so bad but I wouldnt miss an experience with God. Thank you for the info it was really great I absolutely love Niall and never will forget him!

One direction is my life. I love the boiz!!!!! Then why are you reading this anyways? THE other one is named liam!!!!!!!!!!! I hate you…. Zayn is myne zayn is myne zayn is myne zayn is myne zayn is myne zayn is myne zayn is myne zayn is myne zayn is myne zayn is myne zayn is myne. I am so a food!. Haters,thy are humans too. Dont say they are gay!. Stop hating them. I hate when american boyz call them gay cause obviously by their songs they are not. These boyz had the heart to sing a song that makes a girl feel beautiful about themself like no other artist has done.

I admire them 4 that. Hate if u want, at the end of the day they have more fans then their haterz ever will. Just thought I would put that out there;. Go criticize people somewhere else. U guyz seriously news to calm the hell down. One direction is NOT thy big of a deal. I actually luv 1d with all my heart. But seriously if 1d walked in the room rite now I wuldnt b jumping all over them. Again not bustinn on them. U just look like an idiot doing tht. So just calm down already.

Okay well first of all, do you not know who to spell words? You sound like an idiot typing like that. Second of all why do you care if other people obsess over One direction? You should just worry about yourself. Thank you :. U no wat? Maybe we shoodnt be jumpin up and down but we shood still be really excited tht they r there. U need to learn to use Spellcheck. This website should be for directioners, but if you want to be on this site then you can be on it.

But if you were they boys, would you like that? But we can also be serious. I have a huge age difference between me and Harry and he is famous. Plus Millions of other girls all around the world love Harry. I agree with you. Wise words. They are just normal people, just like us. They need privacy and they probably love their fans with all their heart, but they need space to breathe.

So let me tell you, YOU. Also about your favorite thing to do and stuff, but its soo hard to find the info. I love Zayn to but I am not his age. But he is 2 days older than me. Zayn is sooooooo my future husband!!! As in youngest to oldest age. I likes it! Thanks so much! But u need to spell check most of this. But overall, great job! They have about 18 songs! And you spelled ZAYN wrong. Well i would say that i nevr knew all this!!!!!!!! Yes it is.

If you know so much than tell us everything about him. How he was born in How he does not like tattoos. His fav. Should I go on. I love all of them! My mom even said we might be able to go to england for a concert during their uk tour! Would you lay downIn my arms and rescue me? Zayn is the hottest one. Niall, u and i are perfect for each other im not allowed to buy food too cuz i would buy too much and i love food!!!!!!!!! If you hate 1D so much why r u one this page. Everyone can see these comments. What if a little girl was on her and she saw this u might have broken her heart.

Treat others the way u want 2 be treated. Keep your comments to yourself. They clearly like each other. They are not gay! Like I told Emma fridenbergs no one is going to marry him. He is to busy for girls. He has to focus on his music. Naill loves food. Harry loves cats. Liam is afraid of spoons. I think that Zayn loves mirrors. Liam has one kidney.

Harry has 4 nipples. They have all kissed each other the roles they play are Liam: smart one, Harry: the flirt, Zayn: is vain, naill: the funny one, Louis: the leader cuz that was the only one left Harry said that Louis is 21, Zayn is 19, Harry, naill, and Liam are Naill is a belieber. They were on Icarly. He also is the only 20 year old that can have a girlfriend and a boyfriend and a pet pigeon named Kevin and make it seem normal!! Knew all these facts already i want to learn more! But love the pics!

Actually non obsessive fans love him equally but Obsessed crazy girls like you think that you love him the most. I love one direction!!! Zanyn is the hottest of them all. I love them so much!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol I remember when I first heard a 1d song on the radio and bought it not even knowing who they are. Then I just kept buying their songs… I just found out like a day ago that they r British and found out today that they were on the X factor… I feel like such a loser.

You better not even call yourself a fan. Plus, if nobody likes Louis, then his 2. Ur a directionator screw you, I mean i dont hate u but if we were in the hunger games id have no prroblem killing u first.. I love one direction. I love the song thats what makes you beautiful. I love them all!!!! Harry is so hot and has a great personality that will make a girll go crazy for him and Niall is adorable and hilarious. Zayn has amazing cheek bones and is amazing. Liam seems like the smart ones and has an amazing personality.

U r such a directionater. A real Directioner loves all the boys for who they are. I love Loui I am saving up my money for the one direction Concert next year and I am going buy as many things as I can!!!!!!!!! Anyone can love this band, OK? I love you Liam. Your so cute when you sing! I wanna kiss you so bad! I love harry he is so so so so so so cute i hope he was my boyfriend. I love his hair. All of them is so cute evan though i dont know all thier name still they r such sweethearts!!!!!!! Girls get paid to be in One Direction video clips.

I would do it for free. I would even PAY to be in one of those videos! Omg all this just made me love them more!!!

Life story justin bieber magazine 2012

Acording to their latest book nialls favorite color is green, sorrh it just bugged me but i really like the other facts XD. Pronounced Lou-e! Please help! Niall James Horan I love you so much! You are so cute we are like twins,but your a boy and im a girl and both of us have blonde hair and blue eyes,are favorite color is blue!!

S not rerly my friend hate one direction dont noo why. Thank God 1D exist. I need to get this out here…you guys are the biggest directionators ever. We are only 10 but we all love you. OMG i love one direction! There facts are amazing and i never knew that Harry made the name of the band.

Keep up the Brilliant work u all r my favourite and you r my favourite band. Millions of love, Hugs and Kisses Minnie xxxxxxxxxxx. I like Niall. Love One Direction!!! One direction please call or text me someday latter. And after we get married, we are going to live in a little cottage on a hill far away where he will sing me to sleep every night and we will feed each other because that is what people do when they are in love. I love him as well We should love em both the same amount!!!

My wedding finger will even prove it to u!!! Haha I love u Harry. I would have to say, Harry is the hottest member of One Direction! I wanna meet them tons and tons! Thanks for the information!! I luv them all so much. But i have to say.. I know one day i will. But I know i will meet them. I just have to figure out how and when. Maybe she is like 13,12,14 and thats why she is saying that…… believe it or not, people know them as much as you do or even more….!

You guys are such an inspiration! I wish my voice and talent can be heard like yours was! Vas Happinin! I love these guys! They always make me smile! They love NY and the United States, having a number 1 here has really opened their eyes. Louis wants a part on it someday. Soccer8 Worst part of the group. Nialls farts have been known to kill. Omg im sori.. But is it prnounced, Loo-is or loo-ee?? It been buggin me for agez..

It was a close one! We track the battle between 1D and Biebs for Official Albums Chart Number 1

Their song entered the chart at 28, after selling , downloads in its first week! Good work! Here are 50 facts about One Direction. They were then put together as a group. He made it through to the judges houses. Share This. Tags: Fact Lists , One Direction. About the Author. Luke Ward. Luke Ward is the founder of The Fact Site. In his spare time he loves to travel and drink coffee.

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Related Posts. Leave A Comment. Whilette Whales - 21 September Reply I would marry harry instead.. Cherry - 25 March Reply Niall is so verry cute…i like him!!!! Lily - 14 November Reply Why do we faena overa the taken? Because they are hawt duh! Eleanor - 9 October Reply Love all of thease facts! Diamond - 16 May Reply Some of one direction is weird.

One direction - 3 May Reply Some countries say it as colors!!!!!!!!! Brianna - 20 August Reply I luv u Harry and plus we almost have a lot of stuff in common. Chey - 14 April Reply I like one direction. Kushartati Murtiningsih - 18 September Reply I love niall so much! Enoon - 14 October Reply Kinda harsh there alexis.

Shaima Banu - 30 July Reply Wow these facts are amazing. Thanks for posting them. Love you One Direction. Tresta Zerr - 3 July Reply I love them all the same. Thank you one direction for being in my life I would die without you. Guest - 3 July Reply Harry is mine. He said so in person at my birthday party! Marie - 30 June Reply Luke Ward - 29 July Reply Oops my bad! Jasmine - 6 May Reply I Think that these facts are really great thanks. Lilly - 10 August Reply Dude rite on! KaTana - 16 June Reply Right me too. KaTana - 16 June Reply Yes just because there a famous boy band there still normal, funny,and cute boys.

Brianna - 3 April Reply These are great facts thnxs. Lilly - 10 August Reply My friend said she mite take me but she never did i was so crushed :[. Austina Lynch - 12 March Reply dose anyone like louis. KaTana - 16 June Reply My friend does. Jamie - 27 August Reply I do I love him he is mine.

Kenadie Hawkinson - 9 March Reply my friend love you but i dont i love justin biber more then all of you so i think you should all come to clatskanie elementary school and go to the office and ask to see cassidy donaldson not to be rude but i just like justin bieber more if justin was not a famous person i would like you guys sorry that he is famous. Kelsey Armenta - 29 January Reply I love you one direction. Emma - 4 January Reply Thanks for beinning so hot. Julia - 6 December Reply I adore their music.

Harry tackles Liam. Jamie - 27 August Reply Louis is mine. Selena Smith - 22 November Reply they arent gay! Charliey Marie Fisher - 19 November Reply i love you all like im married to liam and we have met a hondred times hehe love u boys so much miss u on x factor xx. Niall's future wife - 19 November Reply i love 1D they are my fav. DominiqueSyles - 16 November Reply Guys call them gay beacause they are jealous of One Direction- since their girlfriends tend to swoon over these guys. MissHoran - 11 November Reply Nialls favourite colour is green actually and Harrys ar Liams is pink so hahahaahhaha!!!!

KaTana - 16 June Reply Same with me he is so cute and dreamy. Briana - 11 January Reply its actually Javaad. Abby - 4 November Reply Harry is mine forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daphne Slywczak - 30 October Reply ummmmmm what the heck!!!!!! McKenzie Eick - 28 October Reply im a f.

Hailey Tomlinson - 26 October Reply Louis is mine. Brittney - 21 October Reply These guys are so hot but it doesnt matter whats on the outside it ls whats. Jemima B. Sara - 15 October Reply Louis was born in not Roni - 11 October Reply Does someone know the name of the bend that Louis was befor one direction? Alexis - 7 October Reply I love one direction espeshily Harry. KaTana - 16 June Reply Me too. Catherine - 25 September Reply One direction is amzing and i loooove all of them and i have the same birtday as liam. KaTana - 16 June Reply True its his birth name but it was changed when he was younger.

Id I got to kiss one it would be him!! Emily Bieber - 21 September Reply Harry likes cats!

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  6. Katie - 21 September Reply i just want to hug them all. Asia Valentine - 15 October Reply Agreed. KaTana - 16 June Reply I agree. Tomlinson- - 14 September Reply Hey umm does one direction ever reply. Tomlinson- - 14 September Reply Lol me too!

    Justin Bieber: Never Say Never () - IMDb

    Izan - 11 September Reply They are great singers! Kate - 10 September Reply i love 1D they are amazing. I have to finish my facts or I lose the bet. Emma - 3 September Reply Cool. SkySky - 31 August Reply omg i absolutely luv niall!!!! Cactus24 - 29 August Reply Harry styles favorite color is orange and his favorite food is tacos.

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    Alex - 28 August Reply Niall is so cute: no one should call him gay!!!!!!!!! And If u do I will find u!!! Kelsey Worley - 28 August Reply I hate when people call them gay…. Emily - 28 August Reply I love Harry styles. Katie Luvs1D - 26 August Reply nialls favorite color isnt blue its green. Aaliyah - 22 August Reply i think zayn is hot and its an adventure learning more and more about him everyday and we hyave so much and common and he likes to cuddle me too!! So Niall was born in UK. Alana - 24 August Reply no thats just an obsessive fan: a directioner is sumone who luvs the boys for who they are and will always support them no matter what.

    She'd married her high school boyfriend at 18 and moved to Texas to follow his Army career. After becoming obsessed with One Direction, she started writing standalone fan fiction short stories about the boy band on an unlikely medium: the photo-sharing app Instagram. Even when restricted to writing her stories as lengthy Instagram captions, though, she started gaining a following. A fellow fan took notice and turned her on to the much more writer-friendly Wattpad. Wattpad cover art for "After. And yes, its sex scenes are just as bodice-ripping as those found in any romance novel. Often, she'd write while standing in line at Target or the grocery store.

    She dedicated five hours a day to writing "After" and another three hours to promoting it within Wattpad and on social media. Soon, it turned into a chapter, one-million-word juggernaut that was rapidly attracting a fan base in the hundreds of thousands. Todd become famous on Wattpad. The only issue: Wattpad and its writers don't have much name recognition beyond the site's rabid fan base. Wattpad is a platform for reading and self-publishing, and its reach is quietly enormous. The Toronto-based free digital reading site has more than 40 million users, more than the entire population of Canada.

    So while Todd's fame on Wattpad was growing, her life continued normally. She kept waiting tables in her Texas town. But soon, all that would change. Wattpad had noticed how popular she was. They reached out to Todd and, within six months, helped her score a book deal with Simon and Schuster in April This was just one year after Todd had shared her first "After" chapter on Wattpad. The "After" now available in stores is an edited version based on Todd's Wattpad writings.

    The song was a top 5 hit worldwide. Since concluding his Purpose tour in mid , Bieber has primarily appeared on other artists singles and found immense success doing so. Bieber's next collaboration was with dance producer David Guetta for "2U" which was a top 5 single worldwide. Before this, an elaborate media campaign pitched the two acts, and their fanbases, against one another in the race to number one.

    While Justin made several comments about a rivalry, One Direction did not address the set up. Ultimately, One Direction achieved the number one debut in Europe, continuing their ongoing record, while Bieber achieved number one in the United States, solidifying his comeback there. Justin and Louis have never been seen together or confirmed to be friends. Louis, along with Zayn, both defended Justin on Twitter in , after the media attacked him, due to a run-in with abusive paparazzi. They tweeted "Although I don't know him personally, I do wish the press would take it easy on JustinBieber" and "I really do empathise with him, I don't see anything out of character in comparison to any other teenagers I know".

    It is thought he was renting the place out temporarily. Liam, along with Louis, poked fun at Justin's short-lived nickname 'Bizzle'.

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    • One Direction go solo: Niall Horan is Bieber. Who are the rest?;
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    On March 24, , a Bieber fan tweeted Liam, saying: "Isn't it kind of depressing that Justin Bieber is more successful than you? Justin never commented on the tweet. I told him 'the difference between me and you is I had four different boys going through the same thing to look to.

    One Direction vs Justin Bieber: Who comes out on top?

    Niall commented during his X Factor audition that he looked up to Justin Bieber's success and wanted a career like his. He and Justin have been seen together many times, often tweeting and hanging out, particularly in Niall has commended Justin on his music, success and fame and has covered Justin's songs. Harry and Justin have never been seen together.

    It is assumed they have met due to the other members of One Direction having met Bieber. In , Harry unfollowed Justin on Instagram. Also congrats on the album, it sounds great! Zayn spoke in a radio interview about being invited to Justin's house in He said they cooked and used Bieber's indoor skating rink. In another interview, Zayn stated his musical tastes and singing style were quite similar to Bieber's. In , Bieber commented that he had not spoken to Zayn in years but hoped he was doing okay after leaving One Direction. Both Niall Horan and Justin Bieber dated US pop singer Selena Gomez, though Horan's relationship with Gomez was not made public, only uncovered over time by fan sightings and meetings, and an eventual acknowledgement from Horan.

    Selena dated Niall in early , as he recovered from extensive knee surgery in the United States. Gomez stated in a interview that Niall was one of her best friends. Selena dated Justin Bieber from December till , with the pair breaking up and getting back together several times. She has claimed Justin was unfaithful to her, and both have spoken about the emotional toll the relationship took on them, in interviews and in their music. Gomez briefly rekindled her relationship with Bieber in October , though the pair split again by January Justin Bieber identifies himself as a faithful adherent of Christianity, saying he communicates with God via prayer and God is "the reason I'm here".

    Bieber and his beliefs have been criticized by various right-wing, fundamentalist Christians, due to his sexualized image and legal troubles. Justin's concerts have been targeted by right-wing, fundamentalist Christian protest groups. Since , Bieber has been more open about his Christian faith, often posting verses from The Bible or pictures with his Christian friends.