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Instructions, patterns and charts for woven, knit, crocheted, and canvas embroidered beaded bags, purses, belts, jewelry. Patterns for crocheted vanity box, slippers, yokes, hat trim, fasteners, collars, sweater, buttons, silk bag, cushion, edgings, motifs, doilies, napkins and napkin rings, baby hats and slippers.

Fashion: Florence, MA slippers, hats, collars, speater, baby items, jacket. Elaborate crocheted lace meant to imitate point lace 2 collars, a berthe lace draped over shoulders and chemisette lace draped around neck. A continuation of Book No. Patterns for Victorian crocheted laces intended to imitate bobbin and needle laces. There is a stitch guide at the back of the book that works for all the Riego pattern booklets. Colored plates of simple floral, garden, alphabet and border block patterns, with suggestions for materials and use.

Dozens of crocheted laces of all difficulty levels, and many of them are unusual and beautiful. Also filet charts, Irish Crochet motifs, and patterns for crocheting with manufactured braids and rickracks. Illustration plates no instructions for lace edgings, squares, doilies. The plates are clear enough that experienced crocheters will be able to figure out the stitch patterns.

This is a must-have for crocheters who want to learn how to make Irish crochet lace. Excellent instructions, patterns for a wide variety of flower, fruit and leaf motifs, a few grounds and edgings, instructions for hats, collars, cuffs, yoke, jabot, opera bag, edgings, doily. Excellent advice on filet crochet, directions for pillows, doilies, edgings, bedspreads.

Many charts, including peacocks, heraldic dragons and lions, hunting and mythological scenes, alphabets. Roaring Twenties fashion that is still modern and wearable. Sweaters, dresses, hats, scarves, baby items, with some color illustrations. Crochet stitch instructions, including more complicated stitches such as roll stitch and star stitch. Advertising insert that contains several good beading instructions for bags and necklaces. It was scattered through and glued into my copy of Priscilla Crochet Book Edgings and Insertions by the bookseller, who ran a yarn and bead shop near Boston Common.

Simple flowers, wreaths, sprays and borders, with discussion of their use. Last plate in collection animals is missing. Illustration plate of five crocheted items without instructions. Shows two doilies, one all-over design of joined motifs, and two edgings. Highly popular needlework book in its time, and reprinted by at least three different publishers since. Enormous variety of crocheted edgings, some using manufactured braid; most are not difficult to crochet. One of the classics of Irish Crochet lace.

Parts of this book have been reprinted by several publishers. These scans are from the original, with all the chapters, plates and linen patterns. Augusta, Maine: Needlecraft Publishing, , 26 pgs [some advertising pages omitted]. Wartime era patterns, baking recipes, and general needlework advice: crocheted runner and doily, edgings, hot-dish mats, filet crochet patterns , embroidered doilies, knitted bedspread, knitted bag, crocheted filet spider yoke, fashion pages, and many ads, including needlework tools and supplies. Photographed catalog of embroidered items for which patterns could be ordered no actual patterns included , and items that could be bought pre-stitched.

Baby caps bibs, and layette items, plus baby, toddler, and childs' dresses, nightgowns, and blouses, and organizing bags; lingerie for girls and women; table linens and napkins, doilies, dresser scarfs, curtains, laundry bags, bedroom sets, and other household linens;aprons, blouses and collars; parasol, sachets and other small gifts. Some stitching instructions and description of contemporary threads and fabrics.

An enormous and wonderful book, essential for understanding late Victorian needlework. Classic work on late Tudor, Stuart, and Jacobean embroidery late 16th and 17th century , with detailed black and white plates plus a few in color showing form, identification, and direction of stitches, all drawn from extant examples. Covers scrolling leaves and florals, typical mounded terrain grounds inhabited by animals and plants, plus birds, beasts, and insects. Only caveat is that the sources are not named. Illustrated instructions on how to tat, over a dozen original edging patterns, a butterfly motif, doilies, collars, yokes, a tatted bag, and tatted baby dress and hat.

Victorian-style designs, including cherubs and church patterns, for embroidered net, with netting and stitch instructions. Large charts, good for filet crochet and cross-stitch, are in the second pdf file. Clear illustrations of the special embroidery stitches, many of which create spaces between the fabric threads to create a lace. Plates show traditional patterns, including church motifs. French language manual for Teneriffe lace, a needle lace worked on foundations wrapped on round or bar-shaped forms, then overstitched.

Inclues unusual scalloped forms. Embroidered net designs - squares, medallions, heraldic, hunting, classical motifs. Wonderful mythic creatures. The plates are clear enough to use for cross-stitch, filet crochet, etc. Cross-stitch charts for alphabets, monograms, borders, and a wonderful transportation scene. Clear illustrations of the special embroidery stitches and illustration plates of intricate abstract designs. Illustrations of but extremely brief instructions for 16 crocheted yokes, originally meant for nightgowns and lingerie. Applied to a cotton or linen T-shirt type body, these would make nice summer camisole type tops today.

Instructions and charts for filet crochet doilies, table linens, pillow covers, placemats and centerpieces; Emblem of Freedom Symbol of Roosevelt's Depression-era recovery effort ; rooster, cornucopia, edgings, and a collar. Basic technique diagrams, simple edgings and motifs. Excellent instructions on preparing and couching the lace patterns, which are then covered with fine buttonhole stitches, and Reticella, using pre-made braids. The patterns in back are on special soft black paper with white tracings. Collar and cuffs, lappet headdress, antimacassar, insertions, edgings, some easy, some complex, all lovely.

The tatting pages only - star motifs in colored silk or cotton, for sleeves, collars and doilies. Intricate patterns for a parasol cover, an antimacassar, edgings, insertions and bonnet or doily. Complete instructions on how to do filet crochet, with simple and lovely patterns and a few filet charts. Directions for drawn thread embroidery - exquisite lace. Slav, Italian, Reticella openwork, Spanish openwork, cut stitch designs, and a ground with rosettes resembling Teneriffe. Colored cross stitch charts - charming alphabets, borders and stylized flowers to embroider. Lavish laces for piano and library scarves, collars, pillows, doilies, lingerie.

Charming aprons, boudoir caps, curtains, pillows, rag rug, doilies, napkin rings, and a "Monkey Face Portier". Knitting and crochet instructions, hook sizing graph, patterns for babies, hats, shawls, vests, mittens, gloves, stockings, blankets and a fabulous tea cozy. Delicate and lovely art nouveau filet and irish crochet patterns, along with practical advice on working and applying the laces. Needle laces made with manufactured tapes and braids many no longer available that work up quickly to stunning results.

The linen patterns tracing patterns can also be used by Battenberg and Romanian Point lacemakers. One of the oldest American booklets with crochet patterns - interesting insights on clothing and color tastes of the 's. Fashion: Philadelphia Carriage shoes, muffatees, bags, stockings, garters, cephaline, cuffs, night caps. Some of the sweaters are surprisingly modern. Charts for filet crochet, beadwork, darned netting, cross-stitch, etc. Basic crochet instructions and filet crochet floral charts for yokes, insertions, edgings, collars and corners.

Embroidery stitch and fringing instructions some complex , an essay on the silk industry, a list of college colors, transfer patterns for alphabets, floral designs with instructions and astonishingly beautiful colored plates. Also drawn thread instructions, crocheting and knitting instructions and patterns for edgings, baby items, bags, slippers, caps, undershirts, mittens, and hose. An astonishing and rare book, with instructions, charts, embroidery templates, flower drying, interior decor and other crafts. By the various methods of dry and web Stamping, including the kind for Plushes, Velvets, etc.

Lovely silk embroidery; many stitches illustrated and described for shaded flowers and garlands, monograms, and a quaint rabbit. War relief knitting patterns for walking cast toe sock, adult and child sweaters, cap for bandaged head, simple afghan, gloves, muffler, socks. Embroidery plates that had been removed from a very early Dutch needlework magazine. Fabulous embroidery chart of a hunting poodle. Clear illustrations of simple embroidery stitches that quickly progress to patterns of dazzling complexity.

Charts for alphabets, borders, monograms, and wonderful scenes of bicycles, boats, trains, motor car and balloons. Dozens of different cross stitches collected from many parts of the world, beautifully illustrated, with some needle lace stitches for joinings, edges and tassels, plus 39 colored plates. The centerfold patterns are reproduced full size in the last pdf file. Flat-stitch embroidery plates and pattern outlines for graceful floral and formal pieces. Dazzling stylized tapestry or cross stitch designs - charts for cushion, bag, chair back.

Charted designs for darning on net filet ; also suitable for cross-stitch, voided work, and filet crochet. Mythical beasts, knights and ladies, musical instruments, cherubs, geometric and floral borders, allegorical figures, and more. Many designs are adapted from older examples, but no sources are cited. Thorough explanations on the construction of knitted stockings, along with fancy patterns for sweaters, blankets, trimmings and baby items.

Filet charts for crochet, beading, embroidery on net, etc.. Formal and floral designs, birds, mythical creatures, church motifs, Japanese inspired scenes, in edgings, large squares for centerpieces. Cross stitch and filet instructions in vol. Cross stitch patterns for art deco alphabets, fields, borders, animals and sceneries, including wonderful insects, fish and birds. Silk knitted lace edgings, insertions, socks and stockings and baby booties, mittens, fancy knitting patterns, a fringed silk lampshade.

Crochet and tatting yoke, dresser set, candle shade, baskets, Irish Lace Collar, bags, doilies, charming curtain pulls. Pattern treasury of crochet edgings and corners. Prose directions and photographed examples.

Kitchen and Dining

Cross stitch and other embroidery charts for traditional and art deco alphabets. Art deco cross stitch charts of stylized floral borders and corners, alphabets and a wonderful steamship. Italian language release of DMC freehand-drawn surface embroidery collection. Stitch direction, plus full color photographs of borders, insertions, corners, all-over designs. Some in metallic threads. Line drawings of all photographed designs are included. Italian language collection of charted designs intended for filet darned net ; some are suitable for cross-stitch, filet crochet, and voided work Assisi embroidery.

Some photographs of finished items or use suggestions. Framingham Massachusetts, Dennison Mfg Co. Instructions for making 28 flowers. Useful little book that lists dozens of flowers with descriptions and their accepted sentiment of the time. Instructions for making a dozen flowers.

Sixteen cross stitch alphabet patterns for monograms in a wide variety of typefaces, and some Greek and classical borders. Detailed embroidery stitch instructions, exquisite color plates. Leaves, flowers, borders, fruit, fish, birds, animals, doilies, baby items, collars, cuffs, bags, and crocheted ties, suspenders and bedroom slippers. More embroidery instructions, including smocking, eyelet and netting. Stunning patterns and plates for fruit, flowers, birds, dolphins, butterflies, fish, for doilies, bags, including a woven bag, crocheted tango girdle, and tatted cushion top and bags.

Delicate lace yokes, interesting stitches, filet patterns, and embroidery over filet. Charted design grouping including a center and four corners, probably intended for use as insertions on a tablecloth in filet darned net , or filet crochet. Mythical beast and cherub motifs.

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Can also be used for cross-stitch. Engraved illustrations of crochet edgings and squares. Detailed enough for advanced crocheters to use as patterns. No directions. Tatting instructions, patterns for edgings, beadings, medallions, doilies, yokes, baby caps, and descriptions of tatting stitches such as: Cluny tatting, Lattice-Stitch Tatting, Roll Tatting. Complete tatting instructions, with some complex techniques. Patterns for edgings, insertions, medallions, yokes, doilies, collars, cuffs, baby caps and trimmings.

Excellent description and instructions for Hardanger embroidery, with illustrations and plates - squares, edgings and inserts. Large single page with embroidery patterns - lovely stylized floral spray and ivy wreath. Freehand drawn designs for surface embroidery - delicately rendered flowers, borders, mythical scenes, childrens' themes. Collars, edgings, borders, alphabets, includes a few designs for Broderie anglaise whitework with eyelets. More lovely "Venetian" crochet motifs flowers, birds, leaves and patterns for collars, bags, elaborate edgings, pillows,.

Stunning "Venetian" crochet motifs flowers, birds, baskets, leaves and patterns for collars, table linens, elaborate edgings, fringes. Knitting patterns, netting, crochet instructions and patterns. Many beautiful bags. Charted patterns for heavily embroidered panels and bags, and some examples of Serbian jewelry. Crocheted lingerie yokes and boudoir caps. Prose directions, but large, clear photographs accompany all items. Some filet crochet no charts.

Treasury of crocheted edgings, doilies, lingerie yokes, and medallions. Some edgings are intended for thread crochet handkerchiefs. Crochet instructions for nightgown and lingerie yokes and collars, some showing how they are applied to make up the final garment. Stitches used in the projects are separately illustrated.

Would make nice summer camisole type tops today. Traditional lacy knit shawls and wraps using lace-weight yarns. Circular, square and triangular forms, most with edgings. Some crocheted designs, too. How-to tatting instructions and lovely patterns for motifs, edgings, baby bonnets, bag, doilies, collars, cuffs. Basic knitting and crocheting instructions, and a wide variety of patterns for sweaters and accessories, some for full figures, many of which are surprisingly modern. Also baby and children and men's patterns.

The hats are fabulous. Crochet pattern for round seven-sided doily with deeply scalloped edge. Prose instructions, US terms. Crochet pattern for triangle-shaped pineapple design chair back with matching armrest protectors. Prose instructions, clear detail photograph. US terms. Crochet pattern for round six-wedge doily in filet crochet, featuring daffodils. Prose instructions, no chart for motif, US terms. Crochet pattern for simple lacy round doily using only chain and triple crochet stitches. Crochet pattern for square motif with center pinwheel.

Multiples can be joined to make table linens.

Crochet Traditions 2012 Fall

Square crocheted motif with combination pineapple and spider web for scarves, bedspreads, etc. Crochet pattern for round doily with a center star. Large and small doily described. Prose instructions, clear detail photograph, US terms. Crochet pattern for round doily with a leaf motif, worked in two colors.

Leaves are made individually then sewn together. Prose instructions, detail photo and assembly diagram. Charming set of embroidery patterns of scenes of traditional fables, with instructions. In French, with much supplemental information in English added by the editor see notes at the back of the book. Huge collection of embroidery, crochet and knitting patterns for silk threads and yarns, including descriptions of the thread itself, hundreds of stitches and types of needlework, and beautiful illustrations.

Socks, mittens, motifs, chains, edgings, bags, ties, bags, belts, tassels, fan, slippers, lamp shade, garter, suspenders, embroidered flowers. Silk knitting, crocheting, embroidery instructions and patterns for women's, men's and baby clothing, household items and many bags and purses.

Instructions in Silk Embroidery, Knitting and Crocheting, Illustrated with cuts, half tones and color plates. Full color plates showing shading, detailed diagrams of stitch direction and formation, written instructions, inclduing lists of thread colors used. Also instructions for Mount Mellick table spread with a knotted fringe trim, a shirtwaist in surface stitched whitework, and freehand designs for shirtwaist and lingerie embroidered edgings, designs for gown embellishment, embroidery for parasols, lampshades, and several cushions.

Crochet instructions plus patterns for necktie, purse, suspenders, and a small pinwheel intended to make up bedspreads and table linens. Silk knitting patterns for mittens, purses and bags, stockings, edgings, fancy stitches. Instructions for fringed silk lampshade, patterns for crocheted beaded purses, bottle cover. I Soorten Van Vrouvelijke Handwerken. Part of an issue of possibly the first women's craft magazines,with instructions and beautiful illustrations. Directions for a fabric basket, ribbonwork, a lamp doily, wrist mufflers, and working in hair.

Four charted patterns for ornate, embellished monogram alphabets. Suitable for cross stitch, filet darned net or filet crochet. Charted patterns in two colors for monogram and marking alphabets. Includes serif and script, plus some examples of two-letter monograms. Suitable for cross-stitch, needlepoint. Sewing and embroidery instructions for children's clothes, ladies' lingerie and household linens, with tracing patterns and cross stitch charts.

Diagrams in black and white, but imply multiple colors. Stitch direction and type shown. Can be adapted for pattern darning, cross-stitch, voided work Assisi embroidery , beadwork, and other graph-reliant styles. Second book of a series. Twelve various needlework projects, each in a separate set of leaves. This is the French edition.

Complete tatting, netting and needlelace instructions with dozens of lace patterns. Collars, doilies, baby caps, booties, filet patterns, yokes, edgings, insertions, bags. My Book No. Crochet directions for fifteen yokes for camisoles, nightgowns and corset covers.

Ravelry: Pineapple Luncheon Set # pattern by The Spool Cotton Company

All based on filet or cluster stitches, some with laced ribbon inclusions. Brief directions in prose, but clear photos of all items accompany. Duplicate in box Tatting instructins, edgings, insertions, medallions, collars, yokes, baby cap, alphabet. Includes baby bonnet with tatting applied over net, and tatting applied to rickrack trim. Patterns are intermediate to advanced in skill.

Crocheted knitted, and embroidered baby, men's, girl's, household items for holiday gifts. Crochet and tatting directions for lingerie yokes, plus tatting instructions for collars, handkerchief and towel edgings. Some of the yokes and collars include store-bought fancy braid trim. Panels, edgings, insertions - some nice ones with animals and people, doilies, yokes, and an alphabet chart.

Yokes, table runner, boudoir cap, slippers, doilies, fringed edgings, and some unusual crocheted flowers. Crochet directions for lingerie, nightgown, corset cover and camisole yokes, also some in tatting. A particularly nice collection with many designs with sleeves or shoulder straps that could be easily adapted to modern summer tops. Some hairpin crochet. Filet, tasseled edgings, slippers, doilies, edgings, motifs, cross-stitch embroidery, bags, baby blanket, tennis belt, nut baskets, baby rattle, marine sofa pillow, baby bonnet, alphabet chart.

Crocheted edgings, medallions, for some lovely doilies and library scarves. Crocheted shawls, baby items, yokes, collars, edgings, pillows. Knitted child's items, tatted doilies. Venetian cutwork, tatted collars, doilies, bags, insertions, edgings. Maltese hairpin lace instructions and patterns for boudoir caps and yokes and collars. Manufacturer's sample book of embroidery and beading patterns - corners, borders, ornaments, aprons, chemises, bags, pincushions, monograms, etc.

Huge collection of 19th century American design. Color photographs of floral and geometric borders and motifs. Most are intended for counted thread embroidery. No charts. Filet edgings and insertions with instructions - formal and floral designs, an unusual seafood table linen pattern with lobsters and crabs, butterfly and bee insertions, birds, animals, alphabets, japanese motifs. Delicate lacet, filet, Torchon, Cluny , hairpin lace, and other crochet stitches for negligees, boudoir caps, and bedroom table items.

Yokes, edgings and bedroom caps, baby caps, tray cloth, monograms, cluny lace doilies. The filet patterns include a large butterfly, a peacock and patterns for Elk Lodge, Modern Woodmen of America, Shriners. Crocheted yokes and caps, "Grecian", Billie Burke", filet charts, Cluny scarf edging, doilies. Pretty crocheted yokes, corset covers, boudoir caps, brassiere, doilies, buffet scarf.

Edgings, insertions, and squares for doilies, curtains, bedspreads, napkins and household items. Crocheted table linens, doilies, filet charts, chair backs, baby bonnets and booties, edgings, medallions and insertions. Beautiful bedspread motifs, filet patterns, baby blankets, leaf and Irish Crochet patterns, cobweb and spider patterns. Some interesting knitting stitches; the embroidery section, particularly the discussion of color taste of the time, is very good. Exquisite crocheted vests, gowns, filet charts, boudoir jacket, yokes, slippers, cap, church laces, shawls, sweaters, table runner and chair back.

Charted patterns for filet crochet insertions and edgings, for use on lingerie, tablecloths, doilies, and edgings. Includes a hippogrif adapted from a 16th century work, a script alphabet, and lots of corner designs, wide and narrow borders, single motifs. Charts can be used for cross-stitch, beading, voided work, and other styles that employ graphed designs. Also squares, doilies, boudoir caps, and a stunning brassiere of crocheted medallions with manufactured braid. Crochet instructions for bedspreads, including squares and strip motifs used as insertions on linen covers, motifs joined together to make all-crochet spreads.

None of the filet style motifs are charted. Instructions for a knitted counterpane made of squares and an edging. Beautiful nightgown yokes, sacques, boudoir caps, bags, corset cover, lamp shades, desk set, table scarfs, pillow, baskets, bedspreads, hats, towels, filet charts, hairpin lace.

Wonderful silk lampshade patterns and instructions, filet charts, medallions, squared, corners. Nightgown yokes, corset covers, Irish Crochet collars and cuffs, boudoir caps, purses, bags, baskets, beautiful Venetian stitch and Cluny lamp shades, doilies and table linens, edgings, pillows, baby booties and bib. Filet lace for collars, inserts, edgings, table cloths, etc.

Traditional, floral, fruit bird, Colonial America patterns. Delicate crocheted blouse, edgings, doilies, insertions, yokes, Irish Crochet, bags, hats, slippers, men's ties, and a lampshade. Filet charts, including church lace and alphabets. Tatted edgings, motifs, doilies. Knit silk sweaters. Crochet and knitting patterns for edgings, table and bed linens, doilies, tablecloths, filet charts, yokes, baby bonnets, knit sweater collar, cuffs, curtains, Irish Crochet motifs, doll's sweater, bedspreads. Instructions for embroidery and needle lace stitches, and plates illustrating geometric borders, grounds, linens, fringed edgings, pillows, collars, apron, bags, blouses.

Enormous and beautiful needlework catalog, a wonderful reference for early 20thC needlework, with many illustrations. Crochet Patterns, Gittertyl Filet and Hardanger. Includes a large number of layouts for point and Battenberg lace with detailed drawings of the fillings frames, cushion tops, collars, lingerie designs, insertions, and borders , white cutwork aka Roman Embroidery , Florentine cutwork with needle lace fillings, instructions for surface embroidery stitches, designs for freehand and Art Needlework pieces mostly doilies, handkerchiefs, cusions, and table linens , college photo frames for Harvard, Vassar, and Yale.

Layouts for braid or cord applique soutache. Charted multicolor design for a rectangular motif possibly intended as a kneeler, small rug, or piano bench cushion. Geometric floral with a hint of Orientalism. Suitable for Berlin woolwork, needlepoint, cross-stitch, or beading. Handpainted original is accompanied by modern chart. Quarter tapestry design, handpainted on cream cardboard. Main color red, with a large medaillon. Red medaillions in rectangles, main colors red, garnet, blue.

Quart tapestry design, handpainted on cream cardboard. Original condition very bad, but fortunately it could be restored. Middle East influence in the design. Vingtieme Annee, ca. Five designs for embroidered purses of various shapes. Suitable for cross-stitch, tapisserie. Square embroidery pattern of flowers and leaves, in the center a small dragon figure. Pale cream carton, single leaf, pattern in five colors, allover pattern of red coral.

Edge design in red, black, green, blue, cream with gold highlights, and a slipper top in the same colors. Embroidery pattern of a stippled slipper with a purple bow embroidered on it, the golden buckle done in gold colored beads. Small errors in the original pattern corrected in the chart. Large square multicolor charted design with center knot, presented both in the original and modern re-charted formats. Suitable for needlepoint, Berlin woolwork, cross-stitch or beading. Large round muticolor charted design featuring lotus flowers, presented both in the original and modern re-charted formats.

Purse and border pattern in geometric style. Lithographed pattern published as attachment for the Journal des Demoiselles. Suitable for needlepoint, Berlin woolwork, cross-stitch, or beading. Probably Magasin des Dames et des Demoiselles. A vertical repeating border of carnations, 80 stitches wide. The repeat is stitches high.

Hand painted multicolor charted design for Berlin woolwork, cross-stitch, or beading. One quarter of a square, with corner, possibly intended for stitching a cushion. Includes modern recharting, and a mock-up of the full four unit design. Lithographed multicolor charted design depicting a Miniature Pinscher dog on a red brocade cusion. Intended for Berlin woolork, cross-stitch, or beading. Magasin des Demoiselles, Paris, rue Lafitte Imp Delamaire et Sarazin, r. Git-la-Coeur 8, Paris.

Three patterns on one sheet, main one is 1, bottom left is 2, bottom right is 3. The bottom left and right patterns have been extended to fill the available space, rather than showing just a small pattern repeat in the corner. Dresser cover, "Love Bird" pillow and sofa cover, work bag, altar cloth edgings, tea cozy, cake cover. Single sheet of embroidery tracing patterns for church vestments and altar cloths. French language booklet illustrating designs for counted thread, pattern darning, and canvaswork embroidery.

Geometric motifs, borders, and all-over designs in multiple colors. No charts, but photos are clear enough to work from. Some Florentine canvaswork flame stitch suitable for needlepoint. Bulgarian embroidery - dozens of illustratios of brilliant borders and fields, with instructions for materials and thread colors and illustration of unusual stitches. Filet illustrations for squares, medallions, edgings, - geometric and classical designs, with photographs of their use as inserts in household linens. Plates of embroidery on filet clear enough to stitch from, also could be used for cross stitch or filet crochet work.

Borders, scenes from Aesop's Fables, animal and mythological motifs, quaint and exotic scenes. French language instruction for basic plain sewing, embroidery, and mending. Includes illustrations of stitches, plus a simple graphed alphabet for marking household linens in cross-stitch.

Single plate illustration of two strip designs one with optional border , for goldwork or metal embroidery. Embroidery designs for church vestments and alter linens, with instructions, plates showing the embroidery and some tracing patterns. Cross stitch charts and embroidery tracing patterns - beautiful art nouveau designs of alphabets, borders, flowers, animals and rural scenes. Multicolor charted designs for monograms including one charted on the bias , plus all-over designs, borders, folk art flowers and geometrics, a rocking horse, marionettes, quaint folk figures, and a sweet spider.

Intended for cross-stitch. First book of a series. Charted multicolor designs, including alphabets, monograms, all-over grounds, borders, square and diamond motifs, stylized folk art flowers, charming scenes of village life; Some designs incorporate straight stitches in addition to block units. Intended for cross-stitch, some designs can be adapted for needlepoint or Berlin woolwork.

Colorful Bosnian, Herzegovine, Dalmation, and Montenegro embroidery. Stitch instructions and materials, and color plates. A wide variety of stylized floral, bird and abstract designs in gorgeous colors, with tracing patterns at the back of the book for pricking the designs onto cloth. Instructions for pulled thread embroidery stitches, and illustrations and patterns for linens, girls' and ladies' lingerie, baby items.

Instructions for pulled thread embroidery stitches, and illustrations and patterns for linens, girls' and ladies' lingerie and clothing, baby items, church vestments. French language instruction for monogramming linen and lingerie, includes lessons on composition and placement, plus 9 pages of freehand drawn monograms for surface embroidery, and 7 pages of charted alphabets for cross-stitch. Very Art Deco in style. Instructions for pulled thread embroidery stitches, and illustrations and patterns for lingerie and linens. Embroidery for household linens and clothing - illustrations and some large tracing patterns at the back of the book.

Instructions and illustrations for flatstitch embroidery, with many charted patterns for curtains, pillows, tablecloths, aprons, bags, belts, child and baby clothes. Instructions for pulled thread embroidery stitches and illustrations for household linens. Instructions and illustrations of many embroidery stitches, lavish color plates illustrating the designs, and tracing patterns at the back of the book for pricking the patterns onto cloth. Tatting instructions and patterns for borders, insertions, flowers, baby cap and booties, collars, doilies, bags, jabots. Instructions for pulled thread embroidery stitches, and illustrations and patterns for lingerie, linens.

French language introductory knitting techique instruction: basic stitches, turning heels, finishing toes; textured and lacy knitting stitches; simple square and round motifs for doilies or blankets; and a border.

revolutionary, one-of-a-kind seamless

Three pages of charted designs in two colors: one serif alphabet, one script alphabet, numbers, plus a simple songbird on a branch, and about a dozen simple borders. Suitable for cross-stitch, filet darned net , or filet crochet. Instructions for making net, and the stitches to embroider over it, to make elaborate squares and borders. Plates with bird, flower and geometric designs. French language instructions for Guipre needle lace embroidery on large mesh knotted net, including working methods for stitches and fills, plus photos of grounds, borders some with corners and small motifs.

Forming picots, and a round lacy motif; simple rectangular piece with granny-style deep edging. Prose directions for crocheted edgings, insertions, corners, and embellishments for bed and table linens and towels; many edgings and decorative trims, some in filet crochet, some using multiple colors. German language collection of classic cross-stitch designs, many drawn from museum examples.

Use of multiple colors is shown in gray scale. Floral and geometric folk borders some with corners , insertions, and stand-alone motifs, edgings, vertical embellishments, all-over designs. Presented as drawings, not as charts, but clear enough to stitch from. Colorful Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian embroidery. A wide variety of mostly geometric or stylized floral designs in gorgeous colors, with tracing patterns at the back of the book for pricking the designs onto cloth.

Instructions for pulled thread embroidery stitches, and illustrations and patterns for lingerie, linens, baby clothes. Includes corners and side motifs that can be combined to make up pieces ov various sizes. Crochet insturctions for yokes and insertions intended for blouses, nightgowns, corset covers and other lingerie. Some are particularly large and elaborate, beyond simple borders with shoulder straps. Many in filet crochet. Astrological and mythological motifs, Louis IV era designs, playing card designs, borders, floral motifs.

Instructions for the embroidery and needle lace stitches, and plates illustrating geometric borders, grounds, linens, fringed edgings, pillows, collars, apron, bags, blouses. Instructions for the embroidery and needle lace stitches, and plates illustrating geometric borders, grounds, fringed and knotted edgings, pillows, bags and an apron. Instructions and illustrations for stitching manufactured braid in elaborate patterns onto fabric, with many illustrations and tracing patterns. Beautiful art nouveau design. French language instruction for Colbert Embrodery - an 19th century voided style characterized by a detailed geometric stitched background ocasionally worked in multicolor plus a heavily outlined free-form usually floral mostly unworked foreground.

Includes 6 examples two all-over desings, and four squares plus close-ups to show working detail. Multicolor designs for counted thread embroidery not cross-stitch , including florals, all-over grounds, medallions, borders some with corners and rectagular pieces. Style is very much pre WWII modernist.

Works are shown as photos of stitching, not graphs. Collection of freehand drawn designs for surface embroidery, some inspired by historical sources sources not cited , florals, birds, borders, motifs, all-overs. A few carry stitch direction suggestions or other working suggestions. Suitable for whitework or multicolor embroidery. Multicolor charted pattern with a scrolling border, and a roses and anemones border or spot motif. Suitable for Berlin woolwork, needlepoint or cross-stitch.

Multicolor charted pattern for a formal rectangle, with an Art Deco feel. Suitable for Berlin woolwork, needlepoiint, cross-stitch, or beading. Illustrations and tracing patterns for a wide variety of embroidery and needlelace for household linens. Some of the bird, butterfly, and exotic scene designs are wonderful. Cross-stitch scenes, figures, corners and borders, including some terrific chickens. Photographs of filet darned net lace, many detailed enough to work from.

Designs can be adapted to filet crochet or cross-stitch. Examples include borders, corners, round, rectangular and square pieces with mythical beasts, classical ornaments, and flowers. Four panels of kings and queens with heraldic identification. Nymphs, cherubs, four seasons set, adorable small motifs of birds, animals, and insects. Charts for filet darned net lace. Includes very large pieces plus corners to make up showpiece table linens or curtains.

Elaborate borders, insertions, corners, with some classical elements, some Chinoiserie. Panels for door and window curtains, bedspreads. Many but not all of the plates are detailed enough to work from. Designs can be adapted for filet crochet, and cross-stitch. Silk embroidery, needlepoint lace, knitting, crochet patterns for household items and clothing accessories. Crocheted lace lamp shades, baskets, lingerie, children and baby items, household laces. Crochet instructions from famous designer, Anne Orr. Freestanding baskets and candy dishes; filet crochet charts for table linens and napkins, including corners, insertions, borders some with corners , round and square doilies and centerpieces.

Grape centerpiece in highly embossed crochet; round and oval doilies in other styles of crochet, including ones that resemble tatting. Chair tidies antimacassars , borders, and trims. Book No. Prose knitting instructions for lacy doilies and motifs, both in the round and square, mats, tablecloths, bedspreads, curtains, and more. Some coordinating borders.

Several are small units assembled into larger items, or used as insertions with cloth pieces, Very few of these designs are available in other collections. Prose instructions for crocheted edgings and strips, Some suitable to edge round cloths or collars. Some incorporate braid or rickrack, many are scalloped and quite lacy. A few in filet crochet including a mouse, a corner insertion for a tablecloth of a rose. Italian language manual on smocking.

Includes photographed how-to, representative smocking designs, and a group of girls' dresses and blouses infant to pre-teen showing how to use them. Italian language treasury of 25 knitting stitches. Includes texture, and lacy knitting, and cables. Prose instructions. Collection of charted designs for cross-stitch. Includes borders, nursery motifs, alphabets for monograms, names, and samplers; devitional motifs; children at play, soldiers and an airplane, and traditional folk motifs. Color possibilities suggested by grayscale. French language fashion plates with descriptions for summer womens' collection p[ossibly from the early s, Includes a few pages of childrens' wear, some notes on knitting an dknitting stitch patterns, and a photo of knitted accessories with a descriptin oin English.

Italian language catalog of charted designs for darned net filet, lacis or filet crochet also cross-stitch. Some of the designs are printed large enough to work from, but most are shown too too small to be useful without dedicated, interpretive redrafting. Fashion catalog pages, wonderful drawings of mid-century corsetry and clothing construction.

  • The Ultimate Chipper Jones Fun Fact And Trivia Book.
  • A Maui Wedding - Alice in Wonderland.
  • Breaking Point: The Elesin Vollan Story;
  • Carnage, constellation (Folio Policier) (French Edition).

A single filet square, geometric border around a rose. From an Army-Navy tablecloth, filet squares in a chessboard pattern, the other squares embroidered in whitework in a similar pattern. Chart only. Charted design for a square motif featuring pineapples, intended for filet darned net and to be inserted in a tablecloth. Can also be used for filet crochet or cross stitch. How to do Hardanger, from simple patterns to exquisite complex designs, and many unusual cross-stitch charts. Gorgeous early 20th C design in Irish Crochet, "plain crochet", filet crochet.

Household linens, collars, baby hats, slippers. Lavish laces for household and clothing, some unusual, includes new Irish Crochet motifs and filet charts an ostrich! Interesting combinations of needlecrafts. Baby items. Redacted collection of crochet patterns for doilies and antimacassars chair protectors. Original lithographs showing the finished product are accompanied by the design translated into modern crochet terminology. Exquisite lingerie laces; including an unusual grape and leaves motif in Richelieu Crochet. Four charted alphabets intended for cross-stitch. Two are very large and ornate, two smaller.

Collection of prose patterns for crochet and tatting, includes baby layette, filet crochet heraldic medallions for insertion into door curtains, yokes for chiledren's and women's clothing, filet insertion for bolster cushion, child's hat and collar, corset cover, octagonal box with Chinoiserie motif. Tatting instruction sinclude edgings for luncheon set and towels, lingerie trim and yoke, pillow and bedding items, collars, and insertions and edgings for tea cloths.

A collection of single sheet Berlin work embroidery plates by a variety of artists. Tapestry stitch panels - heraldic lion and griffen, and two formal classical patterns. Catalogue of quilt patterns, hundreds of drawings the pattern shapes, embroidery stitches, and ads. Wonderful early quilt reference. Collection of classic blocks for pieced patchwork quilt tops. No instructions for cutting, assembly, or piecing. Carefully researched patterns and stitches from museums of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia - lavish flat stitching. Moroccan and Moorish design with a discussion of needlework styles in different regions.

Instructions for the unique stitches, gorgeous color plates, pattern tracings and charts. Cross stitch, flat stitching, ground stitches. Beautiful Norwegian white-on-white openwork, with excellent instructions and patterns ranging from simple embroidery to complex laces. Introduction to plaited and woven reed basket making, includes many basket types, with directions for starting, shaping, making handles, and dyeing materials.

Articles on raffia basketry, Native American basket making; some small raffia hats and novelty items; intro to split basketery, suggestions for raffia on canvas. Excellent instructions for a variety of techniques, with instructions, including flower smocking and Bulgarian smocking, and stitch pattern charts to use as transfers.

Beautiful and unusual large doilies, including several Cluny patterns, a pineapple doily done in roll stitches and a few that use novelty braids. Crocheted lace edgings, insertions, backgrounds for bags, medallions, table linens, doilies, fringes, tassels. Crocheted lace curtains, table scarves, cushions, doilies, edgings, insertions, medallions, collars, bags,.

Assisi work and other Italian embroideries, instructions, illustrations and charts, including a wonderful acorn and dragon pattern. Italian openwork embroidered lace, worked on fine open weave linen, instructions and illustrations. Florentine tapestry embroidery, cross-stitch, Deruta Work, Italian hemstitching. Panels, Towels, Scarfs and Napkins. Early Victorian mittens, baby and children's items, socks, muffatees, fringes, purses and bags, comforters, scarves, shawls, cuffs.

Excellent instructions for making the lace from loosely woven linen with patterns for table linens, cushions, cases, lampshade, collars, etc. Some beautiful designs are shown, but without tracing patterns. Cutwork embroidery projects. Withdrawn thread work includes hemstitching, picots. Gros Venice style cutwork a simpler cousin of Reticella with clear how-to diagrams. Also includes fringes, tassels and knotted passmenterie. Instruction for how to crochet, then tie a compound fringe, for passmenterie use on dresses, bags, blankets, or upholstery.

Cottons Book of Crochet. KP Silk beaded purses and bags, with charts for beaded initials, knit silk mittens, stockings, baby booties, knit fancy stitches and a lamp shade. Colorful laces, including butterfly and flower girl insertions, and drinking glass jackets. Embroidery, needle laces, crocheted and beaded purses and bags, drawn work, fashion. Embroidery, crocheted purses and bags, knitted lace, needle laces with manufactured cord. Basic instructions for crocheting, knitting, tatting and embroidery, excellent for beginners.

Needlecraft Practical Journal No. Prose instruction for crocheting multicolor floral doilies, runners, centerpieces and placemats. One in filet crochet style, others in lacy crochet, some with three-dimensional ruffles, scallops or blossom effects. A few are trims to be applied to fabric centers. Colorful crocheted potholders of funny faces, fruit, simple blocks other fanciful designs.

Square design and an inscribed empty circle, making the design suitable for round and square tables. Short pamphlet meant to be kept in a workbasket, with illustrations and instructions for stitches. A large collection of freehand embroidery designs, circa Includes floral borders and insertionss, wreaths, scallops and edgings for clothing, handkerchiefs, and linens; designs for applied braid or soutache some can be used for Battenberg lace.

LImited number of Russian cross-stitch designs; dogs and cats; sporting motifs. Cross stitch charts - fanciful peacocks, florals, mythologys, ship, castle. This publication also has all of the embroidery patterns included in the Portfolio donated by Sytske Wijnsma, not included in this pdf file. Instructions for 12 beaded purses, plus several wach bands, barcelets, and necklaces. Purses are worked in bead knitting or crochet, some with detailed charts.

Other accessories in loom-woven badwork, or needle-strung, braided, or glued. Full color illustrations of finished items. German language book of needle tatting patterns, plus a separate set of inserts containing directions to make the designs. Insert includes an English key to the symbols and terms used.

Prose directions, some engravings of finished items. Shared by permission of the National Library of Scotland. Scans donated by Martha Ess, edited by Judith Adele. Small booklet of multicolor charted designs, suitable for cross-stitch, Berlin woolwork, or needlepoint. Includes borders, all-over pattern, framed floral still life. Woodworking plans, drawings and elevations of turned legs and other furniture pieces for home builders and furniture makers. Dressmaking instructions for drafting, cutting sewing, and finishing, with special emphasis on layout, cutting, seaming and binding.

All sample projects are house dresses and aprons. From the earlier, much shorter Complete Course of Dressmaking. Materials, trimmings and how to sew them on, patterns, brassieres, chemises, drawers, bloomers, nightgowns, petticoats. Complete layette, materials, trimmings, stitches, pattern making, darts, finishing. Construction methods, collars, cuffs, yokes, sleeves. Cutting, different coat styles and their construction, working with heavier fabric, linings. Clothes etiquette, body types, ages, coloring, color wheel, sewing machines, hand sewing, other equipment. Theatre Arts Monographs No.

Wonderful description of technical requirement of live theater stages and buildings, with photographs and floorplan illustrations. Instructions and crochet terms, vy useful for reading her later books, patterns for collars, cuffs and a wide variety of laces intended to imitate French laces.

Beautiful colored illustrations. Suitable for cross-stitch or needlepoint. Large script, medium size blackletter, and two serif alphabets. Suitable for cross-stitch, needlepoint, or Berlin woolwork. Full sized charted tapestry embroidery pattern for a slipper, with color applied to a part to indicate thread color. Full sized charted tapestry embroidery pattern for a shoe, with applied color strips to indicate thread color. Large charted monochrome design for a formal border with corner. Ribbons and acanthus-like leaves.

Try to stick to only one word, since authors will sometimes use their middle initial, then not, change names, etc.


Trash the blank page when you're done. This will bring up a second window that will give you a behind-the-stage look at my coding along with the entries. There is a search function on source pages. Close the Source page when you're done. Anyone with more information about this publication, or has issues to donate or sell, can contact me through My Contact Page. There's also a small bio and picture of Mrs Venita Martin on page It made me wish women's hats were still in fashion Of course, I'm still missing a lot of early issues There's a really interesting ad for learning "Dichtl Lace" - looks a lot like traditional tape lace There was a tidal change from heavy emphasis on knitting to equal billing between knitting and crochet They riot of primary and other colors, stylized "flower power" designs, exposed flesh, and quirky fashion make these issues a riot to go through Winter Page Count: Notes: You get a splashy two page spread showing off two tatted ornaments by Marion Leyds- but neither of the patterns are actually in the issue.

You have to order one of their leaflets instead. I was too far down the family tree to inherit one by the time he passed away. He was a gentle soul, and I miss him greatly. January Vol. February Vol. September Vol. October Vol. November , Vol. December , Vol. Thread Co. Kazelunas Soft Geometry Cardigan M. Nicks Papier-mache St. Wells of "C.