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This perspective allows the reader to understand not only the origins of the controversy, but also the different perspectives that each age has contributed to the ongoing debate. Whiting discusses the development of legal rights within both western culture and the United States, then applies these developments to the question of the right to die.

In an environment of public debate that features such emotional events as the exploits of Jack Kevorkian, the publication of how to suicide manuals, and the counterattacks of Right to Life groups, the United States is left with very few options. What does it mean today to "think like a lawyer"? Drawing on extensive interviews with men and women attorneys, the authors explore how moral reasoning affects lawyers' understanding of justice and their own role in promoting it.

This examination of personal and institutional imperatives in the legal profession, illustrated with quotations from the lawyers themselves, raises questions that transcend traditional discussions of legal ethics. The authors examine: the relationship between gender and patterns of moral thinking; the ways that personal morality affects public and professional responsibility; the legal system's response to social changes in public ethics and in women's roles.

For example, has the recent influx of women to the legal profession brought moral views that challenge the traditional defining characteristics of a lawyer's job? What happens when a lawyer's personal morality conflicts with the role demands of the profession? In conclusion the authors offer suggestions for constructive changes in legal education and the code of professional ethics to foster morally responsive democracy.

All those concerned with moral reasoning, gender roles, and the evolution of the legal system will find this stimulating and timely reading. The Encyclopedia of Domestic Violence is a modern reference from the leading international scholars in domestic violence research. This ground-breaking project has created the first ever publication of an encyclopedia of domestic violence.

The primary goal of the Encyclopedia is to provide information on a variety of traditional, as well as breakthrough, issues in this complex phenomenon. The coverage of the Encyclopedia is broad and diverse, encompassing the entire life span from infancy to old age. The entries include the traditional research areas, such as battered women, child abuse and dating violence. However, this Encyclopedia is unique in that it includes many under-studied areas of domestic violence, such as ritual abuse-torture within families, domestic violence against women with disabilities, pseudo-family violence and domestic violence within military families.

It is also unique in that it examines cross-cultural perspectives of domestic violence. One of the key special features in this Encyclopedia is the cross-reference section at the end of each entry. This allows the reader the ability to continue their research of a particular topic. This book will be an easy-to-read reference guide on a host of topics, which are alphabetically arranged.

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Precautions have been taken to ensure that the Encyclopedia is not politically slanted; rather, it is hoped that it will serve as a basic guide to better understanding the myriad issues surrounding this labyrinthine topic. Jack R. Fischel is emeritus professor of history at Millersville University in Pennsylvania.

He is presently a visiting professor of the humanities at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania, where he teaches a course on the Holocaust.

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He served for five years as the editor of Congress Monthly, the publication of the American Jewish Congress. This book would have been impossible without the courageous men and women who stepped forward from the ranks of economic hit men and jack als to share their stories; in doing so they took personal risks and were forced to confront the darkest aspects of their lives.

I owe them my deepest gratitude. The second edition of the Historical Dictionary of New Zealand describes the many changes that have taken place during the past decade while building on the solid foundation of the first edition, which already traced New Zealand's long and lively history. The book's introduction gives an overall view of the country, while the chronology plots the path from the earliest settlers to the present. The dictionary includes hundreds of cross-referenced entries on important persons, places, events, and institutions as well as significant political, economic, social, and cultural aspects.

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Show Business Homicides: An Encyclopedia, 1908-2009

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