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But he does tell Belinda to be on guard against the machinations of men. She smiled at everyone equally, and her eyes—bright suns—radiated goodwill. He has resolved to snip off a lock of her hair as the trophy of trophies. Before dawn, before even the sun god Phoebus Apollo arose, the Baron had been planning the theft of a lock of Belinda's hair. To win the favor of the gods, he had lighted an altar fire and, lying face down before it, prayed for success.

After Belinda arrives at Hampton Court with her company of friends, the partygoers play Ombre, a popular card game in which only 40 of the 52 cards are dealt--the eights, nines, and tens are held back. It appears that the Baron will win the game after his knave of diamonds captures her queen of hearts.

However, Belinda yet has hope, even after the Baron plays an ace of hearts: The King unseen Lurk'd in her Hand, and mourn'd his captive Queen. Belinda wins! Clarissa, a lady who fancies the Baron, withdraws scissors from a case and arms him with the weapon.


When he closes in behind Belinda, she bends over her coffee, exposing a magnificent lock. But a thousand sprites come to her aid, using their wings to blow hair over the lock.

Three times they warn her and three times she looks around. But all is for naught. The Baron opens wide his weapon, closes it around the lock, and cuts. With these magical gifts, he means to comfort poor Belinda. First, he empties the bag on her. A gentleman named Sir Plume--prompted by his belle, Thalestris, a friend of Belinda--then roundly scolds the Baron for his grave offense.

But the Baron is unrepentant. Umbriel then empties the vial on Belinda. Grief overcomes her as her eyes half-drown in tears and her head droops upon her bosom. She says: For ever curs'd be this detested Day, Which snatch'd my best, my fav'rite Curl away! Clarissa tries to mollify Belinda in a long speech, but fails. A bit of a melee ensues when Belinda attempts to retrieve her lost lock.

But, alas, when the battle ends, the lock is nowhere to be found.

However, the poem ends on a happy note for Belinda, Pope says, because the trimmed lock of her golden hair has risen to the heavens, there to become a shining star. Epic Conventions Because a mock-epic parodies a classical epic, it uses the same conventions, or formulas, as the classical epic--but usually in a humorous way. Her guardian sylph, Ariel, sees "black omens" that foretell disasters for Belinda even though the waves flow smoothly and the winds blow gently.

Will she stain her dress?

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Lose her honor or her necklace? Forget her prayers?

In Greek mythology, there were nine muses, all sisters, who were believed to inspire poets, historians, flutists, dancers, singers, astronomers, philosophers, and other thinkers and artists. If one wanted to write a great poem, play a musical instrument with bravado, or develop a grand scientific or philosophical theory, he would ask for help from a muse.

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In "The Rape of the Lock," Pope does not invoke a goddess; instead, he invokes his friend, John Caryll spelled CARYL in the poem , who had asked Pope to write a literary work focusing on an event the snipping of a lock of hair that turned the members of two families--the Petres and the Fermors--into bitter enemies. Caryll thought that poking fun at the incident would reconcile the families by showing them how trivial the incident was. Division of the Poem Into Books or Cantos: The traditional epic is long, requiring several days several days of reading.

Dante's Divine Comedy, for example, contains 34 cantos. When printed, the work consists of a book about two inches thick. You can now let your users make reservations through your website and show it all in a beautiful calendar interface using the built-in event management system. You can manage all the customizable aspects of your theme via its advanced theme options panel. And sometimes, your character, himself, is the sacrificial lamb. We were in constant conversation for the time he was here, much less so now.

I miss him a great deal--his can-do intrepidness, his unflappability, and his wit, and of course those great songs. In function its in interface design tool, IE its meant for theming.

Edmund Spenser

Does Your House Have Lions? Caesura: A pause that can come at any place within a line of poetry. It helps in maintaining the poetic rhythm of the line, and may not be indicated typographically at all. On best of that, writer deals TOP-notch aid for consumers and offers you with top documentation and updates to your product. They spent the day puzzling over, looking out, considering, and knowing.