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Several of Dallas's friends are in the same class at school, and there's just Jennifer Grey didn't expect to be writing her nationally syndicated front-page Chicago Day column on her wedding day. But then she didn't expect to still be single at the end of her wedding day either! Minutes before the ceremony, Jennifer disappear Courage sometimes comes in small packages. It begins as a routine missing person case.

The beautiful young woman with the sadness hidden just below the surface seeks the help of the EH Detective Agency in finding her lost love. Perhaps, as the detectives fear, he has left on his own. The A. Natalia and Sergei are alone in a strange country they have chosen to call their own. But the young Russian defectors turn up missing, and, when found, On the occasion of the wedding of a former client, Margo decides she wants a reason to get together with several past acquaintances.

But the reason is not something she bargained for. Earl Haymeyer returns to involve Margo and Philip in the most da Bobby Block has never been one of Jennifer Grey's favorite people. Since he left the Chicago Day, Jennifer has tried more than once to contact him -- to iron out their differences. But Bobby never responds -- or does he? Bobby's latest message to Je Could Courtney, the young woman with the radiant brown hair and the piercing blue eyes, be guilty of murder? Her first husband is in the grave. Her second husband is an insurance investigator who labors to clear her name before turning to the EH D The luxurious blond hair and the green eyes are the softest things about Lindsey, a girl on a mission -- a mission to save her brother from a Kafkaesque nightmare.

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Her core is steely, for she has something to prove. Could her brother have committed Samantha Stanton is thrilled with life. She manages a thriving travel agency, and her marriage is good. Then Jennifer starts to dig. What is going on with the travel age Jennifer Grey's heart belongs to the Chicago Day. Reporting the news of the fast-paced police beat is her first love. Lately, something else has quickened Jennifer's pulse -- the lure of romance. But when the man she loves is arrested, Jennifer ques The tenth of thirteen books in the Margo Mysteries series.

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These suspenseful stories of mystery, romance and intrigue have become favorites of hundreds of thousands of loyal readers. Follow the relationship of Philip and Margo, who meet as young adu Philip and Margo's east coast honeymoon is interrupted by the puzzling -- and frightening -- story of Meaghan, a petite flight attendant for TransCoastal Airlines. The same man has been on her every flight for at least two months, sometimes in disgu Covering the police beat for the Chicago Daily leads Jennifer into a sordid crime scene.

In fact, Jennifer becomes a suspect when first a child is murdered and then the suspected killer is found dead. But the clues just don't seem to fit.

Jerry B. Jenkins

Piece them A terrified young woman seeks the help of Margo when a chain of frightening events occur. Someone has been entering Karlyn's apartment day after day for an unknown reason and leaving subtle hints of the visits -- a closet light left burning, a post We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement.

Jenkins Book Lists Jerry B. Book List: 86 titles. The Valley of Dry Bones. I, Paul. The Kidnapping.

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Shadowed: The Final Judgment. Underground Zealot - 3. Underground Zealot - 2. Three Days in Winter by Jerry B.

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Jenkins is the second Jennifer Grey Mystery. Working the beat for the Chicago Daily has Jennifer stumbling her way into a crime scene. She actually becomes a suspect when a child is murdered and the lead suspect is found dead. Who killed Wyatt Oliver? Read along with Jennifer and figure it out for yourself. Shop Worldwide: Amazon. Hoping to stumble upon a new author or series?

You can click these links and be sent to a random series or a random author. Is our listing on the left missing a book or two? We do our best to get everything listed but the occasional book gets by us. Bradford Family Adventures, Bk.

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