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Zwick Center for Food and Resource Policy. Ian Parry, Roberton C. Morgenstern, Robert N. Stavins, Williams III, Parry Ian W. John K.

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Chavez, Stranlund, John K. Peterman, Soren T. Sallee, Sallee, James M. James M. Kim, Jinwon, Thomas H. Joseph E. Pizer, Aldy, Joseph E. Aldy, Pezzey, John C. Clarke, Harry, Harry Clarke, Kennedy School of Government. Arik Levinson, Barbier, Edward B. West, Sara E. Mansur, Erin T. Thomas A. Weber, Thomas A. Jeffords, Christopher, Christopher Jeffords, Evans, Lehmann, Paul, Pereira, Olivia Ricci, Acceptability of domestic vs. Smith, Steven M. Quantities with fiscal cushioning ," Resource and Energy Economics , Elsevier, vol.

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Handbook of Ethnography

Verhoef, Benjamin Bureau, Montag, Josef, Nordblom, Katarina, Lin, C. Michael L. Janet Currie, Who Will Pay? Audrey Berry, Corbett A. Kolstad, Spencer Banzhaf, Spencer, Stavins, Robert, Sartzetakis, Eftichios S.

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  • Tsigaris, Dworsky, Delucchi, Mark A. Schubert, Stefan Franz, Farrell, Niall, Gemechu, E. Portney, Paul R. Simply put, Emergent Learning is about getting better at getting better by weaving learning into ongoing work. The Structure of the U. Table A. The idea of emergence is also about much coming from little: knowledge that builds little by little until it creates something greater in both quantity and quality than what was there to begin with[3]. Completely new knowledge and capabilities emerge over time as such a practice is applied over and over in the course of confronting day-to-day work challenges.

    What is learned in this way is always pragmatic and contextualized, and therefore of direct value to the enterprise.

    Resting/Spontaneous EEG: Findings and Prospects

    Per a KPMG study on Knowledge Management[4], two of the top reasons why the benefits of knowledge management initiatives fail to meet expectations are: 1 "everyday use [is] not integrated into normal working practice;" and 2 there is a "lack of time to learn or [the] system [is] too complicated. In the U.

    Learning about Emergent Learning, Part 1

    Army, the simplicity of the AAR has allowed its use to spread and take hold, both as a training tool and as a way of "doing business. In reporting on a research project conducted for The Conference Board, Brian Hackett commented that, of all the knowledge management practices that have been implemented, the two that have so far created the greatest impact are the simplest: Communities of Practice[5] and After Action Reviews[6].

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    For 18 of his 30 years in the U. Army, Dr. Jack Beach taught at the U. Over the course of 19 years, the U. Army has turned this simple practice into a key tool for improving performance across all levels of leadership. In intensive one-month rotations, as many as 8, soldiers at once take part in a series of realistic battlefield scenarios, each time using the AAR to extract learning from their experience and apply it to the next day's battle. The AAR, as it is practiced by the U.

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    Army, does not exist in a vacuum. As with all "best" practices, this practice has both an "inside" and an "outside"[7]. The practice itself the part most visible to outside observers is the inside of the practice. At the surface level, the inside of the AAR practice seems straightforward enough--after an event, gather a group with a facilitator and answer a series of questions. However, as the study will describe, the importance of the relationship between a practice and its environment--the "outside" of the practice--is often underestimated by outside observers Sign in to download the full article.

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