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At first glance, you might see a cuddly ant or flower but take a closer look: that ant has gnashing teeth and that flower is full of probing eyes.

Carpenter ants, you say? Painted kitchen floors, I say.

James began making his whimsical soft sculptures in earnest when he came to New York City from Taiwan. He decided to make the move after White Rabbit Gallery in Australia bought several of his pieces. Yet his expectations about the Big Apple did not match the reality. At first the move made James incredibly anxious. His other source of anxiety was the language barrier. James was uncomfortable with English immersion and frustrated that he could not fully express himself. The gnawing feeling he experienced everyday in his new city manifested itself as blue ants with teeth.

In his dreams, James always appeared flying above the ants, unable to control or escape them. He began making felt and poly-fil ants to represent the creatures in his dreams. After all, James is one to push himself. He taught himself to sew just as he taught himself stop-motion animation—a technique he hopes to employ again soon. He wants to activate his smaller sculptures such as he did with his wearable piece, The Wanderer. I have some comment moderation on and of course will approve your comment relatively quickly. We love feedback and hearing what others have to share with us all.

Please know that I can't always reply to it right away, but ALL comments are read. I will reply just as soon as I can so be sure to come back and see my reply. Now, let us hear from you! Update later on the weekend and weed-fabric progress, but until then,. OK, I know this might seem like a strange post and an even stranger thing to say, but I was happy to find these large red ants. Now mind you, these aren't fire ants. These do sting or bite of course, but they aren't really aggressive to you like fire ants are. I used to spend hours watching them go to and from their nest.

I have rarely seen them in Houston, and at the farm, I had never seen them. So during this weekend's unusually good weather, it was nice outside and I just stopped to watch them do their thing and take a few photos. It's fascinating because they are so large and easy to see, you can watch them pick things up and carry them around, follow the same trails, stop to 'communicate' with each other, etc.

It's fun, what can I say? Just another day in the country, watching ants, LOL. Hmm, now that I think about it, is that the same thing as watching paint dry? Labels: Insects. Jane and Chris January 20, at AM. Kirk Dale January 20, at PM. Anonymous January 20, at PM. Anonymous January 21, at AM. Karen Ambrogi January 21, at AM.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Red ants. Would white be too crazy-bright in there? The same gray color as the walls?? Definitely avoid white. So hard to keep clean in the kitchen. We were lucky to have a decent floor, but it was pretty beat up. I went through this same convo about my year old kitchen floor minus the carpenter ants but plus many other bummers.

I ended up hand sanding and polying, but will be tackling my upstairs floors this summer. And maybe cutouts for similar reasons to yours. If they are sound I will stain and poly. If they are not I will paint.

In your situation I would avoid white. Every paw print and every tomato splash will show immediately and drive you nuts. I do a lot of cooking, and the only entrance from the garden is directly into the kitchen. We painted our floors white, including the kitchen.

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It has held up well, but some things do stain and require a bit of sanding- berries, beets, wine are the worst…. Leonora, have you ever tried a Magic Eraser on your floor? I showed them to the husband and he was all for it…until he saw the price. I think the contrast with the furniture, the appliances, the lighting, etc.

And the black floor will ground the space in the same way the black floor does in your bathroom. An idea we were happy to steal for our half bath downstairs, which, with any luck, will be done in two weeks!

this little world the study of ants Manual

Besides, black fixes everything, right? Black or grey! I forgot about what a complete nightmare the white tile in my Washington Heights kitchen was. A agree with Daniel — we had white floorboards and they always looked grubby…. Oh those pictures are so inspiring! I love the idea of shiny black painted floors and how well they complement the black grout in the first picture. Good luck with finishing up everything.

In my opinion black floor would be the best option out of all three for your kitchen, Anna. So I think that would be not so realistic. So the last option is black, and it will give your kitchen the final punch it needs, and push it towards a more modern look, and will go with so many things already present in that space. Any way you choose, i will be looking forward to it..

As someone who lives in a house with the full color spectrum of painted floors, my vote is for black. Ahahahahaha…I like the way you think, Tania. Pine, fir and other softwood flooring is really common! You can even buy reclaimed pine flooring that already looks perfectly imperfect! Of course, it all depends on the style of your house and your furnishings…and your personal taste. Do some searches for photos of pine floors and for Swedish floors as well.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

There are waxes and oils and even soap-based finishes that not only give the floors a more natural, soft look, but that can be touched up if necessary without requiring the entire floor to be refinished. Or you could always paint them, of course! Painted softwood floors are my absolute favorite. I have oak hardwood, natural no stain with a water based semi-gloss polyurethane finish.

I use the Bona Hardwood Refresher once a year to keep the poly in good condition. I love the look of white painted floors in a kitchen and have a million photos of them in my lust folders and now I have more — thanks!

My dreams are crushed! If you really want the white floor, just go for it! When I saw the first photo with the fridge and the sclae on the top, I thought, WOW, Anna got her kitchen done already ;- …….. I would try it out with some large PVC- or even black paper pieces to check it out beforehand. I would love to see you do a post on that more in depth! Poly is all there seems to be at the hardware store, and the idea of a more attractive finish is really interesting.