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Some countries are integrating health and sustainability in national nutrition guidelines, and there is an increasing number of innovative actions to shorten food supply chains and bring together relevant stakeholders. However, more needs to be done.

Additionally, stronger regulatory measures to discourage excessive market consolidation and enable smaller economic actors and innovators to compete and survive are needed. The EU will inevitably need to transform its food system to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by Quali interventi occorrono per preparare i sistemi alimentari europei per il futuro? Fare clic qui per scaricare il nostro report informativo: Verso sistemi alimentari europei sani, sostenibili e inclusivi. I livelli delle MNT sono in aumento e hanno un enorme effetto negativo sia sulle vite dei cittadini, sia sui finanziamenti nel settore della salute.

Why and how Europe’s food systems need to change

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Please be civil and avoid name-calling and ad hominem remarks. Your name. Your email. Friend's name. Friend's email. When greening is reviewed in , it must remain possible to fulfil greening requirements through measures which enable production catch crops, grass under-sowings, legumes, short rotation coppice.

Information for the Media - Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

The different requirements which apply to land strips under ecological focus area EFA should be harmonised. The definition of permanent grassland should be altered, so that taking part in agri-environmental measures, establishing field margins, or setting aside land does not call the existing arable status of the land into question.

Additionally, changing a green fodder crop must be classified as crop rotation on the agricultural holding and interrupt the five-year period. In principle, an alternative must be found to the five-year period, so that farmers are not forced to plough land just because of this deadline. The DBV rejects an additional national transfer of payments from the 1st to the 2nd pillar from Farmers expect the income-generating payment of the 1st pillar to remain stable.

As part of the transition to a digital, geodata-based application system, central and state governments must do all they can to avoid coordination problems when establishing identifying parcels. Famers who have land in more than one federal state cannot be forced to deal with incompatible IT systems.

A cross-federal state aggregation of the digital application systems is needed, as is comprehensive advice about the new system for farmers. The Common Agricultural Policy should enable farmers to have the greatest degree of entrepreneurial freedom possible to develop their holdings within a support framework that avoids or balances out distortion to competition. That includes the fact that when standards are met that go beyond world market level consumer, environment, animal welfare standards , these should be compensated financially 1st pillar.

Additional voluntary public services provided by farmers require attractive remuneration 2nd pillar. Responding to new challenges e. In relation to this, the digitalisation of agriculture also plays an important role. To renationalise the CAP would not be the correct way forward.

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The CAP should respond to emerging challenges and societal concerns such as animal welfare, without neglecting the established goals of the CAP, namely supporting productive agriculture and ensuring a fair standard of living for farmers. The EU agricultural budget must increase in proportion to the overall EU budget, in order to respond to the requirements mentioned above. Greening can stay in the 1st pillar of the CAP.

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  8. It must continue to be possible to implement greening using measures which enable production. As such, the greening measures should be made more flexible for agricultural holdings. Continuation of a single area payment.