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A born witch who'd inherited magic from her dead mother, her powers brought her to Willow, who only realized her true self when she fell in love with Tara. Like her mythological counterpart, Queen Pasiphae was skilled in witchcraft, though thankfully unlike the mythological Pasiphae, she never decided to procreate with a bull. Played with wicked glee by Sarah Parish, she is one of the most intriguing, albeit evil, characters in Atlantis.

Played with a lot of vim by popstrel Selena Gomez, Alex deserves a place at this table for existing for over one hundred episodes and a movie. As old as the hills but, thanks to magic, remarkably well-preserved, Melisandre from Game of Thrones is a lesson in the dangers of religious fundamentalism. Her unfaltering belief in the Lord of Light, and in her own unreliable prophesying abilities, led her to some awful acts. Tall, stern and forbidding, she leaps off the page looking immoveable as a rock.

Salem Saberhagen, Sabrina The Teenage Witch (1990s)

In the s, Sabrina The Teenage Witch was, like its predecessor Bewitched , a classic sitcom with a solid heart. Sabrina herself was at the center of that, and her bubbly personality is what kept the show going through multiple changes in cast and format. Sabrina was not, in truth, the most competent witch in the world — every spell she cast seemed to go horribly wrong, even simple ones. But she was good, and kind, and always ready to try again, and for that we loved her. Its hapless hero? This powerful sorceress was wilier than a fox and played by one.

Greek Mythology God and Goddesses Documentary

Trained in the magical arts, she sought revenge against magic-hating King Uther Pendragon, and came up with numerous plots to kill him and his son Arthur, after fighting her way into Camelot. For much of Buffy the Vampire Slayer , Catherine Madison was the closest the series came to a wicked witch; a lot of Buffy witches are good guys, sometimes the victims of persecution.

Not Catherine, whose horrifying fate trapped in her own trophy and presumably, eventually, blown up with the rest of the school was almost deserved after she went to extreme lengths to relive her cheerleading glory days. Her daughter Amy was a pleasant and well-intentioned person when younger, though years spent as a rat gave her a harder edge as time went on. In season one, this wise woman changed the course of the Seven Kingdoms as we knew it.

The rest, as they say, was seven seasons of convoluted, bloody history. And in the middle of it all, a powerful witch who has yet to master her considerable abilities. Always seems to be having fun too, which is nice to see. Alice was born with potential magical ability thanks to her mother Gothel being a tree nymph. The voice, the wig, the beauty spot, the statement eyebrow, the two inexplicable sidekicks… Grotbags was a whirlwind in witch form. No eighties child was safe.

A broken heart and the corruption of evil Queen Metaria turned Earth sorceress Beryl from Sailor Moon into the leader of the Dark Kingdom, determined to rule the world via the Silver Crystal, with a reincarnated Prince Enymion at her side, and some truly fabulous hair on her head.

See a Problem?

Some truly, truly fabulous hair. The series showed the titular White Queen, Rebecca Ferguson, carrying out occult rituals and ending up on the throne. Witch or no, this woman had power. No celebration of TV witches could go by without including the small screen version of the Wicked Witch of the West. Played by Rebecca Mader in the ABC fairy tale series, Zelena was a child of the Enchanted Forest whose maternal abandonment sparked a bitter rivalry with her half-sister, Regina.

She plots, she murders beloved close relatives, she smirks a lot while looking fabulous. And yet, as the seasons go on and more of her story is told, this cardboard cut-out Evil Queen actually starts to develop, and the Evil Stepmother is shown to be a caring mother and ends up a Good Queen — not bad for someone who could easily have been a by-the-numbers villain.

Much of American Horror Story , as the title suggests, focuses on horrors found lurking in American culture and history, and Coven does this particularly well, drawing on the historical horrors of American slavery to add a touch of real-life chill to its more fantastical horrors. This real, historical horror is embodied in the, chillingly, real-life historical character of Madame LaLaurie, a truly wicked witch whose most horrific acts have nothing to do with witchcraft and everything to do with the inhumanity of one human being to another. Don and Maggie Stark are another example of villains made great by a casting in-joke — they are a married couple played by James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter, thus giving Buffy fans the chance to see Spike and Cordelia as a gloriously bickering twosome.

Casting aside, though, Don and Maggie are interesting in their own right, partly thanks to their sheer power. Sam and Dean Winchester have taken on the Devil himself, but the only way they are able to defeat Don and Maggie is through marriage counselling. How is it possible to sum up the awesomeness of Lafayette in a few words?

Lafayette also possessed a lot of power and was adept at using magic when he needed to. Playacting as a medium, Madam Kall from Penny Dreadfu l hides her true powers in plain sight. Yes, she meets a cruel end, but boy, does she deserve it. Bonnie struggles with her magic at first, but she grows into her powers and becomes a force to be reckoned with. View the discussion thread.

Magical Girlfriend

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Suzanne Brandyn said:. December 17, at am.

Goddess and the Geek. What an enjoyable short read.

Heroes in Greek Mythology

I was on the island with them. Loved it. I laughed at the kick ass woman and what she did to the hero. Lol Great read especially at four in the morning. Thank you. Now I will have to download the other two to see if they measure up. Thanks so much for your feedback, Suzanne. Much appreciated! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.


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Wow, thanx Lou — I never knew that. I have just gone and purchased all three! M X Reply. They all sound fun Louise.