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Also some will be released in English, Spanish, and French for the early linguistic experience. Our picture books are also being released as an application for touch screen technology on ereaders and mobiles. Android Apps-an educational alternative to gaming! Our books are also available as ebooks in PDF which can be read on almost any ereader device including iBooks on iPads, Kindles and Nooks. Submissions postmarked August 1, , or later will be recycled. This is exactly what I said in the article. Easy to navigate list, convenient links to the site pages, and witty commentary.

Thank you for doing some of the legwork for me! So generous of you to share. I can tell lots of work went into making it helpful, but not boring. Nice and comprehensive list for the authors looking for children's book publisher. I would like to add one more name in the list i. Cambridge University Press India. They publish both educational and entertainment books for kids. Great resource. I have a question. My workshop writer, who is published himself, says that while its a courtesy to the publisher to only submit one at a time it ultimately shorts the writer.

I generally ignore bans on simultaneous submissions which are different than multiple submissions.

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Worse case is you get multiple acceptances, and you get to pick who you want. But if one publisher consistently gets back to you in a week or two, you can give them an exclusive. Hi , im new to the scene. Ive written and published one book through a site xlibris, not a great idea in retrospect but its done.. My style is kinda like a dr. Suesse i guess, but far from a copy. I would love if i could speak to you and maybe send you a story even to get some direction. The one thing I am wondering about, is if you need to have someone legally prove it is your story before submitting, I mean, if you have an idea for an invention, you would get it patented before taking it to someone, is it the same for stories?

Also, I would want some of the proceeds to go to a charity in my Mother in laws name if I had a book that was published. Because I am married to a federal law enforcement officer, I am super suspicious and not very confident in people doing the right thing. I always make two copies of what I have written, one that will get submitted and one that I have notarized proving I wrote it and the date, which I will keep. Do you think this is a good idea or should I just be more trusting?

But I also generally counsel writers against doing this. The chances of someone stealing your work are incredibly small, and even if they do so, you have a lot of legal recourses. Technically, your work belongs to you the instant you write it, and emailing it to someone leaves a paper trail so you can prove it.

Hi I go to Library of Congress, Copyright. I finished my chapter book a year ago and have been looking online for a publisher. Will let you know how I get on. By the way, do we need to send some sample illustrations along? Thanks again!! For my book, the illustration is key to understanding the story. Should I bother sending my work to them? Hi, I found your amazing site and absolutely love it!! Thanks for helping us aspiring authors! The author has NO say in how the illustrations should look.

Yes, the reading and the editing happen simultaneously. And the editing includes written feedback about a page as well as editing marks and comments on the manuscript. I have been trying to google different publishers for myself for days. No idea how I missed this gem of a list! Thank you for taking the time to do this. Thank you for the in depth list! I read that Worthy Publishing acquired Ideals Books in Is their submission guidelines the same since the acquisition? It appears they have been acquired by Worthy Publishing and Worthy Publishing does not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

We do ask that authors become familiar with our current publishing program before submitting, though. Can you help? I can also give you advice about traditional publishing or self-publishing after editing for you. First, thank you for the inspiring information and comprehensive list.

Something woke me early today. I have been on a search for an illustator and I think I have found one. For you to edit my pieces, would you need the art with it if I intend to submit that way? Would you reccommend even illustrating before a submission or editing? Thank you again. They just want to see your manuscript. Thank you for compiling such a comprehensive list of publishers from all over the globe. And the best part is reading your comments gives a fair idea about the publishers. I may not be writing a children book but i can sure pass it on to couple of people i know who may need such a list.

I am very thankful for your time and energy spent in putting together such precious information. I wish you all the best. The publisher for my book is now in sight!!!

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After coming upon this page I had no more excuses to not get my manuscripts sent out. This is a generous effort to support new writers. I appreciate the time and effort and feel more optimistic about moving forward with my writing. I was clueless on where to begin outside of Google. Your post has helped a lot, and for it I am grateful. God bless. Thank you so much for providing this information. As a former Certified Teaching Assistant working with learning disabled children, I created an illustrated book to help children master words most frequently found in literature.

The intent is to build self-confidence and increase their desire to read. Your list will help me take the next step. I thought First Edition Design Publishing would be on your list. They accept manuscripts. I guess prevents the publisher from taking the book. Thank you for your hard work put into this list. Thanks for such a helpful article! Do you know if publishers have different guidelines for submitting a book dummy? Not sure if the guidelines are different for book dummies. I would think you could just digitally put the images along with your story in a PDF and send it electronically.

So glad stumbled upon this list! Thank you for this gift! Seuss type. I had heard in the past that many publishers were cautious to accept this style things may have changed and I could be wrong. If you could steer me in the direction of the best place to head with my Story, I would be forever grateful!

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Again, thank you for such a great resource!! Good luck! Wow…great list! Thank you for the in depth work involved. FYI ….

  • Books by Maria Langer.
  • April Showers - an Xcite Books collection of five erotic m/m stories (Boys in Bed Book 4)?
  • Karneval (German Edition).

Workman do not accept unsolicited picture books. Thank you for your list. I have a special niche and would like your advice on how best to sift or get the work sifted for the best fit. I wanted to start with a picture book series or 3 parts that could be used with current technology? In considering, when time came, to prepare and submit retiring on Pi-day , it had to be Charlesbridge Press which is undaunting because of their math story books and unsolicited manuscripts.

Which of these would be open to educational math concepts in fiction story metaphor that reflects life? How Fun!!! Your theory sounds similar. I am sure that I speak for many other prospective authors when I say that searching for a publisher is a bit of a soul destroying job, and any help we can get is a real boon. I appreciate the time and work that you have put in here.

It is just what I needed right now and only wish that I had found it when I was looking first time around. You have relieved, quite a bit, the overwhelming feeling of quitting. My concern is that with a picture book, where the story is just as much told through the illustrations as the text that my Idea will not be conveyed unless I include some sort of rough illustrations. Is it really acceptable to submit a text manuscript without any illustrations for a book of this sort?

And even then, it might not be appropriate. Your story should be strong enough to stand on its own without illustrations. If the book has no words in places, describe what is happening in the future illustrations. Ok, thank you. Either in the cover letter or in the story itself inside brackets [ ]. Depending on what works better. Thank you for the work that you put into compiling this list. I had it notarized because I felt very leery of it being published without getting the credit for it, as that happened to a friend of mine.

Do you think it would ruin my chances of a publisher taking a chance on it if it was notarized to show it was written by me? All you have to do is show the file history of your writing and prove that you wrote it before the other person claims to have written it, and then boom: you win a lawsuit your friend should sue, by the way. Also, that kind of stealing is very rare.

Thanks Pattie and Bookfox!!!!!! The question was one I had and the response reassures me to hurry up and submit!! Someone miscounted. It goes from number 28 to Still a great list.

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And thank you for this. Not a miscount. One of the publishers had been doing some dirty bait and switching pretending to be a traditional publisher while actually charging writers , so I cut them from the list. Many thanks for your time. I am already a self-published author Why me why here? Your time and effort has helped immensely. Thank you so much for this great list! The terms with Booklocker are clear — I own the book, they do not as is the case with self-publishing anywhere, I suppose , and in any event, I believe that the book is now out of print, after selling a few dozen copies.

My question is, does this previous self-publishing adventure disqualify me from consideration by the folks on your list? Thanks for your further advice! Well then how the heck do we self-publisher get published in a house? A friend and I would like to break into this venture together. It would be my story with her illustrations. Is this something that is possible or would submitting this way be frowned upon? Depends on the publisher.

Submit your story and tell them in the cover letter that you have an illustrator. Very constructive, thank you very much for putting so much work into it. Really appreciate your hard work on this! You are one kind-hearted soul! Thank you ever so much for taking your time to put together this list..

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God bless you, sir! Debi, gotta ask……. Thank you! What a well written compilation with a refreshing touches and comments. Very helpful and encouraging! Thank you for the list. I been reading a book on writing picture books. I know one should know all the aspect of writing and who to submit your manuscript to, and what kind of books they are looking for.

Your list provides it. I also design party memory books. What options are there for people like me who have a book already. I just need some expertise in getting the books out to the public. These companies are traditional publishers. But no bookstores carry self-published books. Amazon will be the only one who will carry it. Not only is this list highly helpful, but your comments are a treasure-trove as well. One question: you say no bookstores carry self-published books. IngramSpark, one self-publishing company, leads us to believe independent book stores will carry and sell our self-published books.

Am I confused here? You are not confused. IngramSpark is being a little misleading. Distribution is always very difficult for self published authors. This is a good article on distribution for self published authors:. Thank you so much! I finally decided to pursue this in her honor. Thank you so much for writing this list. Thank you so much for this informative list! As most books fall into a fiction or non fiction catagory Im wondering where my stories would fit!! Is there any advantage to sending a picture book manuscript directly to a publisher, rather than to an agent?

I have one I just finished but am trying to decide where to send it. An agent can get you a bigger deal and guides you through the process. Is Covenant Books a reliable publisher or a scam? Came across their website and I am curious about your opinion. Covenant Books is a pay-to-play publisher, which means that they will self-publish your book for a fee. Mormons or LDS. I believe they publish to a wider market under Shadow Mountain. I believe they publish middle grade books with wholesome values by such authors as Brandon Mull and others. Sorry, correction. That name might be familiar to many TNM readers as he was the founder of Books.

I wrote a series of posts on the new company back in June of This book contains embedded video and more graphics than other books — and while it may not be as clear and simple in its presentation, its use of all the bells and whistles illustrate the power of iBooks Author as an eBook creation tool. And therein lies a bit of a problem for would-be publishers and authors. It is always difficult to compete with free so most readers will opt to download the free books and only if they prove unsatisfactory decided to pony up for a paid book.

This pattern of free books versus paid happen all the time with older titles out of copyright, of course. From that point forward, she worked mostly alone on dozens of computer how-to books for beginning to intermediate users. Starting in the early s, Langer authored numerous articles [3] about using computers for a wide range of print and Web-based publications. Later, in the early s, she began self-publishing additional how-to and reference material on a website [5] dedicated to supporting her readers.

In , Langer began authoring screencast style video training materials [2] for MacPro Video and Lynda. She has also incorporated original video material into interactive ebooks published with iBooks Author for the iPad for Flying M Productions. Langer began flying helicopters in She trained primarily in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Langer started her helicopter tour and charter company, Flying M Air, [7] in with a Robinson R22 helicopter. In , she worked as a seasonal tour pilot for Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters.