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Answer questions on Quora and Reddit. Or get out there onto LinkedIn's publishing platform. These are all authority domains that anyone can post on, which have massive audiences, giving you instant and immediate reach right now. When you do blog, ensure that you blog effectively. Don't post thin content.

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Think about adding value. Worried about revealing all your business secrets? Don't be. Give away the farm. Give people so much value that you instantly become an authority in their eyes. This is one of the most powerful strategies you can use to market any business.

This is an area of marketing that I'm incredibly passionate about. But it's also an area that many people are deathly frightened by. Yes, SEO can be frightening. But it can also be powerful.

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And when you learn to leverage it and you learn SEO the right way, the sky truly is the limit. There are companies out there who teach you how to use shady PBNs and other link schemes to "trick" Google. It might get short-term results, but in the long term, you'll land in hot water. You can't take shortcuts with SEO. Just like in business, you have to put in the work and the time if you want to see the results.

Some tips for doing this the right way? Don't spam keywords. Hands down. This is one of the biggest mistakes most people make. Create your content for humans while also paying homage to search engines. But more importantly, ensure that whatever it is that you're conveying is insightful, engaging, unique and adds a tremendous amount of value.

Want to get the word out there and boost your visibility on social media without taking years to build the audience? Then you should certainly leverage influencers. But the key is to find the right influencer. You don't have to go with influencers with millions of followers. You could opt for micro-influencers with tens of thousands or even a hundred thousand followers.

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The trick? Find the right influencer in your niche so that you're targeting the right audience. It's not just about spreading your message. It's about spreading your message to the right consumer base. If you can do that properly, then you can likely reach a sizable audience for not much money invested when you think about the potential profit it can return.

If your sales systems and products are in place, then this makes sense. If you have an offer that's clearly converting, and it's simply about more visibility, then this is likely the right marketing strategy for you right now. Assess the situation and reach out to influencers and gauge their pricing. Do small tests and see what works, then scale. So much effectiveness in marketing really does boil down to creating a great lead magnet.

I've found that the right lead magnet presented to the right audience can have explosive results. The best way to do this is if you can identify the right pain points and present a solution in your lead magnet, then you're well on your way.

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What made you get into business in the first place? Ask yourself these questions before building out your lead magnet. The better you identify the problem or pain points at the outset, the better you'll be at actually addressing that with a solution in your lead magnet. What type of lead magnet should you build? That could either be an ebook, a cheat sheet, a checklist, a video and others.

Of course, it's not just about the lead magnet. You have to have a squeeze page with sizzling sales copy to get people to drop into your funnel. But it all starts with a great lead magnet. The better it is, the more effective you'll be at reaching your audience. One of the most powerful methods you can use to market just about anything these days are Facebook ads. With Facebook, you can reach a very specific audience and you can do it very easily.

LinkedIn: How to Improve Your Business Marketing and Sales, Secret Tips and Shortcuts!

But the trick here to getting great results isn't just about click-traffic. You have to focus on conversions and re-targeting through pixels. If you don't know how to install the Facebook Pixel on your site, then you absolutely must learn how to do this right now. Even if you're not running Facebook ads, you can build your audience with a pixel. Pixels track everyone who comes to your site, and you can build custom audiences around them. For example, if you post content about how to learn to drive a semi-truck, and you track visitors with pixels, you can then market truck driving certification to people who have already shown an interest in that already because they visited that specific page.

And your conversions will skyrocket. Do you have a video on your LinkedIn profile? Did you know that you can easily add one? Why not take the time to introduce yourself and your business. Link that to your profile description. This is an easy way to passively market your business, and when it's done right, it can lead to shocking results. If you have lots of connections on LinkedIn and you're not really posting on there, start immediately.

You can reach a large audience, especially when your posts go viral. This is a great place to convey the entrepreneurial journey. Talk about your challenges and tell stories. The more effective your stories, the larger your potential reach when you go viral. You can also reach out to other businesses and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs on LinkedIn.

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It's a great go-to resource for all things business and too many people overlook this. Most people don't understand the power of affiliate marketing. Affiliates can provide massive fuel for growth. But approaching the right partners isn't always that easy. You have to have good conversion if you want the bigger affiliate to take you seriously. I've found that navigating the affiliate minefield can be tricky. It takes persistence and it takes true grit to make it through. Most of us get discouraged after a few setbacks, but you can't allow emotions to get in the way when it comes to affiliate.

Build an affiliate program and start reaching out to potential affiliate who can assist you. Part of any good sales funnel is going to be an email marketing sequence. These are the automated messages that go out to users once they subscribe to your list. Use your email sequence to build a relationship with the subscriber.

Be authentic and transparent. And convey your journey. Use the email responses and clicks to segment your list. For example, if someone clicks on a specific link, they've clearly shown an interest in something.

95 Creative Content Marketing Ideas (With Details, Examples, and Links)

Tag that subscriber to market to them later. If someone buys, tag them as a buyer. Identifying your buyers and the interests of your subscribers is huge for segmenting. When you do send broadcasts, split test. Split test everything, in fact, You never really do know what's going to be the most effective until you pull the trigger and really test it out. This will help you understand what your audience responds to better, making you a better communicator, and better able to sell to your customers. Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

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  • Revoke Consent Submit Consent. But if you want your content to truly contribute to your business goals on an ongoing basis, you need to do more than just entertain. Curation is a great way to maximize your content resources and get the most value out of every piece of content. However, it can be challenging to ensure that your curation efforts add enough value to the original asset to make a positive impact on your target audience.

    If you want to avoid being mocked for producing lazy, low-quality assets or labeled as a purveyor of fake news, carefully proof, test, and fact-check every content effort to ensure that it is as clear, functional, error-free, and above reproach as possible. The DIY tool: Before you release any piece of content into the world, sign off on all the items Nayomi Chibana has outlined in her fact-checking checklist :.

    Not every idea you generate will be a good fit for your content marketing strategy. Some may be fantastic on paper but require more time and resources than your team can spare; others may be creatively brilliant but not useful for your target audience. Each idea is given a numerical score based on its capacity to serve the needs of the target audience while also contributing to your own business goals.

    Following the above advice will give your content a strong strategic and creative foundation that you can build on over time. Your content is only as good as its ability to support your marketing and business goals. You must gauge how well that content does its job of driving readers to take further action and establishing the kind of trust and credibility that satisfying customer relationships are made of. Tracking the right key performance indicators KPIs can help provide insight into whether your current marketing efforts are moving the needle in the right direction.

    KPIs can also offer clues as to what steps you should be taking to get poor-performing content back on track. This list shared by Mike Murray outlines some of the most informative metrics in common content categories:. Building a dashboard where you can display all your data in one place on an ongoing basis makes it easier to identify performance outliers both good and bad , as well as report your results to your supervisors and stakeholders. The DIY tool: Dashboards can be created and customized in many ways and, with the right tools, you can get granular; the simple measurement template shared by Michael Brenner can start you with a broad view of how your content performs against common metrics over a trended time.

    Instead, your business may be better served by amplifying the value of the high-performing content you have or repurposing it so it can reach and engage new audiences. In addition to tracking key metrics, Google Analytics can be used to uncover deeper, more actionable insights you can use to guide your amplification efforts. This tip sheet from Andy Crestodina will show you how to find several of them.

    Our quick-start guide to paid content promotion will help you compare the available opportunities and decide which ones might work best for you. Optimizing your content marketing for search can feel like the board game of Clue — a process where you may encounter a lot of false starts and dead ends before finding the right path to success. But there are more strategic ways to plan and manage your SEO efforts so your content draws in your target audience and delivers the value they are looking for.

    If you have questions, or would like additional insights on any of these topics, let us know by adding a comment. Want to work on your content marketing toolkit in person? Make plans today to attend Content Marketing World in September. Register by December 31, for the lowest rates! Jodi Harris is the director of editorial content and curation at Content Marketing Institute. As a content strategy consultant , Jodi helps businesses evaluate their content needs and resources; build infrastructure and operations; and create compelling stories to be delivered across multiple media channels and platforms.

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