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If you had a robot, what would it do? This Raspberry Pi-controlled robot streams videos of its travels, which you control via WiFi. You can build with LEGO bricks, decorate with craft supplies, and get creative with your bot. The supply list is reasonable and you may even be able to recycle an old webcam.

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Sure, a motorized skateboard is hardly a quick, simple, or even inexpensive DIY endeavor, but the wow factor is as high as it goes. This particular motorized skateboard is controlled with a Wii remote , so you can repurpose yours if your kids have moved onto new gaming platforms. The Raspberry Pi weather station is the perfect all-around demo project for showing off what a Pi can do. The whole family can get involved in assembling the various pieces, as well as tracking and studying the information gathered.

Raspberry Pi : 20 projects for your kids

Because there are so many working parts in the weather station, you may want to browse around and check out a few different examples of completed projects before you get started. Image Credit: User: Kkingsbury, Instructables. Systems Slideshow. Latest in Systems. Learn to Code Picture 2 of Hack Minecraft Picture 3 of Fart Detector Picture 5 of Photo Booth Picture 6 of Drum Kit Picture 7 of Tweeting Cat Door Picture 8 of Christmas Light Show Picture 9 of Halloween Decorations Picture 10 of Feeder Tweeter Picture 11 of Board Game 2.

Game System - RetroPie Picture 13 of Raspberry Pi Motorized Skateboard Picture 15 of Weather Station Picture 16 of Learn to Code. Hack Minecraft. One of the best gifts you can possibly give your child is an education in computer programming.

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    Teach Them Scratch

    As well as being a fully functional computer, they also have a Read More , they can attach electrical components, and build their own physical computing devices. Raspberry Jams are community-lead meetups for people to learn and teach about the Raspberry Pi. Although many tech-events are adults only, Raspberry Jams tend to be open to enthusiasts of any age. This project from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology takes the most fundamental concepts of code, and turns it into a user-friendly, drag-and-drop experience. Things like conditionals where you perform a task if something meets a criteria and iteration where you repeat something for a specified number of times are turned into bright, colorful jigsaw pieces, which gracefully snap into place.

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    The results of the code are played out in front of you, as an animation or a rudimentary game. These tend to be appropriately aged, and come with clear and concise documentation. The next step up from Scratch is Python. This was first developed in by the Dutch programmer Guido Van Rossum, as a simple educational programming language. Unlike other programming languages, Python was designed to be easy to read, and simple to write.

    It has an interpreter this is the thing that actually runs the code which came with strict rules that forced people to write good, clean code Arduino and Raspberry Pi Beginner? The end result was that Python became a huge success not only in education, but also in industry. However, the Raspberry Pi foundation has released a number of Python projects , which offer an unintimidating look at the language. The Internet is taking up more and more space in our lives Teaching your child the basics of how the Internet works, or even an introduction to web development, would be a definite asset for the future.

    Teach Python with Minecraft Pi | Minecraft: Education Edition

    Linux distributions, such as Retropie, have been specified in the retro game on Raspberry Pi It is possible to turn your Raspberry Pi into a real game console and download the games of your childhood to play again Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Final Fantasy and many more are part of the games available on Retropie. A good time of family sharing in perspective You will be happy to replay these games, and they will discover them. The Raspberry Pi can also become their new personal stereo It has indeed a jack output, which allows connecting to speakers to play music. Better than that, some applications like RuneAudio allow you to control it from a smartphone, and to play the sounds coming from multiple sources web radio, local NAS, ….

    Some do-it-yourselfers are bursting with imagination to create a true-to-life arcade kiosk with a Raspberry Pi inside. If you are even a handyman, it can be a funny project to do with your child The design, the handling of materials, the final decoration might interest him.

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    The Raspberry Pi can serve as a basis for a complete smart TV, for example the Kodi distribution allows you to store movies or cartoons on the Raspberry Pi, and to watch them intuitively on the Raspberry Pi screen, or display them on a television. It is therefore not necessary to have an antenna to watch movies Kodi also allows you to add applications for the main online streaming services Youtube, Twitch, Netflix, ….

    And here we are. Obviously, Minecraft is available on Raspberry Pi It is possible to play the included version directly or download the full version.


    And some pushed this to the maximum, until creating races with these cars, with competitions Watch this video to learn more:. If you are interested, you can visit their website to find out more. Here we are at the end of this article, I hope you get some ideas The Raspberry Pi is an exceptional opportunity to introduce the computer to the youngest, and if you are passionate too, it should create good moments in family.