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Reflection in Water at Night

Taking shots of calmer waters with reflections lets you show ideal symmetry in your images while taking shots of more turbulent waters gives the picture more character, as textures in the water come to the forefront. Oftentimes, going out to a body of water early in the morning affords the best chance at getting calmer waters for your reflection photography.

Note that finding a completely still body of water is very hard to do and will take a lot of patience because wind can easily disrupt the water surface.

How to paint Reflections (Acrylic light reflections on a road)

When you have ripples in the water, you get a shot at a different kind of beauty in reflection. This will make whatever subject you have reflected appear more surreal as well.

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Just shoot with a longer exposure to duplicate this effect successfully. A longer exposure allows for extra time for the water to move as the shutter is open. Reflections in water are, in and of themselves, attractive focal points in your images, but you can create a lot of freedom for yourself as a photographer by how you approach reflection photography.

Utilize the depth of field preview to ensure high image quality and sharpness from foreground to skyline. A split neutral density filter might come in handy to handle the contrast between bright sky, skyline and darker foreground. A telephoto zoom lens is the best lens for those sorts of images. The wide angle lens allows photographing the entire skyline when interesting subjects dominate the foreground and ask for inclusion. All Rights Reserved. Learn From Hundreds of photography articles. Latest Articles.

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A Toolkit. Home Techniques Photo Tips for Night Cityscape Photography Reflections After the sun falls below the horizon, the doors open to magical cityscape photography. Boston Odessy 1. Dark Skies of Boston When Cityscape Photography Works I find it amazing when all comes together for a few minutes after sunset; the city lights start glowing and those reflections produce brilliant results. Photo Tip 2: Have sufficient flash card memory and bring a spare memory card.

Super Moon Over Boston Photo Tip 5: Incorporate skyline reflections in rivers, ponds, lakes or other available wet surfaces.

Angkor, Cambodia

Boston Harbor and Downtown Photo Tip Incorporate foreground features into your composition such as flowers, boats, boardwalks, or mooring poles. John Hancock and Prudential Buildings, Boston Photo Tip Focus on the skyline, as this is your main subject, and it should be crisp and clean. All rights reserved.

All written content and most images in these articles are copyrighted by the authors. Copyrighted material from Apogee Photo Mag should not be used elsewhere without seeking the authors permission. When more light is available, the camera can shoot at a very fast shutter speed.

Tips for Shooting Water Reflection Photos

Fortunately, with a DSLR camera, setting a high shutter speed manually is pretty easy. To achieve this, you might have to make use of a tripod to ensure a steady hand and a sharp image. Set the exposure point manually.

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Make sure the weather is calm. Avoid shooting this photo at mid-day with bright sun.

Photos of water reflections tend to work better early or late in the day, when the sun is low in the sky, as shown in the photo here.