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I personally do not find this stuff funny at all, but several readers did. On the other hand, this entire paragraph earlier in the post was a joke that I find quite amusing:. The crackling flames danced manically upon the charring husk of the car, illuminating the starless night sky as I stood and watched helplessly.

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Warm canyon winds pushed the pungent smoke into my face and nostrils, and I tasted my own salty tears at the thought of the laptop in the back seat. All I could think was, how am I going to blog this? I have a dry and often bizarre sense of humor, which is why I have the good sense to mostly leave it at the door when writing for Copyblogger. An especially self-important blogger named Nancy Friedman even wasted words of her life equating me to the end of good writing as we know it. Roberta and Tony have touched on stand-up before, because the writing and testing process of the stand-up comedian shows you just how important the audience is relative to the personal tastes and desires of the writer or performer.

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Comics write material, and then these brave souls get up on stage and try it out live. What you need to ask yourself is this: who are you feeding with your jokes—your audience, or your ego?

The Dark Psychology of Being a Good Comedian

A small Denver newspaper publishes a satirical humor piece about a man who has his thumbs surgically altered to better operate his iPhone. The interwebs take the piece seriously , and attack en masse. Shocking, I know. Brian Clark is the founder of Copyblogger, host of Unemployable , and editor of Further. Basically, some people will laugh at such jokes because they are funny, some people will laugh at you, and some will laugh with you laughing at yourself. I got both of your jokes in the first posting and thought they were a riot.

I only want to attract an audience that will laugh with me and often, at me. Geni, I hear you… and that fearlessness will serve you well. While I get the points you are trying to bring across, I would prefer a much better picture of me next time! Those masks are scary. But here is one company that uses humour very well in their sales copy. But they also make a few people forward their sales letters to others. Because it is funny. And more importantly, the humour matches their products well.

Heck, I just assumed you were warming up your entry for the next Bulwer-Lytton. I saw a stand-up comedian about a month ago live and he was really funny. Just a few days ago, I saw him doing the same material on TV, albeit for mass consumption … not nearly as funny. It should be the official t-shirt of bloggers everywhere!

I approach writing and blogging the way I do the real world. Why worry about it? Great post.

The Dangers of Humor - Copyblogger

So many people take things literally, but it can be worth the reaction from them for the connection you get with the people who actually get the joke. In my blog I do use humor and offbeat posts more than the dry subject area perhaps deserves.

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That being said if you click on my name it will take you to a youtube video that is completely ridiculous. It was created to promote the girl whose dancing website. On the other hand even good comics throw out a clinker once in a while. Oh, well, and move on, just like an occasional blah headline or tedious post.

Not that you have any of those. As long as the niche is not too small… like just you and your dog… that would be bad.

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Bonus point: Do. Writing with wit and humor if you are, indeed, witty and humorous. A little controvery is supposed to be worth courting. Some folks drop out, and others become rabid fans — exactly the aim of any good copywriting! I think a blog is the perfect place for humor. Not every day, for sure. But there is a certain level of informality to this thing we do.

While the perception of funny can vary. I think anyone has had written for a little while can appreciate the fun you can also have with writing. An occasional joke or two in even a serious blog gives a welcome break from routine. If some random reader does not get a joke and starts flaming at you, then it is likely that he is not your audience. Humor in business can be very tricky. After the meeting several people came up to me, fuming over the fact we gave the award to a rookie. Humor can confuse a business audience, or worse.

So what I might find funny.. In some cases, teasing maybe a power play or a way of trying to be the center of attention. Some people may tease to liven up a dull conversation or to try and come across as clever and funny. There are people who use teasing as a smokescreen to keep the focus on others and not on themselves. Others tease their spouse when there are others around because they think it is a safe way to say something negative they've been wanting to say.

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  5. Don't attack or be malicious especially when it comes to your spouse's capabilities, appearance, weight, or what you perceive to be a physical flaw. It isn't funny to those who hear what you've said, and it isn't funny to your spouse. Don't overdo the humor bit. Yes, every relationship needs some fun and laughter. However, you can give too many gag gifts, make too many so-called witty remarks, tell a few too many funny stories, and engage in too much horseplay. Keep it balanced with some down to earth, real, serious conversations with your spouse.

    Make sure that your teasing isn't a sly or manipulative way to throw insults and put-downs at your spouse. Recognize that teasing can snowball in a relationship with one spouse wanting to top the other's last remark. All of us have sensitive areas or weak spots in our self-esteem.

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    It's not something that is readily shared. So if your spouse objects to your teasing, accept that the teasing is not liked or appreciated and knock it off! Don't try to throw if off by saying that you were only joking or that your spouse is a poor sport. If you are being teased by your spouse and don't like it, say so. A mischievous act: antic , caper , frolic , lark , prank , trick.

    Slang: monkeyshine often used in plural. Something or someone uproariously funny or absurd: absurdity. Informal: hoot , laugh , scream. Slang: gas , howl , panic , riot. Idiom: a laugh a minute. An object of amusement or laughter: butt , jest , laughingstock , mockery. To make jokes; behave playfully: jest. Informal: clown around , fool around , fun.

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    To tease or mock good-humoredly: banter , chaff , josh. Informal: kid , rib , ride. Slang: jive , rag , razz. Witz Scherz Streich scherzen Schote. The children thought it a huge joke when the cat stole the fish. They joked about my mistake for a long time afterwards. Don't be upset by what he said — he was only joking. He looked out at the rain and jokingly suggested a walk.

    It's no joke when water gets into the petrol tank. I feel like going to Timbuctoo for the weekend — but, joking apart, I do need a rest! The trouble with him is that he can't take a joke.