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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Lorena Start date Jun 22, Lorena Banned Italy, Italiano. Hi everybody, I wonder if does exist an idiom in English which corresponds to the italian " buon partito ". We use to say "She chose to marry a buon partito instead of the one she really loved" or simply "She has married a buon partito " It is not necessarily a negative expression, even if sometimes it could be. It depends on how it is pronounced. Thank you! Bookmom Senior Member Massachusetts and Florida.

Hi, Well off. She married the lawyer who was well off, rather than the struggling artist who was her first love. To be well off financially does not guarantee health or happiness, you are better off to follow your heart! You could be worse off in the end if money is your only goal. I couldn't resist adding the last line! Waterfall Senior Member Italian. Lorena said:. Thank you. I think both can fit, even if "well off" is probably much proper and definitely what I was looking for. Thanks a lot. Waterfall said:. Sul dizionario ho trovato "to make a good match" per "sposare un buon partito".

Bookmom said:. Ciao Waterfall, Infatti, "to make a good match" si riferisce soltanto agli sposi. To be well off significa un certo livello di richezza personale. Diventa piu complicata la faccenda If so, fare un buon affare, in inglese, si usa di piu per business and acquisitions, anything that you would call a good deal. You got a really good deal when you bought that house - hai fatto un buon affare comprando quella casa. Scusami Bookmom In che senso si riferisce solo agli sposi? Grazie in anticipo! To make a good match, unless you are talking about the color of the paint on the walls matching the color of the sofa or something like that, always refers to a couple getting married.

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La Serenissima and La Dominante, all allure to a feminine nature. Venice is a city where physical contact is unavoidable. People literally bump into one another in its narrow alleyways, on the bridges crossing the canals, on the lanes along the canals, and in the conspiratorial darkness of a portico, which is perhaps why Casanova decided to be born there. The region was later inhabited by other tribes: the Veneti from eastern Europe, the Rhaetians from western Europe, and the Etruscans from Central Italy. The Veneti controlled the whole region until the advent of the Romans who gradually colonized it starting in the 2nd-lst century B.

The Roman period was particularly positive for all the Veneto cities. During the 4th and 5th centuries, Aquileia became the main religious center of the local church. At the same time, however, the region was forced to defend herself from constant attacks of the barbarians whose arrival meant death and destruction. Following the long period of Ostrogoth domination, in the 6th century the Veneti succumbed to the Byzantines and then to the Longobards who occupied the whole mainland area, while the Byzantines remained ensconced along the coast.

In the 10th century Veneto was split up into a host of little fiefdoms. In the cities, however, following a brief period of church domination, a commune movement was born, gradually gained momentum, and finally reached its apex in the 12th century when the communes of Verona, Padua, Treviso, and Vicenza joined together to form the so-called Veronese League. At the same time, albeit in a completely different way, Venice was beginning to make great strides economically and politically. First wholly under the control of the emperor of the Orient, then gradually attaining more and more independence, Venice ultimately became a republic ruled by a doge rather than a commune.

Culturally and artistically, she was more influenced by the east and the sea as opposed to the west and terra firma. In the 14th century, the Veneto underwent the same political process that was taking place in many other regions of Italy: the communes gave way to the Signorie or lords, e.

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Once they. The ensuing wars brought about the intervention of the Venetians - until that time completely removed from matters involving the mainland - who felt it better to nip in the bud any possible threat arising from powerful enemies at their borders. The Venetians soon managed to conquer both the Veneto and Friuli ,relinquishing their control only in the late 18th century. The 15th through 18th centuries were intense for the Venetians: they grew richer and richer on trade and commerce, defeated the Turks in battle, constantly renewed their attempts at territorial expansion at the expense of their neighbors, and staunchly defended their mainland possessions from outside threats.

In the 18th century, however, trade began to level off. Attempts to oust the foreign powers were common occurrences in the course of the 19th century. Finally, in , the region, once more free and independent, adhered to the Kingdom of Italy. A number of decisive battles were fought in the Veneto during World War I, among them the famous stands at Mt. Grappa and Piave. Modern-day Veneto is a prosperous region. It excels in agriculture e. Fishing is another important economic resource. Finally, there is tourism, which attracts millions of people every year. During the Middle Ages, the clear-cut division of the territory into mainland and coastal cities had a great impact on its art: whereas the former were increasingly exposed to Longobard and then Emilia-Romagna influxes, the latter e.

During the 12thth centuries, the prevailing style in Padua, Verona, and Vicenza was Romanesque and then Gothic, while Venice was in the throes of creating her own very personal fusion of Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic best revealed in the Basilica of San Marco and the Continued on page Arbor Body Shop has been serving Vancouver from the same location for over 40 years. Let our quality-driven team take care of all your auto body needs. Private Insurance Claims Welcome.

Import Autobody Ltd. Palazzo Ducale. In the 15th century the Renaissance came to Veneto. Tuscan masters such as Paolo Uccello, Donatello, Filippo Lippi, Andrea del Castagno, and the great Sicilian, Antonello da Messina, worked in the region, influencing exponents of the local schools, such as Mantegna in Padua. Venetian art, especially architecture, remained under the sway of the Gothic until the end of the 15th century.

The period that followed, however, turned out to be one of the most exciting in European art, as the Bellinis, Carpaccio, and Giorgione broke with the Byzantine tradition and created a new style, the forerunner of the great Venetian colorism of the 16th century. During the gloriouss, in fact, Titian, Tintoretto, and Veronese, each in his own inimitable way, dominated Italian painting. These masters created the Venetian school, where effect is conveyed primarily through color, as opposed to the Central Italian school e. In architecture, Palladio was the unchallenged master, designing incomparably beautiful villas and churches in every corner of the region.

Veneto produced great artists right into the18th century. Among the best known are the painters Piazzetta, the Longhis, the Tiepolos, Guardi, Canaletto, and the great neo-Classical sculptor, Antonio Canova, whose apprenticeship was spent in Venice. Polenta is ground differently according to city the finest-ground is to be found in the Vicenza region and is eaten alone or as a side dish with osei game birds , fried fish, liver, stews, cuttlefish, and cod. Cod is a specialty of Vicenza, Padua, and Venice.

The most popular rice dishes are risi e bisi with peas , risi e Iuganeghe with sausage , risi e bisato with eel , risi e la sbira with chicken livers , and risotto nero with cuttlefish. Other popular first courses are bigoli dark colored pasta , panada broth and bread crumbs , and pasta e fasioi bean soup with pasta. The most popular Venetian main courses traditionally revolve around fish.

Mollusks are especially popular, among which granceolo giant crabs served in their shells with oil and lemon. Meat entrees include fegato alla veneziana liver and onions, Venetian style , roast pork, chicken alla padovana chicken cut into pieces with a sauce made of onion, egg, and flour, Paduan style pastisada beef or horsemeat marinated and then stewed. Game is also popular: duck, quail lagoon and plains , as well as hare and partridge Dolomite region.

Radicchio red lettuce from Treviso and fruit peaches from Monselice. There are several famous desserts, including Pandoro from Verona, fritole fried cakes , baicoli Venetian cookies and the famous tiramisu. The Veneto region is also famous for its wines. Another specialty is an after-dinner drink called, grappa which originally was made in the town of Bassano del Grappa. It is certainly one of the most unusual - not only for its fairy tale lagoon setting, but also because its history and art have contributed to making it totally unique and irreproducible.

The buildings which appear so delicately suspended above the water are strictly earthbound. They are built on hundreds of islets and firmly reinforced by huge pylons sunk into the ground. The canals which separate the islands are the equivalent of our everyday roadways - with the Grand Canal as Main Street.

Once you get used to the idea of a city on water, you are struck by the unusual Venetian architecture. To understand how it got this way you will have to know a little of the fascinating history of Venice. Not until the Middle Ages, however, did it became a clearly defined political and social entity, when it came under the Byzantine sphere of influence, as opposed to the mainland cities which were dominated by the Longobards.

In the 9th century, when most of Italy was under Frankish control, Venice embarked on a new form of government, i. Having severed all ties with the Empire of the East, she enjoyed a centuries-long era of prosperity and glory: the Serenissima stood out as a leader in sea trade especially with the Orient and in culture. Her artistic development was totally unique. Her mixed Eastern-Western background made her a meeting place for two different cultural heritages. She never went through a feudal period, nor did she exist as a city-state.

The great wealth amassed thanks to the business acumen of the Venetian traders among them Marco Polo one of the first Westerners to visit China - in the 13th century , was a prime factor in sparking a great building boom. The churches, foremost of which San Marco, monasteries, and palaces of the medieval period are a stunning combination of delicate Gothic tracery and Byzantine colorism.

Venice reached the height of political and economic power during the 15th and 16th centuries. She managed to greatly expand her territories on the mainland and was successful in defeating the Turks in battle. At the same time, Venetian art was thoroughly revolutionizing Italian painting: the Bellinis, Carpaccio, Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto, and Veronese were active during these years.

Then, in the 17th and 18th centuries, as Venice found herself crushed by the new European powers, decline, both economic and political, began to set in. In she was annexed to Austria and did not regain her independence until when she adhered to the Kingdom of Italy. These vicissitudes have left their mark on every facet of the city, tradition being very much part of Venetian life i. It is the biggest canal with the most impressive palaces. The canal is the remnent that once spilled from the mainland into the Adriatic. The sediment it carried formed barrier islands that cut off the sea, forming the lagoon.

Venice was built on the marshy islands of the former delta, sitting on pilings driven nearly 15 feet into the clay. About 25 miles of canals drain the city dumping like streams into the Grand Canal. At Scotiabank, we take as much pride in supporting our community as we do in helping Italian individuals and families achieve their financial goals.

Balance both. The candy cane posts are used for mooring boats on the canal. It is a spectacular fusion of gold mosaics on marble walls and rooftop balconies. In the mortal remains of St. Mark the Evangelist were brought to Venice from Alexandria, Egypt. On this occasion it was decided to build a church worthy of containing such a precious relic, and one befitting a burgeoning city anxious to show off its wealth and grandeur. Most of the building of the grandiose basilica took place between the 11th and 15th centuries.

Its present appearance dates from the 16th century. The magnificent halls of the interior still have their original ornamentation, furnishings, paintings, and sculpture. Originally built of wood the bridge collapsed in the s. Antonio da Ponte designed the stone structure, where strips of boutiques separate a wide central lane from two side passages with picture-perfect views. He terminated the project in The Rialto spans the Grand Canal at its narrowest point 28meters , stands 7.

The tower, comprising an arched opening surmounted by a 15th century clock, a sculpture of the Virgin and Child set in a niche and a statue of the Lion of St. Mark, was built by Mauro Codussi in Built by Antonio Contini in the 17th century, it is a remarkably graceful Baroque structure. Inside, there are two levels of corridors whose only light comes from windows covered by stone tracery.

From this bridge, the convicted got their final view of sunny, joyous Venice before entering the dark prisons. Originally, San Marco was a grass-covered open space traversed by a canal and bounded on either of its short sides by a church San Teodoro and San Gemignano. Today it is bounded by buildings on all four sides. On the east is the Basilica and on the west, the Ala Napoleonica early 19th century.

The long buildings on the north and south are the Procuratie, which served as the living and working quarters of the famous Procuratori magistrates. Two other important features complete the square: its attractive geometric paving, which dates from the 18th century, and two towers, the Belltower and the Clock Tower. The Museo Correr occupies the upper floor of the Procuratie Nuove.

The 96m brick campanile provides one of the best elevated views of the city. It originally served as a watchtower and lighthouse. Built in the 9thth centuries and. No fewer than 25 Doges are buried here. He is a miserly and often libidinous character who is portrayed as a Venetian and often speaks in the Venetian dialect. He traditionally wears a large codpiece to advertise his virility with a mask with a long hooked nose, a tight red vest, red breeches and stockings, a black cassock, slippers, brimless hat and a money pouch on his belt.

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There is an important library on the ground floor. The project was carried out by Franciscan monks frani , and, in keeping with the Franciscan tradition of simplicity, the building is extremely plain and stately. Like SS. Giovanni e Paolo, many illustrious Venetians are buried inside. The aisleless interior is adorned with marvelous paintings by Tintoretto depicting scenes from the life of St. Roch, the patron saint of plague victims.

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The ground-floor level is faced in rusticated stone, while the upper levels consist of great windows separated by semi-columns, each delineated by a horizontal railing. Work on the project was begun by Baldassarre Longhena in and terminated by Giorgio Massari in the18th century. The church and its domes are visible from everywhere. The Senate of the Repubblica di Venezia deliberated building of the church in in thanksgiving for the end of a plague epidemic. Longhena, who was awarded the commission, brilliantly overcame numerous practical problems relating to land slippage by reinforcing the dome drum with the esthetically pleasing curlicews that make the building so distinctive and unusual.

The church has an octagonal plan, two domes, and faces out on the Grand Canal. Palladio and Antonio da Ponte, worked on the project between and In the palazzo was bequeathed to the State by its last owner and saviour Baron Giorgio Franchetti who had acquired it in It was bombed in and rebuilt in Today it houses the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti. Adjoining the elegant church, with its striking white marble facade and soaring bell tower, is a brick complex, once a monastery and now an important cultural organization. Babies Prayer I lay here getting ready for bed tonight.

I call for Mom and Dad with all my might. I am afraid because the world is so new. Here comes Mom and Dad they look tired to. The world is new and so much to see. Tomorrow is another day of learning for me. Today I cried but not due to pain. I heard my first storm and saw my first rain. Watch over them as you do over me. I love my Mom and Dad, as you can see.

I know I am new but I have one thing to ask. Nothing real big just one small task. Watch over my Mommy and Daddy too. There all I have accept for you. By: Jim Organ. La casa della moda per i vostri bimbi. Misura da neonati a 16 anni. Vasto assortimento di vestiti da donna per tutte le occasioni. Saremo a vostra disposizione. Chipilo was founded on October 2, , by immigrants from the northern Italian region of Veneto. In , a group of five hundred people from the villages of Segusino, Belluno and Feltre set out for their new home in Mexico.

They were given land to settle in the state of Puebla, on what had once been the Hacienda de Chipiloc. Here they began farming and ranching and, with the expertise brought from their native Veneto, established a thriving dairy industry. Here the language called Venet, continues to be spoken, along with Spanish, even generations after the first immigrants arrived.

People tend to marry within the town, and the same names have been passed on for over years, as have the family recipes. In , the townspeople of Chipilo celebrated the th anniversary of the foundation of the city along with visitors from the Veneto region. Thereafter, it was uninhabited for many centuries, until when a community of Armenian monks, kicked out of their country by the Turks, made it their home. Today, it is center of Armenian culture, replete with a well-stocked library and print shop.

Around the 10thth centuries it became one of the major lagoon centers. The Museo Vetrario Glass Museum houses a collection that begins with funeral urns from the first century and ends with pieces like an ornate model garden made entirely of glass. This Lido is a main attraction because of its wealth of hotels and modern bathing establishments which offer tourists an endless variety of activities, sports and entertainment, from riding stables to tennis courts, from swimming pools to water slides to fine restaurants, casinos and discos for the night life.

The Venice Film Festival is held here every year. It takes place each spring in the period between Epiphahy January 6th and Mardi Gras, a day before lent begins. During the final days of lent, thousands of masked and costumed revelers meet at the city square. Over , people take part at these festivities. Founded in the 8th century, it was rebuilt several times.

Of the notable artworks inside, perhaps the most interesting is the St. Burano was founded by refugees from the barbarian invaders on the mainland. The skill of the lace makes is proverbial. According to legend, a Venetian sailor gave his sweetheart a piece of beautiful seaweed picked up on his long sea journeys. In order to preserve the gift, the girl reproduced it with thread, copying its outlines in minute details.

Thus, lacework was born. It was founded in by refugees. They were once displays of multicoloured brilliance. Legend has it that their reds and purples turned to black when the plague stuck. A more likely story is that in the 17th century city ordinance ordered that all boats be painted black to prevent noble families from waging gondola-decorating wars. Today there are over gondolas reserved solely for tourists and lovers plus a few equipped as ambulances.

Carpaccio, an appetizer, was also reputed to have originated here.

Villa del Balbianello

In the same year, Peggy Guggenheim bought Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, an unfinished Grand Canal palace attributed to the architect Lorenzo Boschetti , where she lived for 30 years and where from she opened her house as a museum. The collection was devoted to modern art with masterpieces ranging in style from Cubism and Surrealism to Abstract Expressionism. The collection has become one of the most respected and visited cultural attractions in Venice.

Its horseshoe arches and roofline of triangles-and-dingleballs are remainders of its Byzantine heritage. Turkish traders docked here, unloaded their goods into the warehouses on the bottom story, then went upstairs for a homestyle meal and a place to sleep. It is attractively encircled by mountains, looks down on the confluence of the Rivers Ardo and Piave, and constitutes the gateway to the Veneto Dolomites.

Situated on the Piave River, Belluno was settled before the Roman era. It achieved considerable importance during the Middle Ages, first as a Longobard and Frankish center, and then as a mighty bishopric and Commune. It fought staunchly against Treviso and Venice, although it fell to Venice and remained a Venetian possession from the 15th through 18th centuries.

When the Austrians were driven out of Italy, it adhered to the Kingdom of Italy, and has since been Italian except from to , when it was forcibly annexed to Germany. While Italian is predominantly spoken in the zone, there are pockets where the language has significant German influence. Walkers take advantage of the beauty of Cortina during the summer months. The surroundings have been the location for a number of movies, including mountain climbing scenes for Cliffhanger and The Pink Panther.

This region is truly an alpine paradise. These mountains were formed from ancient reefs, and therefore they pop up in clusters, or groups, instead of traditional straight ranges. Between these jagged, towering groups of mountains are gentle grassy meadows filled with wildflowers and Bavarian alpine towns. This makes it possible for hikers and novice climbers to safely climb large, steep routes that normally would only be the domain of experienced climbers. They were initially installed by Italian and Austrian troops who fought a ferocious battle against each other in the Dolomites during the First World War.

Tunnels, bunkers, and other relics of the war are found throughout the peaks of this region. A chairlift links the Alps to Mt. Faverghera, the Botanic Gardens and Col Visentin. In the center of the town, there is Tiziano square, with a bronze statue of the artist, made by Antonio Dal Zotto They have excellent sports facilities since hosting the Winter Olympics. In addition to downhill and cross-country skiing, there is also a ski jump and a bobsleigh run for those who favor something more.

The Vette di Feltre and Mount Serva were already famous for their flora in the 18th century. The presence of rare species and of a great variety of natural environments is mainly due to the geographical position of the territory. The Park is situated on the edge of the South-eastern Alps, in impracticable areas which, in part, were not covered by the glaciers forming during the glacial periods of the Quaternary, the last of which disappeared about 10,, years ago.

The elevation of the park ranges from m to 2,m and is home to over 1, species of flora. Deer, roe deer, foxes, martens, and other animals can also be found in the park. The great richness and rarity of the flora has been one of the main scientific reasons of the establishment of the Park.

There are about 1, examples of vascular flora plants with flowers and others, such as ferns, with roots, stem, and leaves. Some specialties include casunzei ravioli-like pasta prepared with either pumpkin, spinach or potatoes , canderli dumplings , spres frit fried cheese and barley soup.

Puina dialect term for polenta , lamon beans, mushrooms, wild herbs, poppy seeds, smoked ricotta and Schiz cheese are all ingredients commonly used in preparing dishes in the mountains. ADOVA — This city of art and university town with an illustrious academy history is a city of great scholars. By the 1st century B. The famous Continued on page V-Tech Espresso Coffee Machines co. Verona The villa was designed by G. Bianchi in the seventeenth century and was bought by the Arvedi family in It has a terrace overlooking the Veneto, with a swirling parterre de broderie, designed in the old manner with low box hedging and gravel.

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President Associazione Basilicata Mike Lombardi associazione Campani nel Mondo Vito Bruno Associazione Emilia Romagna Paola Candiago associazione giuliano dalmati Geni Gallovich associazione nazionale alpini Mario Gallovich Associazione Nazionale Carabinieri Vincenzo Catania C. Cristina Ambrosi Circolo Abruzzese Society Lina Manetta Club Femminile italiano Gemma Scotton Confratellanza italo-Canadese Roberto Casanova Cosenza Social Club Francesco Corrado Famee Furlane Joe Toso Famiglia Bagnolese Society Umberto Turrin Grimaldi Club Tony Funaro italian Canadian Bocce Club Luigi Pasin.

Telephone Sam Pantusa italian Canadian Winemakers Club Steven Hill italian Choir of BC Roslyn Jacobucci italian rod and gun Club Domenico Battista Mammola S. Nicodemo Cultural Association Gina Guercio Molisana Society Lucia DiMarzo national Congress of italian Canadians Vito Bruno n.

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Its importance plunged with the fall of the Roman Empire, only to rise again with the birth and development of the Communes in the 11th and 12th centuries. However, Padua reached her apex of splendor in the 14thth centuries under the Signoria of the Carraresi family. During this period, great artists - for example, Giotto, Dante,and Petrarch - were active in the city, a local school of painters foremost of which Guariento, began to make their mark, and dozens of splendid buildings were designed and erected.

In the 15th century, despite the fact that politically it was subject to Venetian domination, Padua retained her standing as an artistic leader. Artists such as Donatello and Mantegna were active in the s, and they were followed by Titian, Sansovino, and a host of others, not to mention the great architect Palladio who was born here in Padua, to a large extent stimulated by the intense intellectual life of a great university, never relinquished her leadership in cultural-artistic affairs of the Veneto region.

Then, in , the city was occupied by the French who were succeeded by the Austrians. The population, especially university students, actively lent their support to the uprising against the foreign invaders, and in Padua became part of the Kingdom of Italy. The city was heavily bombed in both world wars. Today, it comprises a historic midtown section and a modern industrial zone mostly textiles and heavy industry. The presence of university students is ubiquitous.

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An important trade fair is held annually in June. In , since it had fallen into utter disrepair, Mayor Andrea Memmo commissioned Domenico Cerato to restore it. In the center is an enormous basin surrounded by a kind of moat with statuary and bridges for adornment, called Isola Memmia, in honor of the civic-minded mayor. Art historians believe that the original church was erected in the 5th century. Inside the multi-domed building are several Baroque works.

The original building was begun in , but not finished until The building, with its great hall on the upper floor, is reputed to have the largest roof unsupported by columns in Europe; the hall is nearly rectangular, its length The vast interior now houses modern art exhibitions.

Built in the late s in the Romanesque-Gothic style, it underwent extensive restoration after being heavily bombed in World War II. Its interior is frescoed with scenes of the lives of Christ and the Virgin by Giotto, one of the most important works in Western art. Its present appearance dates from when Andrea Della Valle redesigned it on the basis of a plan drawn up by Michelangelo which, however, underwent considerable modification.

The facade was never finished. Inside is an interesting Treasury vaunting a rich collection of silver and gold objects, as well as illuminated manuscripts. Orto Botanico - Padova. Anthony who was actually born in Lisbon, Portugal, although he died here in , began in and lasted well into the 14th century. Its composite style reveals Romanesque-Gothic motifs facade and apse and Oriental influxes bell towers and domes.

The facade is divided into two registers. In the lower part, the portal once sported a Mantegna fresco now replaced by a copy , while the upper one is characterized by a great rose window framed by a triangular tympanum. It still preserves its original layout — a circular central plot, symbolizing the world, surrounded by a ring of water. Other elements were added later, some architectural ornamental entrances and balustrades and some practical pumping installations and greenhouses.

It continues to serve its original purpose as a centre for scientific research. One of the most famous, Villa Nazionale also called Villa Pisani , was built in the 18th century by Frigimelica and Preti. Napoleon and King Vittorio Emanuele II were two of the famous people who sojourned in the imposing mansion, with its lovely grounds and stupendous rooms adorned with paintings by Longhi, Guarana, and Tiepolo. At Inlet seafood there is only one thing we care about more than service. This is an Italian villa in Veneto near the village of Fanzolo di Vedelago.

It was designed by Andrea Palladio in for the Emo family of Venice and remained in the hands of the Emo family until it was sold in V5G 1G4. This is amongst the largest and oldest of the magnificent European castles. It overlooks the ancient hamlet of Cison di Valmarino, occupies an area which, since the prehistoric eras of the Paleo-Venetian populations, has been the site of various settlements. It is surrounded by 50 acres of parks and forests. Showroom is open to the public! Its 13th century Castle was the residence of Ezzelino da Romano.

It is now produced by the Campari company. It did not become successful until after World War II. Aperol is the main ingredient in Spritz. The university hosts the oldest anatomy theatre built in The city is predominantly Roman Catholic, but due to immigration now has some Orthodox Christian, Muslim and Hindu followers. During the 6th and 5th century BC Etruscans and Venetians inhabited the area, followed by the Romans.

Stephen, originally built before the 11th century, was rebuilt in and again in The art works of the interior includes a Resurrection of Christ by Palma the Younger. The crowded urban network of parallel narrow streets is crossed lenghthwise by the Canale della Vena and by Corso del Popolo, where you find the most beautiful examples of architecture in the city. With its canals, bridges and piazza, Chioggia has always been an unusual and delicately structured town. It was built between and by Francesco Zamberlan of Bassano, a pupil of Palladio, to house a miraculous image of a sitting Madonna with Child carrying a rose.

The edifice has octagonal an plan, surrounded by a portico, begun in The original construction had. PO DELTA — Hemmed in between the two longest rivers in Italy, the Adige to the north and the Po to the south, and subdivided by the flow of other waterways as well as by a myriad of canals and drainage ditches, the Po Delta known as il Polesine occupies the southern most border of the Veneto region. Here the Delta forms a unique natural setting.

Cimeli di imprese e avventure, custoditi in uno scrigno proteso sul lago di Como

It became wealthy during the city-state period, prospering under the Da Camino Signoria late 13th century , and as a Venetian possession This is the birthplace of Benetton who founded the company in They have a network of 5, stores in countries. DUOMO - The Duomo Cathedral was erected in the 11th-l3th centuries, whereas the apse dates from the 16th century and the porch was rebuilt in the s.

On either side of the facade are Romanesque lions. Today the main facade of Cathedral is ornamented by a wide staircase open on three sides erecting a pronaos with six Ionic columns. Between and the domes of the Cathedral were cleared by walls, by timber roofing and by curved tiles and they were covered by some copper plates; a lantern was located on the top of every dome thus they took on the current look.

It is the birthplace of Giorgio Barbarelli, better known as Giorgione, one of the foremost 16th century Venetian painters. On the grounds is an open-air theater adorned with sculpture by Marinali. The Classical-style building is characterized by an Ionic-pillar porch running the length of its main section and two radiating wings.