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He kept clean sheets up to now in just over appearances for Everton. He played games consecutively for the blues — just three games short of breaking a record set by Neville Southall — but can you name all the reserve goalkeepers ready to replace him during that time? Howard has had less competition than Duncan Ferguson playing head tennis.

Part of Calm Down Dear, a three-week festival of innovative feminist performance.

Look, Tim Howard is a good goalkeeper and a cracking human, by all accounts, who has worked hard to overcome the many obstacles that life has thrown at him. He has done a good job at Everton… but he was never great. The blue-chip armies of the night have decamped from their stock tickers and digitized screens and have planted their flags in the multiplexes all across the globe.

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Buy low, sell high! Thankfully, all is not lost, for a host of indie cinemas have cropped up in New York, catering to film noir and more experimental fare, and there are still plenty of holdouts from the heyday of cinema paradisos, such as Angelika Film Center and Film Forum. We can duck away from the killing noise and immerse ourselves in entertainments where people actually speak to each other using conjunctions and interjections, as opposed to communicating through the hurling of hammers or the summoning of storms.


This is not to say that every independent film is a work of high art with superbly written dialogue and moving dramatic action. If ever there was an early candidate for the worst film of the year, then this is it. There is no other way to explain how such a punch-drunk vision was given leave to weave across our eyeballs. I was lured by the colorful trailer of the film plaudits go to the masterful lighting by cinematographer Mike Gioulakis, who had recently shot Us for director Jordan Peele , which struck me as the kind of hardboiled tale we need in these murky times and, a sucker for the genre, I was hoping for a worthy diversion.

What I got instead was a film for the attention-challenged, where one scene does not quite connect to the next, and the head-scratching became so prevalent that after the second hour I could barely see because of the blood running into my eyes. Under the Silver Lake stars Andrew Garfield, who plays the thirty-three-year-old Sam, generally a mop of hair with a barely sentient gaze who is on the verge of being evicted from his garden apartment. Sam, willfully unemployed, proudly voyeuristic he often spies on his female neighbors through binoculars , aiming low just so he could get high, takes on the accidental role of private dick when a young woman he plays stoned-footsie with one evening mysteriously vanishes from her apartment—or so we are led to believe.

They do not see the hours and hours of rigorous dedication to learning, and mastering a skill.

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They only see the end results. Excellence is our way of creating opportunities not given to us otherwise. What is then incredibly galling to me is to then have ones years of dedication to ones craft, questioned by some lazy mediocre nobody, who put in almost no effort at all, but is standing next to you in the same place, and claiming you got where you are because of quotas for your skin color. This was said for activities as innocuous as sweeping floors, to washing dishes, to the really big, life changing, career making stuff.

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I know for a fact those Black people sotting at the top of their fields received this message loud and clear their whole life. But you know what, I definitely question the competency of plenty of white people who are at the top of their careers, and how much of it they got through genuine diligence.


The first moment it came out I read it and reread it. I just want you to know how deeply it has touched me. Love all your work.

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My students students come from an even more diverse socio-economic background as well. Thank you. Thank you so much, Michael for your compliment and for your work as a teacher. It is such important work and important our kids have teachers that are aware of the world around them. If I help with that in any way I am honored. Menu Home About Contact Blog.

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