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She is honest about her struggles with the magnitude of his fame and personality as well as her fervent pursuit of her own identity. BIOG Decades after his death, street photographer and outsize personality Weegee, born Arthur Felig at the turn of the 20th century, is still leaving his mark on photography, both arty and journalistic. New York magazine editor and photography connoisseur Bonanos writes a lively and entertaining biography of the man and his midcentury heyday, even making the physics of photography fascinating.

This vivacious, arch work explores the man behind the art, introducing, and reintroducing, Gorey to a new generation of fans. MEMOIR Field holds nothing back, describing childhood sexual abuse, unsettling family issues, and complex personal relationships as well as her hard-won journey to become an award-winning actress. This powerful, timely narrative resonates with pain and triumph. MUSIC More than just a style of music, hip-hop, writes Greenburg, is an integral part of our culture, leaving an imprint on fashion, TV and film, and business.

LIT Though beloved, Little Women has fallen short of classic status—at least in the eyes of most academics and critics. Its success led her to create the Well-Read Black Girl book club and literary festival. Here her journey comes full circle, as she gathers stories, quotes, and book lists from celebrated black women writers, further affirming the transformative power of reading. Border Patrol and how he struggles to justify his job to his Mexican family. She relays her journey to connect with her birth parents and, later, the sisters she never knew she had.

This harrowing story of escaping terrorism yields an inside look at a conflict that continues to rage. MEMOIR With dynamic prose, this powerful memoir by Khan-Cullors, one of the three founding women of the Black Lives Matter movement, is a call to action that adroitly illustrates the ongoing effects of systematic racism; a searing look into a contemporary movement. MEMOIR As beautiful as it is heartbreaking, this examination by Laymon explores the politics and policing of black male bodies along with the heartache of black excellence. Race, politics, poverty, addiction, body issues, family, manhood, feminism, education—this book has it all.

MEMOIR Activist McBride writes movingly of her political activism, her experience as a trans person, and falling in love and then losing her love to cancer. In a series of vignettes, she reflects on her Native identity, mental health, dysfunctional family, and relationships lost and found. After cracks in her upbringing started to appear, she began a delayed pursuit of education. In examining the way prosperous teams operate, Coyle looks at how culture can be created to help any group transform into a team. He offers examples of what to do and what not to do in order to create an environment of innovation and success.

The new space race is being fueled by the deep pockets of four billionaires: Davenport tells the story of their rivalry and competing projects. In order to make tough choices and focus on what matters, businesses need a way to measure what matters. Venture capitalist Doerr shares case studies of OKRs objectives and key results through the stories of companies such as Google and Intel. Unlike old power, new power can be gained and wielded by anyone. CEOs Heimans and Timms explain this phenomenon—what it is and how to navigate it—as well as its importance for grassroots campaigns and start-ups.

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Anno Zombus: Year 1; First Quarter

Smart and witty, loose-limbed and energized, deeply personal yet never self-regarding, both pop cultural and classical in reference, full of hurt and triumph, and in the same breath combining slangy language with the whack of insight, this bright, shining book wants life to lift us but knows the dangers: A vibrant yet exacting work. Blending sports and music, John Brown and Brown v. Bass delves into the spiritual aspects of gratitude and the life-changing effects of practicing gratefulness in personal and civic spaces.

Personal insights enrich this portrait of gratitude as a goal and way of life. Responding to an increase in youth-led momentum, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama addresses the challenges upcoming generations will inherit: He calls for compassion as a means of moving forward. What does it mean to love everyone and how can one go about it? In his latest work, Goff attempts to find out, offering a humorous and humanistic take on finding the right friends and discovering the upside of failure.

This wide-ranging and often surprising history of Judaism as a religion and identity demonstrates that Jews have always been pluralistic. While dense and detailed, this work is ideal for anyone looking for a comprehensive history. Klein demonstrates how the Christianity of her youth was actively weaponized against female sexuality and examines the ingrained beliefs that influence how Evangelical girls and women should behave. The results culminate in a hilarious and highly ambitious first book from Disney animation director Dhaliwal.

After the smashing success of his first novel, This Side of Paradise, written when he was 23, F. He has continued guiding these scholarly workshops and classes flecked with humor for almost 20 years. What really surprises—brilliantly—is the story of these three people that emerges. While she is a co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Network, and she is also a performance artist, Fulbright scholar, writer and mother.

This engaging tale of the contentious relationship between two influential figures—one who remained a Catholic Desiderius Erasmus , the other whose teaching spawned Protestant denominations Martin Luther —provides much-needed historical insight. Whether discussing social justice, environmental activism, Native rights, and war and peace, Mitchell raises universal connections.

The spirituality she displays is at once vibrant and intriguing. Anyone interested in holistic faith traditions will find her work rewarding. With lyrical prose, Stone expands upon her experiences as a doula in this quiet memoir of living among economically poor yet spiritually rich women. Ultimately, she recognizes that life itself is a paradox, with hope as the most paradoxical of virtues. SCI As Brusatte tells the story of the dinosaurs, he also tells his own: He traces how dinosaurs adapted to drifting continents, shifting sea levels, and a fluctuating climate.

Excellent character sketches make it almost novelistic, but readers never doubt that the details are backed by solid reporting. TECH By exploring the potential of algorithms for everything from finding patterns in criminal activity to diagnosing cancer, this latest book from Fry raises hard questions about the ethics and hidden dangers of relying too heavily on artificial intelligence. SCI George explores the economic and social injustices surrounding blood, injustices that have a particularly high impact on women.

The result is a fascinating work for all those curious about blood as commodity in the world economy.


TECH McCullough builds a detailed and highly insightful overview of the influencers and ideas that have shaped the everyday technologies we take for granted, showing how the Internet has infiltrated our homes and lives to the degree it has today. By showing their successes and mistakes, Mann counsels us to hope even as we cannot agree on how best to proceed. SCI From the coast of Panama to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Pyenson explores remaining questions about whales while also examining evidence for the evolution of the species from land mammals to the sea creatures we are familiar with today.

She was also featured in the Politico50 guide to the thinkers, doers and visionaries transforming American politics in She lives and works in Oakland, California. Cullors brings her full self to this work and wants to use her talents to both grow the Network and its diverse leadership. Cullors serves the Network primarily on the field team and utilizes her energy for leadership development, political strategy and relationship building with chapters based on commitment and shared reciprocity.

She is focused on deepening the Network's political work, both long-term and rapid response, specifically around legislation and policy. The historic political project was launched in the wake of the murder of Trayvon Martin in order to explicitly combat implicit bias and anti-black racism, and to protect and affirm the beauty and dignity of all black lives. Tometi is credited with creating the project's online platforms and initiating the social media strategy during its early days.

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The campaign has grown into a national network of approximately 50 chapters. Founded in , BAJI is a national organization that educates and advocates to further immigrant rights and racial justice together with African-American, Afro-Latino, African and Caribbean immigrant communities.

The organization's most recent campaign helped win family reunification visas for Haitians displaced by the earthquake. BAJI is an award-winning institution with recognition by leading intuitions across the country. Prior to becoming executive director, Tometi worked as co-director and communications director at BAJI. Her contributions include leading organizing efforts for the first ever black-led rally for immigrant justice and the first Congressional briefing on black immigrants in Washington, DC.

Additionally, she coordinated BAJI's work as launch partner with Race Forward's historic "Drop the I-Word" campaign, working with the campaign to raise awareness about the importance of respectful language and history through the lens of the Great Migration, the Civil Rights Movement and current migration of the black diaspora. Tometi has been active in social movements for over a decade. She is a student of liberation theology and her practice is in the tradition of Ella Baker, informed by Stuart Hall, bell hooks and black Feminist thinkers.

Tometi is a former case manager for survivors of domestic violence and still provides community education on the issue.

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Tometi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and a Masters of Arts degree in communication and advocacy. The daughter of Nigerian immigrants, she grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. She currently resides in the Brooklyn, New York where she loves riding her single speed bike and collecting African art. Mia Birdsong has spent more than 20 years fighting for the self-determination and pointing out the brilliant adaptations of everyday people.

Birdsong, whose TED talk " The story we tell about poverty isn't true " has been viewed more than 1.

Dave Rowland Public records

She speaks on economic inequality, race, gender and building community at universities and conferences across the country. Birdsong is also modern Renaissance woman. She has spent time organizing to abolish prisons, teaching teenagers about sex and drugs, interviewing literary luminaries like Edwidge Danticat, David Foster Wallace and John Irving, and attending births as a midwifery apprentice.

That work led her to explore the complex ways our identities shape our health, especially for people of color, LGBT folks and women. Her work has been foundational in two fields of study that have come to be known by terms that she coined: Key Documents That Shaped the Movement. She has lectured widely on race matters, addressing audiences across the country as well as in Europe, India, Africa and South America. A specialist on race and gender equality, she has facilitated workshops for human rights activists in Brazil and in India, and for constitutional court judges in South Africa.

Her groundbreaking work on intersectionality has traveled globally and was influential in the drafting of the equality clause in the South African Constitution. Crenshaw authored the background paper on race and gender discrimination for the United Nation's World Conference on Racism, served as the rapporteur for the conference's expert group on gender and race discrimination, and coordinated NGO efforts to ensure the inclusion of gender in the WCAR Conference Declaration. Crenshaw has worked extensively on a variety of issues pertaining to gender and race in the domestic arena including violence against women, structural racial inequality and affirmative action.

She has served as a member of the National Science Foundation's committee to research violence against women and has consulted with leading foundations, social justice organizations and corporations to advance their race and gender equity initiatives. In partnership with the Aspen Roundtable for Community Change, Crenshaw facilitated workshops on racial equity for hundreds of community leaders and organizations throughout the country. With the support of the Rockefeller Foundation, Crenshaw facilitates the Bellagio Project, an international network of scholars working in the field of social inclusion from five continents.

She formerly served as Committee Chair for the U. Crenshaw received her J. Dobson has performed at venues such as S. Her interests have been deeply impacted by intersectionality discourse and critical race theory. An artist and independent scholar, Dobson's interests focus on the intersection of race and gender in the imagination, creation and consumption of music. A sampling of recent presentations include: Passionate about using music as a tool for empathy cultivation, Dobson creates music to inspire audiences to reflect on the world we live in and engage in action to promote transformative social change.

She creates music to privilege black female voices and highlight the human condition. As a writer and researcher, C. Nicole Mason advocates for economic, racial and gender justice. She founded the Lead the Way Initiative, a resource for women of color rising through middle and upper management.

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Sandi Toksvig OBE is an award-winning writer, broadcaster and performer. She was born in Copenhagen, Denmark but grew up traveling the world with her family as they followed the work of her father, Claus Toksvig, Danish television's most famous foreign correspondent. After graduating with a first class degree from Cambridge University she began her acting career first at Nottingham Playhouse and then the Open Air Theatre in Regent's Park.

Toksvig's first experience of live television was when she hosted and co-wrote the children's Saturday morning show "No 73," which she did for six years. She has also had recent acting cameos in "Call the Midwife" and "Up the Women. Toksvig has also produced television. The current Playhouse Presents strand on Sky Arts was conceived by her and she produced and wrote much of the content for the first three years.

Toksvig has written over twenty books including fact and fiction for both children and adults. The piece also had a successful run in Copenhagen. It's a sequel to her last novel A Slice of the Moon about the Irish potato famine. Her new comedy play Silver Linings deals with society's attitudes to older women.

It will open at the Rose Theatre in February before going on tour. Toksvig has many honorary degrees. She is a vocal advocate of both LGBT rights and music education. She also conducts economic analyses related to diversity and the financial performance of films. Her research sets the global standard for data on employment diversity in entertainment, and she is a trusted source to the entertainment industry.

Smith has written more than journal articles, book chapters, and reports on content patterns and effects of the media. Before launching her career as a writer, Caroline Paul embarked on a long list of unlikely adventures, ranging from flying experimental planes to whitewater rafting unexplored rivers in Borneo and Australia. Filming secretly with a variety of hidden cameras and devices, Wang found herself followed, interrogated and constantly in fear of her work and life being destroyed.

Born in a remote farming village in Jiangxi Province, Chinese-American filmmaker Wang seeks to illuminate lives normally hidden from the view of the West. Sisonke Msimang tells stories about justice and human rights. In the early part of her career, Msimang set up a fund fight for people whose health had been compromised by their race, class and gender identities.

In she became the executive director of the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa, responsible for making grants on human rights projects. Msimang is now the head of programs at the Centre for Stories, a new initiative that collects, preserves and shares stories about migrants, refugees and diverse people and places linked to the Indian Ocean Rim.

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The Gregorian year, which is in use in most of the world, begins on January 1 and ends on December It has a length of days in an ordinary year , with 8, hours, , minutes, or 31,, seconds; but days in a leap year , with 8, hours, , minutes, or 31,, seconds. With 97 leap years every years, the year has an average length of Other formula-based calendars can have lengths which are further out of step with the solar cycle: for example, the Julian calendar has an average length of The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar consisting of 12 months in a year of or days.

The astronomer's mean tropical year , which is averaged over equinoxes and solstices, is currently While in Chinese calendar , the quarters are traditionally associated with the 4 seasons of the year:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.