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While he didn't medal, he landed a coveted 1 slot on SportsCenter's top 10 for his front bike flip over the gap. If Big Air was a popularity contest, Williams would destroy the competition.

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He has 1. Combined, the other 12 athletes have fewer than K. Hayley Wilson, 16, is from Mansfield, Australia, a mountain town with a strong skate culture, and now lives in Melbourne. She loves to skate rails, ledges, and hips.

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After dominating the Australian street contest circuit for several years she's been the Australian national champion for three consecutive years, and has been making her way to international events. She won her first contest outside of Australia when she traveled to the U. Learn more. Top moments and photos from X Games Aspen X Games Aspen Music Rewind. Buy tickets for X Games Minneapolis Skateboard Highlights: X Games Shanghai.

2. Drop Bears: If attacked, take two Panadol and prepare for certain death

Trey Wood wins Skateboard Big Air gold. Booth Boyz: Norway Day 3 Edition. Booth Boyz: Norway Day 2 Edition.

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Real BMX Real Street Real Snow Tony Hawk Vs. Mat Hoffman: Battle of the Airs. Report a Bug Ads on XGames. The Aussie Legends of X.

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On the north coast of Western Australia, there was a very unhappy young woman named Min-na-wee, who would always start trouble among her tribe. One day in a massive fight, a man grabbed Min-na-wee and rolled her around in the dirt to restrain her.

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The legend of Black Mountain assumed extra significance upon European arrival, when colonists and their horses and cattle would regularly disappear into gaping crevasses between the boulders. The Butchulla people of Fraser Island tell the story of how a pair of greedy men — Weeri and Walawidbit — stole some precious water from the arid desert then chased across the countryside by warriors. Little did they know, their tanks were leaking, spilling water all over the landscape to form life-giving rivers, billabongs and watering holes.

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Babinda Boulders near Cairns took on this spooky name thanks to a runaway bride named Oolana who leapt to her watery grave when she was separated from her would-be husband. The Rock carries serious spiritual significance to the local Anangu people, and cultural ceremonies have taken place at the rock for more than 10, years.

But this legend concerns visitors, not the traditional landowners.

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Seeking revenge upon return, the eaglehawk chased the crow into the bush then set it alight to try and kill him; the crow managed to fly away, but not before it had been charred black. This tale from the North Coast of New South Wales describes a tribe of people who lived in the sky world, and could light fires using nearby stars before anyone on Earth could spark a flame. A couple of adventurous sky world people popped down to Earth to hunt possums with their fire sticks, creating a huge blaze that various tribes could use to take fire back to their own camps.

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The Dreaming — in essence, the worldview of Indigenous Australian culture — contains dozens of stories that explain the creation process of the world around us. The Rainbow Serpent. Rainbow Serpent mural.