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Great read. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves Cowboys and law enforcement! Apr 25, Sania rated it really liked it Shelves: hero-heroine-cowboy-cowgirl , mystery-romance , possessive-heroes , read-in , safe-no-cheating , free-kindle-book , hero-heroine-injured-in-book , ott-in-love-hero , h-h-adults , graphic-sex. She's super sweet and really nice and becomes friends with Presley They're going out just because it's a small town and it's expected but there is no spark. From the offset, Eliza tells Presley that she has a crush on some other dude, Eliza tells Seth it's not working out and breaks up with him.

It's not mentioned that they were sleeping together and it didn't bother me. I just found the conversation weird as that's not something I'd disclose to someone when I'd first meet them. I really enjoyed this story. It was well paced and I truly felt the chemistry between themy. Aug 05, Bookgyrl rated it it was ok Shelves: heroine-in-danger , hot-cop , sheriff. Katie becomes Presley after her car explodes and she is whisked away by the FBI. She is brought to Montana and in the protection of the Sheriff, Seth. As his secretary he can keep an eye on her.

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Fast and sexy story but nothing really special or original. I found out who the culprit was early on so that was no surprise. Written well and with steamy scenes. May 16, Karen Roma rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in , my-books. As a debut novel to a new series I found this book extremely entertaining. But Katie has a heart of gold and is liked by everyone she comes in contact with, due to her genuine and caring personality.

Seth Reilly is a small town Sheriff who volunteers to protect Presley until the very real threat to her life is resolved. Seth is a brooding, control freak who As a debut novel to a new series I found this book extremely entertaining. Seth is a brooding, control freak who demands order in all aspects of his life and is unprepared for the whirlwind impact Presley will have on his existence; and existing is exactly what Seth is has been doing. Seth has taken soul responsibility for a tragedy that happened in his teens, and closed himself off from any form of emotional commitment.

Nov 22, Cyn Mistress Kitty rated it it was amazing Shelves: cowboy-hotties , heroine-on-the-run , 5-alarm-fire-smut , anything-goes-sex , heroine-is-scared , dirty-talking-hero , romantic-suspense , mild-bdsm , cop-hero , kinkaliscious. Love this new series. Can't wait to read Tanner's story. Just did a re-read. Getting ready for a continuation of Presley and Seth story in Sept. Jun 14, Katja rated it it was ok Shelves: romance-erotic , crime. Started off promising, then what was left was just meh. I don't know what it was, the characters were bleak, as if it was put together in a hurry and not a lot of love went into it.

A pleasant enough read, however I will not be reading the next ones in the Cowboy Justice Association series. Definitely great book for me I love this series! Definitely a great read for me. Feb 24, Danielle Gypsy Soul rated it it was ok Shelves: books-i-ve-read. Where an old friend of the FBI agent and the sheriff has agreed to keep on eye on Presley and keep her safe until she can testify for the FBI.

This book has a pretty solid plot, nothing very complicated and two very different characters. Presley and Seth don't have much in common and completely different personalities.

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There are a few side characters such as Seth's family and his fellow sheriffs. The reason this book was just okay for me was the depth of the book. This book centered a little too much on Presley and her growth as a character and not enough on Seth. Presley on the other hand is a carefree, sweet woman who doesn't seem to take much seriously and brings chaos with her whereever she goes. The book centers around Presley's growth and overcoming her insecurities. I wanted more Seth and I wanted to see how they were going to overcome their differences but this just didn't happen.

We got the HEA without any type of resolution on how they were going to make things work except by having a lot of sex and there was a lot of sex with a little kink thrown in. I ended up skimming the sex scenes because there just didn't seem to be enough of a connection between Presley and Seth to engage me. I would have loved to read more about Seth's family and even his sheriff friends. Overall, Cowboy Command was just okay. I put it down a couple times and wasn't in a hurry to get back to it.

I haven't dismissed the series all together though and may try one more but again I'm not in any hurry to do so. Jun 13, Jo-Anne rated it liked it Shelves: own. Someone was trying to kill Katie so she had to go into witness protection. The FBI agent assigned to her case had a friend in a remote location in Montana who agreed to take her in.

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This brought lots of changes for Katie. First she became Presley. Second she moved in the winter to Montana from Florida where she had never seen snow. The man protecting Presley was the town sheriff who not only gave her a place to live but a job as his secretary. The sheriff, Seth, is very controlling and grumpy wh Someone was trying to kill Katie so she had to go into witness protection. The sheriff, Seth, is very controlling and grumpy which caused him to go through a lot of secretaries.

He is surprised when Presley handles the job well and isn't intimidated by him. Even though Seth doesn't know anything about Presley, he is strongly attracted to her. This is a very sexy story with both of them fighting their attraction knowing that Presley will be leaving once whoever is trying to kill her is caught and she testifies against them.

In general I thought the sex scenes were too explicit.

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They didn't seem to suit the story and served no purpose. I didn't like the mild BDSM scenes.

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  7. I understand the point of them was to show that Katie trusted Seth but to me it seemed out of place in the story. As for the characters, I really liked Seth but Katie was weird so I couldn't connect with her.

    Aug 10, Melvina rated it really liked it. This was a really enjoyable read. It was recommended to me by Bookbub so i thought I'd give it a go. I enjoyed the storyline of Katie Presley having to go into witness protection and being moved to a very remote location in Montana in the midst of winter, and for a girl that's used to the sunny climes of Tampa Florida, it's a bit of a culture shock.

    She is nothing like what Seth expects and within minutes of meeting they're having a discussion that would shock a nun, much to his surprise. He l This was a really enjoyable read. He likes things organized and controlled and walks around with a broom up his ass, and she's a free spirited, go for it kind of girl. They're both a little wary but can't fight the attraction to each other, which is explosive, especially as she's not afraid to tell him what she wants in the bedroom. This book has warmth, humour and a couple that will have you willing them on.

    I'm looking forward to book 2. Hiding from a killer. Katie is almost blown up in her car, but having left her in the restaurant she is saved. To protect her is in witness protection program. She is sent to Montana and a sexy sheriff Seth who is her protector. Follow them as they evade gun traffickers to a grad jury trial and all their troubles, including a hateful stepsister. A great read. Cowboy Command I enjoyed the storyline. I'm not a total prude but the sexual dialog became almost redundant. The story had enough substance without trying to enhance it with repeatedly going into a detailed description of Seth and Presley's love making.

    Dec 06, Joanne rated it really liked it. Enjoyed this book and looking forward to reading the other books in this series! Aug 15, Kristin Young rated it it was amazing. Wonderful book from beginning to end! Can't wait to read the next one. Too hot! View Mobile Site During the so-called "Eternity War", there were major revelations about the origin and nature of the Celestials by the mysterious cosmic entity called the Queen of Nevers.

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    Destroying multiverses leaves open the possibility, as of Marvel and comics as we know it, that they're not "really dead" and they can always come back in The Beyonders killed nearly all the Celestials as they destroyed the 7th multiverse but some survived into the current 8th multiverse after Secret Wars III. When Aquaman attempts to snatch the queen, he and Aqualad are taken captive, and Aqualad gets a sword wound in his arm. Marvel: Logos, Queen of Nerve question.

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    Another character that is also called "The One Above All" is responsible for the existence of all life in the Marvel Multiverse. It is a shame that they take so long to release new entries. This does not necessarily indicate that these storylines took place in the year Court gossip said that Cardinal Mazarin's own nephew Philippe Jules Mancini, the Duke of Nevers, [24][25] had been the "first to [have] corrupted" Philippe in what was referred to as the "Italian vice" ā€” contemporary slang for male homosexuality.

    Court of Nevers Once every decade, the Queen of Nevers convenes a great tournament called the Court of Nevers in her celestial realm. Olivia also writes as Lara Valentine. Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Arrivals. Olivia Jaymes April 8, Add to Wishlist. One minute Katie is eating lunch with her sister, the next she barely escapes a car bomb meant to kill her.

    Luckily, Federal agents are going to give her a new identity until she can testify against the man who wants her dead. They change her name to Presley, her hair color to brown, and her shorts and sandals to jeans and cowboy boots. Sheriff Seth Reilly is doing a favor for an old Army buddy.