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June Jenna Elfman is another character I just have no feelings for whatsoever.

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Why did they make her a nurse when she's basically a doctor? Nurses don't operate on people. They don't perform major life-saving operations like this at trauma centers or anywhere else. I could believe that she'd make an attempt in a pinch like this, but the whole notion that she's some seasoned surgeon at this point is just silly.

When is Fear the Walking Dead season 5, episode 1 released?

Just make her a doctor in the first place if this is how you're going to use her character. I don't know exactly what it is that rubs me so wrong about June, but I guess maybe it's both Elfman's performance to some degree, as well as her character arc and how she's been written. And I'm not really feeling much chemistry between her and Dorie, though that may be a symptom of the writing. In any case, Al is knocked out and captured by one of the mysteriously armored people because I guess she thought it was a good idea to go back to the crash site in the dark and rain by herself to investigate for some reason.

Like everyone else on this show, and for reasons known only to the writers and producers, Al is a total idiot. Meanwhile, Logan pulls a fast one on Morgan by tricking them into going to a distant truck stop we still don't know where, but I guess it was far enough that they had to fly in a plane they found somewhere but didn't know how to actually pilot, oh my god who writes this stuff??? He even dumped a bunch of their stuff outside the fence in the process. In yet another scene of abject stupidity, when Strand and his new trucker pals, Sarah Mo Collins and Wendell Daryl Mitchell show up and see other people have occupied their base, they all get out of the truck and point guns at them, just standing there right out in the open, outnumbered, making themselves the easiest targets imaginable.

If Logan had been a more ruthless foe, he would have had them all shot right then and there and wouldn't have faced a single loss.

'The Walking Dead' Season 7, Episode 1 Review: The Wrath Of Negan

Who does this? Nobody, that's who. Nobody would just walk out there like that, knowing they could be easily shot and killed, with no semblance of strategy and apparently no lines of dialogue either. Also, they'd need to actually help Wendell get out of the truck and into his wheelchair, so now I'm just picturing how ungainly and awkward that must be when you're trying to have a proper standoff.

Like, sorry yguys can you just not shoot at us while we get our friend out of the truck and into his wheelchair?

Dead to Me season 1 episode 8 recap: Try To Stop Me

What a letdown. This show has really tanked since the new showrunners took over and since virtually the entire main cast was killed off and replaced. I was never the biggest fan of Madison, but she grew on me in Season 3 and it really was a show about her and her kids, and now Nick is dead and Madison is dead and it's like we're watching an entirely different show now. Why not just make a new show instead of cramming this new cast together? It's all so jarring. Morgan makes no sense on this show. It's gone from a zombie show about morally grey characters to one led Morgan Jones for goodness sakes.

Morgan is a fine character, as a secondary character, as Rick's mentally disturbed friend, as a moral compass for the main group. He's not a leader or a lead. It's a crying shame that it's come to this. I am not particularly hopeful for this season, though they've surprised us before.

Last season I actually really enjoyed the first few episodes before it went over the cliff, jumped the shark, killed off the best characters and introduced the lamest villain any zombie show has ever seen. So maybe the opposite will happen here, and the writing will improve and our heroes will stop acting so stupid all the time and we'll get a decent conflict. Yeah, I don't think so, either, but it never hurts to have a little hope. Rebellions are built on hope.

I think the most damning thing I can say about this show is that it's just become very dull. I was so bored watching the opening episode, it was hard to pay attention. Partly this is because I can't connect to most of the characters. The parents know the kids are missing. But, the Peter Pan reference gives us a clue.

The series opens with the kids performing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead , which is super random, right? Maybe not so random.

Definite Signs of Nearing Breakup - Yellow - EP.01 (Click CC for ENG sub)

Cassandra and Harry are playing the two characters, and the scene we see involves them flipping a coin. The two later flip a coin after the disappearing incident. Until it [becomes] an impossibility, which would indicate they were dead, or in some sort of purgatory or not of the natural world. That's why they were all so relieved when it landed on heads. Read the reddit theory here and here. Becca keeps the identity of her baby daddy close to the chest, refusing to tell everyone on the show and out of fear of being labeled as someone who just got drunk at a party and had sex. Eventually, Sam agrees to say that he is the father of the baby so the two can raise it together, but who is it really?

According to this theory, Campbell is the father. Read the reddit theory here. The kids in The Society reflect actual governments. Cassandra and Dewey are alive in the real world. What if you die in New Ham, you return back to West Ham alive? The dog that Campbell supposedly kills, Charlie, has been spotted in both locations now with little evidence as to how and why.

Fear the Walking Dead season 5, episode 1 air date: When is it out?

The Pump has left the building. Following rumors that restauranteur and pet. At one point, they were crazy kids skipping school. Before Gilead, Frances was a sales manager for a theatrical supply company. Fans of deliciously dramatic reality dating shows get ready!

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