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Posted by Unknown at PM No comments:. Can you tell me why the bears went for a walk? How did the bears know someone had been in their cottage? The first time I read the story I like to limit the number of prompts I use. I like the children to hear the natural flow of the story.

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In all future readings I prompt students on every page to help them begin retelling the story. I will often use parts of my Book companions to help. I will use the vocabulary cards to help students with the completion prompts. This is one way that I incorporate evidence based teaching into my speech therapy session. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again.

Email Address. My favorite time of the year. As soon as Thanksgiving is over it is time for me to start Holiday activities. One of my favorite books to use is Snowmen at Christmas. I use it to target articulation, vocabulary, syntax, answering questions and retelling activities.

The first thing I do when I use a new book it make a list of all the targets I want to use it to target.

I plan to use this books for the month of December. We are going to practice speech and language targets and then throw the pom pom snowballs at the snowman.

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I found both of these at the Target Dollar spot. We are going to make a Santa craft. My favorite is Santa's stuck. Each student will target their articulation sounds as they glue bricks onto the chimney that Santa is stuck in. It is a Christmas Bingo game. We are going to draw the cards out of a stocking while we use Target erasers in place of Bingo chips. FUN for everyone as we practice vocabulary skills and formulating sentences.

STS was privileged to be inv Stuff the Bus with Kindness.

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STS have created the concept for this yea Ever spare a thought for the people who make sure school kids get arou Over the years, authorities have launched various campaigns to ensure This is a STS celebrated the Festival of Colours with fun and fervor. The festiv From a raft of impressive, colourful and artistic competition entries, With the end of the school year almost upon us, and the summer tempera This responsibility terrifies her, and she is constantly aware of the weight of this duty, but she embraces the role and sees it as an opportunity to learn even more than ever before.

Her magi-scholar desires and curiosities remain, but she also learns to accept the sacrifice and guardianship that comes with the role. She values honesty above all, and is known for being straight forward with her friends, even sacrificing her kindness to get her point across.

Dress up one of the lovely gem fairies in this game for girls.

To her, the greatest kindness is truth, and becomes infuriated with those who unnecessarily keep secrets from her. She is understanding when one believes the secret keeping was necessary, but becomes very cold otherwise. She hates dishonesty, silence, elitism, etc.

She adores ice cream, but has so little self-control with it that she'll often go on sugar-induced rampages. She has a slight sweet tooth, but is in denial of it. She loves almost any treat with blueberries in it. Her hobbies include tinkering, writing, learning random skills, theorizing, and flying despite being afraid of heights. Ariel Enchantix Version 3.

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Time to write. As I headed to the office, watching my step, of course, I pondered the days events, wondering who the other four girls would look like, of if they would be able to get past my shy smiles and hopefully become friends, or if they were going to be mean and make an enemy of me.

Of course, I vetoed for the first option. When I arrived at the office, I saw Miss Faragonda in the exact same position she was when I first met her a week ago. Because of this, I must tell you that it won't be as easy for you to channel your powers and be able to control them.

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Because of this, I want you to meet with me outside every day at noon to work with me, so I may help you become a true fairy. Goodness" I said, as I stared across the large school campus, hundreds upon hundreds of student fairies-in-training. I has always known that this was a big school.

I wasn't an idiot. I knew what I was getting into when I accepted to come here to learn to control my new fairy powers. But I couldn't help but feel compelled to turn tail and go back home. I didn't realize until now that, unlike all those other full-fleged fairies, which had always known who they were, magic-wise, it was hard for the literally still-new half-fairy to transform. My only hope was that no one would find out soon enough that I was simply a human, given a gift of fairy powers, making me a half fairy.