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It never ceases to amaze me all the places there are in the world that I have no idea about.

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I knew they were mountains of course but I had no idea that they were so significant in size. Also interesting were the refuges in the Alps.


The author provides a map so you can follow along with his trek. He tended to go with various related themes in his writings so sometimes the trek appeared to zig-zag. I found his thoughts were mostly dead on.

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  • L'Aménagement de la montagne et les REFUGES, Centre Fédéral de Documentation.
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The same things we have heard a million times over about the following your bliss that we as humans seem so inexplicably hard-wired to avoid doing as well as how the things we do for short-term gain often ultimately hurt us in the long run and how we have exchanged deep connection with something infinitely more spread out and infinitely more shallow. At the end of the book he looks back and ponders, which is something I get because I find myself doing the same thing when I travel. One of his observations I loved was how he had come to expect to see the markers along the frontier, similar to mile-markers that Americans see on highways and when one was missing — perhaps it was buried under snow or something simply happened to it, it would throw him into a bit of chaos as he had come to count on seeing them.

He comes down this hill and the last of these markers is missing. He is looking all over for the damn thing but his desire to plunge into the Mediterranean waters takes over and he dives in.

Looking back as he returns to the shore, he sees an alcove and right there in the shade of the alcove is sitting I found myself strangely elated at that. Another time I was moved was when the author ended his trek on the summit of Mont Blanc. He calls his wife to tell her he had completed the tour and I was surprised to find that as I was reading about his describing how he had finally been overtaken by the emotions he had been holding back as he was making his ascent to the top of the mountain, I found myself weeping as well.

Great read. One of my favorites of this past year. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Lionel Daudet. Lionel Daudet.

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