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My interview for Vice Giuseppe 23 June My interview for Vice in collaboration with Canon. Vice Italia On the latest issue of Inside Art Giuseppe 7 June My book cover for a French publishing house Giuseppe 30 May Do you like flowers?

Lo Schiavo di Sua Moglie | Tim Hopkins

Giuseppe 25 April A selection of my artworks at Contemporary Istanbul Giuseppe 11 November A selection of my Artworks at Paratissima Giuseppe 7 November From Fuse Arts Space is proud to present the first printed exhibition of Paulo Giuseppe 19 December Selected for the Portrait Salon Giuseppe 7 November This article proposes a conceptual reassessment of the paradigm of the crisis of the State by reformulating this issue from a dual analytical perspective, asserting first that this crisis cannot be considered new in the narrative of State transformations, and highlighting how, when and for what purposes this same discourse has been thematised in the theoretical debate.

Thus, this approach analyses how rhetorical works within this theoretical framework discourse of the crisis. The foucauldian genealogical approach i. Immigration policies, citizenship, political participation in Europe: an overview more. The political and social participation of immigrants is a crucial issue of contenmporary politics in Europe.

This "crucial issue" claims a 'paradigm shift' in the framing of the public space, considering that the "migration issue" The aim of this analytical overview is to thematize and problematize the taken-for-grantedness of the modern 'epistemology' of citizenship and to widen the perimeter of the theoretical debate on these topics.

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Governance, Civil Society, Governmentality. This paper mainly aims to address the concept of governmentality, which introduces a critical attitude towards the semantics and pragmatics of governance. Keywords: governance, governmentality, neoliberalism, civil society, accountability, democracy. Public Sphere, Modernity, Catholicism, Islam.

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Culture, civilizations, politics: an analysis more. In other words, which is the more promising theoretical approach that allows scholars to investigate this relationship and In other words, which is the more promising theoretical approach that allows scholars to investigate this relationship and the ways in which it has taken form in different cultures? Cultural Studies and Political Theory. Starting from a critical assessment of the main theoretical and empirical approaches in the study of democracy and authoritarianism in the Arab world, it is possible to investigate the nature and the characteristics of the Arab Comparative Politics and International Relations Theory.

Deliberative Democracy and the Public Sphere: an assessment more. In the last three decades, a broad debate on the crisis and the transformation of contemporary democracies has involved the scientific community in Europe, the United States, in Latin America. In this theoretical framework, the It can be said that "the concept of deliberative democracy expresses the idea of an association of citizens whose common affairs are governed by public discussion".

Political Theory. Gender and democracy in the euromediterranean space: the EU policies more.

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In the first decade of the post-cold war order, the Eu was in search of a new order in the mediterranean space. The Euromediterranean partnership was set as a global approach to face both with 'opportunities' and 'threats' in the On the side of opportunities the creation of a free trade area, on the side of threats the managing of conflicts and islamic terrorism, were posed. International Relations Theory.

Fabian LoSchiavo, Archivist 28 February 2018 Italian Family History Group

Englishbookgovernmentalityand neoliberalism. This book develops a foucauldian critique to assess neoliberal governmentality, considered as the Zeitgeist of our time. The impact of the neoliberal agenda on contemporary capitalism is analyzed as well as its relationship with the By doing so, they can harness the untapped potential for flexibility hidden in the system, both on the demand and the supply side, offering a solution to the challenges raised by decentralisation and Today, in Europe electricity prices are determined per bidding zone which equals in most cases a country.

Under zonal pricing, only transmission capacity limitations between the zones are considered in the market-clearing process. The transmission lines within a zone are assumed to have unlimited capacity. This assumption is more and more cha Namely, a ca Is EU gas markets standardization a shortcut to energy transition or an obstacle?


In the context of a FSR workshop on zonal vs. Christine Materazzi-Wagner, Director Electricity at E-Control, talks about her personal take-aways from the workshop, the EU target model for electricity and the The Report presents the first-ever comprehensive analysis of the far-reaching geopolitical consequences driven by the rapid development of re What are the real cost levels of renewables Solar and Wind today? What should be the next measures to take and what are the roadblocks in policy and regulation?

Learn more FutureGas project looks into the ways the gas sector could be integrated in the Danish energy system and contribute to clean energy transition e.

The 64th edition of the David di Donatello

The researchers from Technical University of Denmark DTU and key stakeholders of the Danish gas industry have been working with 18 international partners inclu Agnes provides in-depth insight on the current status of Brazil's renewable energy mix, developments in their transport sector and provides key lessons for other countries What do we mean by innovatio Regulation in times of innovation: how to deal with complexity and uncertainty?

The new FSR area provides a platform for research, trainin In an energy grid that perceives power a Recently, reliability options were implemented as part of the new Irish integrated single electricity market I-SEM. Thus becoming the first European Union Member state implement this capacity remuneration mechanism design.

But was it a total defeat for Russia? According to Dr Stagnaro, the off Energy poverty is a widespread and even growing reality across Europe.

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Vodafone, which is among the several partners involved, owns 20 radio base stations that are used as distributed energy resources DER. Such stations p SmartNet has three pilot projects in Italy, Denmark and Spain that address technical issues r SmartNet is testing different coordinati Tony discusses the role of the Seychelles Energy Commission, the regulatory challenges that are hindering the energy transition, and the measures that have been introd Laurent discusses the key challenges such as resource mapping, renewable energy planning, grid management and efficient use of funding while integrating ren A Horizon funded project, SmartNet attempts to find answers and propose new practical solutions to the In the context of the public workshop held on 20 June in Brussels, N.

The pilot is based in Denmark, where the abundance of wind energy requires a smart approach to achieve decarbonisation of the power sector efficie Malagasy regulator's view on the electrification and clean energy transition in Madagascar. Ms Ketakandriana discussed th