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In-flight entertainment , including the latest movies, music, games, and documentaries. How to Use Cabin Roaming 1. Rates: Charged separately by the mobile phone carrier 2. How to Use You may use your mobile phone within the cabin. If you do not wish to use voice calls or text messaging, set your phone to airplane mode.

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Travel Your trip Manage your booking. Flying with Copa Copa Showpass. Client service Contact us. This field must be no more than 10 characters. This field must be no more than 20 characters. Onboard With your comfort in mind, we offer a full onboard service. In addition to the personal televisions that are installed in the seatbacks, a new portable media player PMP revolution is under way.

PMPs can be handed out and collected by the cabin crew, or can be "semi-embedded" into the seatback or seat arm. In both of these scenarios, the PMP can pop in and out of an enclosure built into the seat, or an arm enclosure. An advantage of PMPs is that, unlike seatback PTVs, equipment boxes for the inflight entertainment system do not need to be installed under the seats, since those boxes increase the weight of the aircraft and impede legroom.

Personal on-demand videos are stored in an aircraft's main in-flight entertainment system, whence they can be viewed on demand by a passenger over the aircraft's built in media server and wireless broadcast system.

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Along with the on-demand concept comes the ability for the user to pause, rewind, fast forward , or jump to any point in the movie. There are also movies that are shown throughout the aircraft at one time, often on shared overhead screens or a screen in the front of the cabin. More modern aircraft are now allowing Personal Electronic Devices PEDs to be used to connect to the on board in-flight entertainment systems.

Regularly scheduled in flight movies began to premiere in on flights from New York to Los Angeles. Closed captioning technology for deaf and hard-of-hearing passengers started in with Emirates Airlines.

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  • The technology is currently based on Scenarist file multiplexing so far; however, portable media players tend to use alternative technologies. A WAEA technical committee is trying to standardize the closed caption specification. As of , several airlines, including. Video games are another emerging facet of in-flight entertainment. Some game systems are networked to allow interactive playing by multiple passengers.

    Later generations of IFE games began to shift focus from pure entertainment to learning. The best examples of this changing trend are the popular trivia game series and the Berlitz Word Traveler that allows passengers to learn a new language in their own language. Appearing as a mixture of lessons and mini games, passengers can learn the basics of a new language while being entertained. Many more learning applications continue to appear in the IFE market. Emirates also has built-in complete audio Qur'an.

    In recent years, IFE has been expanded to include in-flight connectivity—services such as Internet browsing, text messaging, cell phone usage where permitted , and emailing. The airline manufacturer Boeing entered into the in-flight-connectivity industry in and with an offshoot called Connexion by Boeing. The service was designed to provide in-flight broadband service to commercial airlines; Boeing built partnerships with United Airlines, Delta, and American.

    By , however, the company announced it was closing down its Connexion operation. Industry analysts cited technology, weight, and cost issues as making the service unfeasible at the time. Since the shuttering of Connexion by Boeing, several new providers have emerged to deliver in-flight broadband to airlines—notably Row 44 , OnAir and AeroMobile who offer satellite-based solutions , and Aircell which offers air-to-ground connectivity via a cellular signal. In the past few years, many US commercial airlines have begun testing and deploying in-flight connectivity for their passengers, such as Alaska Airlines, American, Delta, and United.


    Industry expectations were that by the end of , thousands of planes flying in the US will offer some form of in-flight broadband to passengers. Airlines around the world are also beginning to test in-flight-broadband offerings as well.

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    Now, airlines provide satellite telephones integrated into their system. These are either found at strategic locations in the aircraft or integrated into the passenger remote control used for the individual in-flight entertainment. Passengers can use their credit card to make phone calls anywhere on the ground. These systems are usually not capable of receiving incoming calls. There are also some aircraft that allow faxes to be sent and the rate is usually the same as the call rate, but at a per page rate. Some systems also allow the transmission of SMS. More modern systems allow passengers to call fellow passengers located in another seat by simply keying in the recipient's seat number.

    IFE producers have begun to introduce Intranet type systems. Virgin Atlantic 's and Virgin Australia 's Entertainment Systems allow for passengers to chat amongst one another, compete against each other in the provided games, talk to the flight attendants and request, and pay for in advance, food or drinks, and have full access to the internet and email. Several airlines are testing in-cabin wi-fi systems. Boeing's cancellation of the Connexion by Boeing system in caused concerns that inflight internet would not be available on next-generation aircraft such as Qantas 's fleet of Airbus As and Boeing Dreamliner s.

    However, Qantas announced in July that all service classes in its fleet of As would have wireless internet access as well as seat-back access to email and cached web browsing when the Airbuses started operations in October Certain elements were also retrofitted into existing Boeing s.

    Sixteen major U. The majority of these airlines use the service provided by Gogo Wi-Fi service. The service allows for Wi-Fi enabled devices to connect to the Internet. Delta currently has the most Wi-Fi equipped fleet with aircraft that now offer in-flight Wi-Fi. In some airlines removed seatback screens, saving money by streaming video to passenger personal mobile device s. As a general rule, mobile phone use while airborne is usually not just prohibited by the carrier but also by regulatory agencies in the relevant jurisdiction e.

    However, with added technology, some carriers nonetheless allow the use of mobile phones on selected routes. Emirates became the first airline to allow mobile phones to be used during flight. Using the systems supplied by telecom company AeroMobile , Emirates launched the service commercially on 20 March Ryanair had previously aimed to become the first airline to enable mobile phone usage in the air, but instead ended up launching its system commercially in February OnAir offers inflight mobile connectivity to a range of airlines through its GSM network.

    The GSM network connects to the ground infrastructure via an Inmarsat SwiftBroadband satellite which provides consistent global coverage. Virgin Australia also has an onboard Wi-Fi service, free on all domestic flights but paid based on time usage aboard international flights. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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